For The First Time

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For the first time...

Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



For The First Time...

by Taea

For the first time I have a real special someone.. Someone who is mine and I am his.. Here's the thing, normally people have had this happened to them countless times and yet because of that this seems silly... The thing is, to me, this is all brand new. For the first time in my life, a boy- no, a man has made me feel like the most lucky girl on the planet and like I am perfect. I'm still convinced he's not real.. And yet, everywhere I go I see his face looking at me with that smile and I can't help finding myself thinking he is real more and more every day. And, for the first time.. I know that this boy is not one from my dreams.. He is more real than anything in the entire universe... And that's one of the many things I like about him.

For the first time I see what a man is supposed to do for a woman that he strongly cares about. A gentleman is suppose to open doors, a gentleman is supposed to pick up the checks when they go places. Hell, the gentleman is supposed to just... Be himself. And that's what he is.. He is himself, he is everything any girl should ever want and more! The type of boy I'd stay up late and long to read about it for hours.Once again, this is not something I'm used to. I'm far from used to it... Very far. It's just.. He's remarkable.

For the first time I have no doubts.. I have none. Not one. Before meeting him, I had a lot of doubts about men.. A lot of fears about them, a lot of concerns that I would never get rid of those doubts... See, the thing is, with him those doubts vanish. They turn to mist and float through the atmosphere, never to be seen again. Because of him, he has turned my whole world upside down. Because of him... I am not afraid.. I am not scared that in a day he will stop being interested in me.  I'm not scared of anything when I am with him.

For the first time I realize that things are happening to me every time I'm with that man. Hours turn into seconds that constantly are slipping through my fingers. I show up at his house saying hello and in a blink we are by my car saying goodnight and if is nearly 2am.. How does that happen? I realize that everything I am with with that man is because he makes me want to keep fighting to be a better person. 

For the first time when I look into those rich chocolate hues, I see my future in them.. I never thought I would see my future in someone's eyes. Going back to his home town together, living their, getting married.. Finding who we are with each other... For the first time I believe that I am special and that I matter because every time I'm with that man, he tells me. I want to remember every moment with him! I want to remember every time he looks into my eyes and how my heart melts... I want to remember that smirk that happens as his low laugh warms my veins, and I want to remember the way his eyes instantly find mine when they look up from under those deep brown eyelashes...I want to remember how he looks at me with nothing but a look of love and happiness before he kiss.. I want to remember how his hands fit so perfectly with mine like they were meant to be...

and yet, for the first time.. 

I don't want to have to remember those things because I want to experience them every single day of my life.


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