Misunderstood Love

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Submitted: July 18, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016




I care about you

Showed you undefined affection 
Calling and checking on you
Do all of the things you like
Painting the picture perfect relationship 
The picture isn't too clear
It has somewhat of a shadow 
You may call me shallow 
I stooped so low I had no shadow 
Like a thief in the night 
I hit you down low 
Where it would hurt you the most 
Right in the heart 
With my lies and deception 
How could I be so ruthless 
To a gentle loving soul
But you know what they say
Don't pick up a rock and throw a diamond 
You were so blinded by my almost perfect painting 
Not realizing my inconsistent details 
You were lost in my web of lies
Leaving you shattered and battered 
A mass destruction behind for others 
The sink hole in my  heart 
To the emptiness of your soul 
Somehow I took you down with me
Comforting your soul with bad outlets 
In the mist of it all
You may wonder why am I so ruthless 
Truth be told 
Turned you away from your precious prize
The real painting the one with consistency 
 Never lacking true affection 
Genuinely caring never stopped loving you
I would put no one above you
No one could possibly replace you 
I really do love you, but I won't continue to chase you

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