in the beginning, till the end

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the truth of life lies in the seeking of the truth. when all is at an end, we find ourselves questining our own worth, our humanity, our sanity, our morals. this is a tale of one who sifts through these questions in the last hours of human life. in the last days of peace and the last moments without worry. journey if you will, and read if you want, but fom your own opoinion. it is meant to incite thought and provoke the most sought after questions to rise to the surface of your concience. enjoy

Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016





suddenly the world made no sense. suddenly everything i knew had been dashed, swept aside and thrown away like the cruel joke of some master design that knew what was happening, and did nothing to stop it for the simple joy of entertainment. Thats all it has eve really been, right? Thats all this ever was, right? The dancing patterns of lights that beamed behind me to the walls seemed so dissorientating. The emeninence of the television set sent blurred patterns sprawling across my lifeless and dark living room. All I could muster was a stare of confusion and worry. Letting myself be obsorbed into the words of the sharply dressed African American mans voice. His expression was just as mine was at that moment. I was sure of it. How he managed to fnd the will to speak was lost to me. But it was his job to do this, to speak to the people of the world and bring them information on what was happening. Today. Yesterday. tomorrow. No. there would be no tomorrow. And he knew that very well. his words rang out over and over in my head, with pounding influence and horrible dread. 

The end. this reportor for CNN, was forced to look every man woman and child around the world in the eyes behind the shade of a camera lense, and was forced to tell them what seemed to be the impossible. even so much so that he did not look as though he belived what he was saying was true. But it was fact. It was the horrible aweful truth. The sun was dying. Speaking with terms i didnt quite understand, he went on to tell how the eventual collaps of the massive star that sustained life on this world for thousands of years, was going to be the end of it. I didnt realize all of what he said, but I heard enough words to gather together what was happening. the collapse of the sun would cause destruction so massive, it was without doubt the earth would suffer the worse fate it possibly could. Being wiped from existance, and along with it, all of us. You, and I. Everyone. there would be no more for the reporter to report. No more news for the news to follow. no more television to watch the world unfold in all of this tragedy. no more people to watch. which meant no more conversations about political ideals and world events. No more "Did you hear wat happened in russia today"? No more "I saw on the news that more police have been attacked in boston. what an aweful thing to have to go through". there would be no more people to cause this chaos, and no more to talk of it. which would also mean there would be no more hate. There would be nothing that humans had to fight over any longer. Man would have no reason to kill another man, because it all mens nothing now. 

But with this I also realized what we can no longer have. There would be no more buildings to house resturaunts or offices. There would be no longer the chefs and cooks to make food, and no more workers to inhabit and run these offices. no more meaning for these offices, and no more food for these resturants to cook their wonderful food. No more children to play and no more parks to take them to. My mind reeled over everything that may have been, and that will end. I had never once thought about the world in such a msassive way, so why now? I had ot once concidered the end of everything and all i knew to be a possibility. My job i worked so hard in school and trained for to earn. It means nothing. My life ive built upon what I believe is the right and wrong things to do. It meanst nothing. The friends and loved ones I see everyday and care for. It means nothing. My problems and hardships, my happiness and my comfort. It means nothing. Now it had all mean nothing. 

my body felt heavy as I seemed to sink deeper and deeper into my couch. It was as if the very weight of what was about to end had dropped in my lap. Presenting itself to me as it did, showing me everything I ha forggoten and not bothered to remember in the first place. Everything I had come to know, and things I had never known. It was all staring me down while I sat in awe, unable to move or think in a rational pattern. Swarming in my mind was what seemed to be the culmination of everything I had ever learned an seen and felt all at once. In that moment, I had never felt so small. so insignifigant and so unworthy of the life I had lived. It didn't make sense that this was the end. Although it was. There being nothing I, or anyone could ever do to change that. How did everyone else feel. The families huddled around the TV in their homes, sobbing and holding eachother tight. The homeless men and women on the streets watching from behind a pain of glass in some electronics store with Televisions on sale facing out to the world to preview and gaze upon. The single men and women living alone with no one to hold or call as the events unfolded. children in schools watching the last of their days from behind a desk the hated, with teachers they hated, at a school they never wanted to go to. How many.........billions....A very large number to ponder. To think of it in respect to just myself, and how I feel about this news. How must billions of other people feel at this momet? the same? Some even glad that the end is in sigt? Prisoners in cells wih no hope of a life outside of such a horrible place sighing a collective sigh of reliefe that they may at least move on with something else in their lives. Or rather, soon to be lack thereof. 


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