My pretty jacket

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'

Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



My pretty jacket



By: Swewolf


I live a pretty normal life I guess. I get food served to me, medicine for when I'm sick and my pretty jacket as a gift. It couldn't get any better. I get to lay down all the time which gets annoying every now and then but its mostly relaxing. My best friend, Jackson, visits me daily. He is really nice. I don't have to leave my spot and he is willing to see me in the same spot every day. He talks to me about a lot of complicated stuff that I hardly remember but it makes me feel smart, which is nice. I always end up sleeping whenever he visits for some strange reason, and when I wake up I normally have a slight stinging feeling in my right arm. I have asked Jackson why that always happens but before I get an answer I end up falling asleep.

Jackson isn't my only friend. You won't believe me when I say this, but I have friends that live in the shadows of my room and only come out when I’m alone. They know better than I know myself. They tell me to do all sorts of things...


Jackson lies


Your a prisoner


Get out


I love there jokes.

My room is comfy too. I have this bed that I lay in all the time in the center of the room. In front of me is the door that leaves the room. Jackson is the only one that ever uses the door though. If only I could reach it. To my left there is a mirror reflected towards my face. As of today my white hair looks beautiful! To my right is a long counter with a sink. Above the counter are cupboards where Jackson keeps medicine and lots of equipment. Half of them I don't know how they work. The only light comes from the window from the door in front of me. Its yellow tint strains my eyes but its sometimes nice to look at instead of the dark corners of the room.

I always sleep well. Well except for the nightmares about The shadow friends of mine killing me, tearing me apart to the bone and Jackson stabbing me with a long, thin metal stick. But besides that, I sleep like a baby. Now that I think about it, I sleep almost all the time, since all I can do is sleep, talk to Jackson and the shadows.

But I'm tired of this now. I want to experience the world beyond the door. From my earliest memory I can remember the slightest of this color... I think it was something like grain... grind? No no. Oh I remember now Green! Its all a blur now, just like when you squint your eyes. So, I decided to take off my pretty jacket.

Its so nice that jacket. Its white like my hair, have shiny buckles and straps, and the best part, is that I get to hug myself all the time. And who doesn't want to hug themselves?


But I wanted to go beyond the door more than wear my pretty jacket. So I waited. Eventually Jackson came to visit like he does everyday.


Hello Peter.”


Hello Dr.”


Jackson walked over to the sink, rolled up his long white coats sleeves and turned on the sink faucet to wash his hands. As the water ran and Jackson rubbed his hands together with the foam residue from the soap he asked,


How are you feeling today?”


I chuckled.


I'm feeling restless.”


Oh? Why is that my friend?”


He didn't bother turning his head, but his expression showed disappointment and somewhat of a relaxed look. He turned off the water and dried his hands on his coat, turning towards me. I noticed a shiny, yellow thing, reflect off the only light from the door window. It was hiding under the top flap of his left coat pocket. I squinted slightly to peek at what it was.


Dr. Frank Jackson, Psychiatrist of Athens mental health center,”I read aloud.


He turned his head to his pocket and quickly covered the name tag with the pocket flap.


Never mind that! Please explain to me why your feeling restless.”


His voice changed from soft and kind to deep and strict. It was scary hearing him with that tone for the first time.


I want to see the world Dr.”


I never was more serious in my life. I looked at him trying to get him to understand that I meant it, but his expression change from relaxed to frustration. But then all of a sudden, he starts smiling this small, creepy smile, giggling yet his eyes were still angry, Staring into mine. His giggle grew to a laugh, and from a laugh to an outburst.


The world!? Hahahahaha! All it's gonna be for you is a gray, empty world full of people that will look at you and call you a FREAK! Hahahaha!”


His hands rapped around his waist and he stomped his right foot on the ground as if an attempt to control himself. But his eyes never moved. They were stuck looking into mine and it was terrifying me.

Your NEVER getting out, Peter.”


His laughing started to relax but his voice got more evil, as if he was gonna show his true inner demon.


You can dream all you want and you can beg me until I rip out you vocal chords! But you are NEVER leaving this place! You belong here! Out there no one will love you. No one will help you. No one will be there for you. You'll end up running back to me and asking for the love and care I have given you.”


I swallowed hard. What was wrong with Jackson?


Uh, bu-but you go out there all the time. So w-why can't I?”


