Yes Dear

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A Jealous ex-boyfriend and a party never mix well.

Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



“Bella let’s fucking go. I want to get to the party before everyone is drunk.” Gabby screamed from downstairs. “Shut up I am almost done.” I yelled back. God Gabby is always trying to get to parties early. It doesn’t even start until 9 and it doesn’t matter when we get there we will get drunk. “Alright let’s go.” I said coming down the stairs. “Well took long enough. Jess’s snapchat is already blowing up with videos” Gabby replied. We got in the car and speed off. I’m not one to party but after a bad breakup I think everyone deserves a little fun party and drinking. Maybe along with some alcohol to numb the pain some really hot guys to dance with is always great. I spent almost two years in a committed relationship I need some fun. “Alright, so we are gonna get in there and just drink until we can’t remember.” said Gabby.  “Fuck yes let’s go”. We got in and found the rest of our friends, Jessica, Leiah, and Cattie they had already had two shots and were laughing it up with some guys. “Bella here take this and catch up. Let’s get crazy tonight!!” I took the shot and grabbed the first guy I saw and started dancing. “Damn baby girl you are hot.” he drunkenly said to me. “Thanks you’re not too bad yourself.” I replied. “Take this shot with me.” he said. I threw it back and kept dancing. After about ten minutes I turned around and started making out with him. He was a great kisser and god damn was he hot. “Hey let’s go somewhere more private.” I said as I took his hand and lead him to the upstairs bedroom. He gave me another shot as I laid in the bed and I took it back quick. What is going on everything is going dark. “What is going on? What was in that drink? Why are you laughing?”


Fuck what just happened? Where am I? I open my eyes to a bright light and I try to cover my eyes but my arms won’t move. “Hello is anyone there? What is going on?” I try to move but no part of my body can. I still have my clothes on. I’m kinda coming to. What the fuck is going on. Who is behind this. Was it that guy at the party. Fuck fuck fuck. I’m fucking shaking and crying. What is happening. “How does it feel, slut?” A voice that sent felt as if knifes rain down my back. “Who the fuck are where the fuck am -” “Shut the fuck up whore” he said smacking and gagging me. God please don't let me die please I didn't do anything wrong. “Now that I got you do you know who this is?!” Is that a picture of me and Charlie?! I have to get out I'm going to die this fucker is crazy. “That's us.” Charlie?? Why??? “Your face looks so beautiful when you're in fear you know that Bella?” Why did he say my name why why why why please oh god please don't say it. Please let me out. “Hmm maybe you won't be getting so many guys with a less pretty face and body.” FUCK. He just fucking cut me. Oh god please please Jesus let me go. Fuck!!!! “Maybe you don't get it. I gave you love and trust and you are just gonna break up with me and go sleep with all these guys?! No. You are mine.” WHY!? IM SCREAMING FOR HIM TO STOP BUT THAT’S ANOTHER CUT. I CAN'T STOP CRYING. FUCK. “After this you won't have and fucking choice but to be mine.” No. No this isn't happening it is just a dream. Let me just wake up. I'll be in the bed at the party.  He can be fucking me without me knowing just please let me not be here!!!! “Ha, you know it's funny really. You broke my heart but now I'll break your body and have you as my own because nobody else will want you.” No no no no no no. This isn't real. No fuck. Fuck. Please oh god. “Oh we are squirming huh? That's another cut.” God my fucking leg is bleeding. Oh please let this be it. WHY IS HE- “Let's just lower your chair back slowly. Within 4 hours your spine will be useless.” FUCK YOU, YOU MONSTER. “Oh squirming again??? Fuck that.” Jesus!!! He fucking cut my ear! No no no. God please!!!!! “Now, I'm going to cut those beautiful breast up and then how about those eyelids of yours come off so you have to see what you'll fucking become. But first you need this.” No!!! Don't-


Fuck. What is going on? Am I back at the party? Please? Just please. “Hello bitch.” “FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU ASS HOLE. FUCK EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU.” “Oh don't be so mad, love.” He's running his knife on my neck! Fuck fuck this is it!!! I need to get out now! Why am I not blinkin- fuck he actually cut my eyelids!!! “Hmm you are gonna be all mine soon. You can't move your legs. Your face is all fucking cut. You don't even have eyelids. Who is gonna even believe I did this? Nobody will even look at you long enough to get your testimony.” My head falls as I realize he is right. “Ha. See nobody will take you but me.” “yeah.” He takes me off and puts me into a wheelchair and shows me a mirror. “See you're ugly and can't do anything about it. So you're gonna have to be with me. No more sleeping around.” He's right. I have blood and cuts all over my face and no eyelids. I'm paralyzed. Fuck. This is my life. “Let's go home love.” “Yes dear.”


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