soul mate

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i know that this person was born to phorcy and ceto. the purpose of this write is about symbolism and the power of this individual. nothing is real and i hope that the viewer can take what ever message they wish. a single malt, well tasted, and a beautiful versace belt inspired this.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



In forgotten dreams
a lonely phoenix gives its last breath
to birth an ancient spell.
An egg that is forged from her heart

This last act of innocence
Will gives hope to
a love caged in a world,
surrounded by winters cold.

Silently love waits for the fires lament
that will free a shimmering soul.
An apparition of emotion
searching for a hand that may not exist,
fuelled only by hope and desire.

This spell that was born in royal veins
corrupted with ancestors curse ,
conspires to cheat the reapers hand.
For life is suspended.
Beauty is in league with time,
her decay is absorbed by the mirror
that deceives the dandies puff.
A mirror that we all possess.

No claims from the souls inside
Only a united bond that peers into paradise.
Reflections of the truth are frozen,
for statues are dry of tears
and the birds of love stare back in silence,
destined to find no mate.

Creation must till this soil forward
for the stars were born to life.
The darkness where she resides
is but a stormy night.
And tomorrow will bring the light.

The beating wings of myth perfumes her chamber
with the smell of dragons dare.
The soul of youth this warmth of man,
resides behind these turquoise eyes
of the last seed of a noble race.

Desire and passion feed the furnace within
But love turns breath into summers wind
and the earth is stirred to life

A molten stream from an unborn star
Rages forth from a barren womb
And the heat of desire cracks the egg
that brings pardon to this birth

Gods awaken, their crowns go dim
As Eve rises slowly
born to taste a golden fire .
One kiss from his virgin lips
and her heart will beat again,

To be the first to see this Eve
Is written in the mirror
To look into her eyes
A secret love revealed
The joy of tasting an angels soul
the marriage of hearts as one.

But touch her face and gather her stare
And love will seek the truth
For Eve will pay her dues

Love is found in the seconds of the clock
And loneliness is forever
She belongs to humanities dream
of Romeo and lovers grief.

Dragons kiss will feel her heart
These seconds of ecstasy will shed his wings
The warmth of life is ticking.
and now the key is turning.

A dragon chained by love,
can never be free
and he became her crystal.
A royal statue to a lover’s dream
Whose kingdom she commands.

Snared in a dream forever
He will find no cold in love.
All will spend eternity
gazing upon their goddess
Enslaved by the reflection in the mirror

And what of Eve .
Tears of snow turn into ice
as the heat of life subsides.
The cry of phoenix
Remembered in the prism of light
While the silence of death continues to call ,
hidden In the darkness between the Stars

And the gods will pay tribute in statue
To a woman that gods and mortals cannot touch
Where beauty resides forever
In a heart protected by the stars and the shimmer
Upon the pool of life.
And her name will be the last soul to die
For she is Medusa
Queen of all that we love.



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