He lowered his head. His fist clenched together until his knuckles turned white.


How about we just forget about this and you get some rest, Peter.”


Jackson turned to the cabinets and opened one. Reaching in he pulled out a small clear bottle with a liquid that was colored a pinkish color that was almost white. On the bottle it had a label with lots of long words that were hard to pronounce, And a deeper pink square label that had a black skull on it.

Then it hit me. I always fell asleep during Jackson's visits because he drugs me with some sort of liquid!

He pulled out a long metal needle and filled it with the liquid. Then he walked two steps over towards me and pointed the needle at my arm.


Just relax and get some slee-”


I immediately turn my head towards the needle, grabbing it with my teeth, and ripping it out of his hand. Spitting it on the ground I bite his hand while he is in shock.




I bit off a huge chunk of his small finger and some of his hand. I spat out the flesh, the taste of iron and skin remaining in my mouth. Blood spewed from his hand, and he fell on the ground holding his hand attempting to stop the pain and the bleeding.

This is my chance. I maneuvered my arms around my body trying to break free from my jacket, after a small moment of struggling, I all of a sudden tear the jacket.


What?” I say aloud.


I told you...AH!” Said Jackson in pain.


Your different Peter. A freak.”


I remove my beloved jacket from myself, holding it in my right arm. I threw it at Jackson, covering his face. I look at my feet. They were strapped under some belts. I unstrapped them and placed my feet on the ground.

Jackson is still groaning in pain.

I haven't stood for as long as I can remember. But I was gonna try anyway.


Don't go Peter. You will live happier here.”


I turn my head to him.


Thanks for the jacket.”


I stand myself up, catching myself and looking for the balance that I needed. After holding up my body, I take a step forward. Then another, then another, until finally I walked over to the mirror. The light from the door shined on my face revealing my shaggy white hair that reached my ears. I thought hair grew, am I wrong? My eyes were a deep color, like Jackson's blood. I was only wearing a pair of shorts and a sleeveless shirt, both wear a white like my hair. My skin was almost a white but there were these thin marks that were pink all over my body. I lifted the shirt to reveal one huge mark that started from my belly button and all the way up to the bottom of my chin.


What is this?” I asked.


Ugh, It's your surgery and treatment marks. Your family was poor, so as an attempt to gain some cash they offered you, the runt of the family for an experiment. We were testing to see if we could turn humans into invincible beings. your surgery is the only one to succeed, but only physically. You became strong enough to bend titanium, your skin is almost impossible to penetrate after hundreds of treatments where we beat your body will clubs and whips and your top speed at running was about 50 mph. But your mental state change from a sweet boy to a violent monster. You started hurting other patients and doctors, so we locked you up here.”


I lowered my shirt only to notice Jackson right behind me. He tried grabbing me but I was quicker. I duck and roll to the side. Jumping up I swing my fist at his face blowing a mean punch to his nose. Blood splatted on the wall next to him. His face covered in his blood he pulled out a small silver device and press some buttons on it.




A flashing light similar to the color of blood flashed in the room. A deep voice echoed in the room.






I bolted towards the door, using my new found strength to break it down. Thud! Dust flew everywhere and I had entered what seemed to be a room that was long yet only would fit two to three men if they were to walk down it side by side. At the other end was another door that said, “Auditorium”.

I never ran so fast in my life and it felt great! Breaking the door I had entered a huge room filled with lights both natural and the flashing blood colored ones. The room had a circle of chairs in the middle and along each wall were doors with numbers above them. I looked above my now damaged door reading the number 23 On it. I looked for the way out when I saw a door that was bigger than the others and the sign above it read,” EXIT”.

I darted towards the door breaking through layers and layers of stone like walls until with a rush of wind and dust I broke through the building.

At first I was blinded by a strong light. But after squinting for a few moments the blur changed from white, to green. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful sight in my life.


I'm free.” I gasped.


I was looking at the greenest of green I have ever seen. And in between this huge terrain of green, rustling things that I recalled as a forest, was a long path of dirt leading to who knows what.

I heard foot steps running towards me from behind but I didn't care. Instead I started running faster and faster, into the world.


I don't care if I’m called a freak. As long as I can be free in this world, then I can be whatever I want to be.”


Trust me though, I’m gonna miss that jacket.




© Copyright 2020 Swewolf. All rights reserved.

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