Thomas the Tank Engine goes to Taco Bell

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I hate taco bell so much.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 18, 2016



Thomas was hungry.

Thomas hadnt eaten since his booksie account became irrelevant. He only got 2 million reads a millisecond, which is very smol. This made thomas's salary $42 dollars a year instead of $42.01, which was the minimum for a train man to survive.

Thomas's stomach gurgled. Man he tought. I need some food. Then Thomas got an idea! he would go to Taco Bell to order some really cheap f?o?o?d? freebola, and be satisfied until the memepocalypse.

So Thomas drove his chair to the Taco Bell drive through. "I want cheeseburger" Thmoas yelled into the speaker things that drive-throughs have. "Im sorry, we dont have no cheeseburgers here". Thomas had a seizure and then ordered for a bean burrito. "Kden sir" and Thomas rode up to the window.

The man at the window said "that will be $4.20, sir." "Okay." said thomas, and he paid in wingdings.

"what the hell?" the man at the window exclaimed. He was so suprised that he didnt notice Thomas yanking the bean burrito out of his hand. "Haha bye sucka!" Thomas yelled back. That was a mistake, though, as his chair tipped over because plot twist. Thomas slid of his chair onto his side. He had fallen and couldn't get up.




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