The Hunger

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A vampire's struggle to keep her blood lust at bay.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



The Hunger

Abizal lurked in the shadows, famished and weak. Refusing to take the life of one more human. Her blood lust tormented her but she managed to keep it at bay. For now anyway. As she slowly walked down the darkened alleyway, she spotted a taxi stopped on the adjacent street. She approached with caution, not to be seen. The cabbie had a passenger. Her stomach growled with hunger. The door swung open and out stepped a beautiful woman. She could not have been older than twenty-five. Her hair was long and chestnut brown in colour. She also was dressed in a gorgeous black evening gown. Around her neck hung a sparkling diamond necklace. Abizal's senses were overwhelmed, she could even smell the woman's perfume. Intoxicating and alluring it was. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. She couldn't take it anymore, she had to feed. She never really enjoyed the hunt of humans. The pleading and the helplessness of her victims always made her pity them. Their blood though was the only thing that stopped the maddening hunger. As the cab drove away, the woman headed towards her apartment building. She knew there was very little time to act. She would creep up behind her prey and with one swift bite she would have her. Abizal was thankful that it was very late and no one was on the streets. As the woman's hand grasped the doorknob, the predator silently approached and was about to sink her sharp fangs into her flesh when she suddenly became dizzy and confused. Her weakness was getting the better of her. Not able to control herself, she collapsed at the woman's feet.
-Oh my God! Are you okay? The voice sounded scared and concerned.
Abizal could barely whisper a response when an arm firmly wrapped itself around her waist and she was guided into the building.
-Come with me, you'll be safe. I'll call an ambulance if you need one.
-No. She managed to blurt out.
-Okay. At least rest for awhile.
The inside of the apartment was warm and comfortable . Minimalistic but very welcoming.
-Sit on the couch. I'll get you a glass of water.
Abizal's body and mind were slowly deteriorating. She had no choice but to feed soon or else she would die.
-Here you go, sip it slowly. You look so pale, are you sick?
-No...I'm just hungry. She admitted with her head down, hiding her fangs.
-Unfortunately I don't keep much in the place but I'll see what I can find. Just sit tight.
She got up and quickly walked to the kitchen. This was Abizal's last chance before she had another spell of weakness. Like a wolf to a doe she zeroed in on her victim, mouth watering. Her vampire instincts kicked in and she pounced. She grabbed the woman with force and slammed her body against the wall so hard that the paintings shook. She ripped her necklace off , the diamonds scattering everywhere. The woman was still a little dazed from the body slam but finally came to her senses.
-What are you doing? Let me go! Her voice was surprisingly firm and fearless.
But Abizal kept her iron grip on her wrists. With fangs protruding, she openly showed her prey what she was. The woman stared unblinking at the danger in front of her. Not a scream, not even a plea or whimper. Perhaps she couldn't believe what she was seeing. Then out of nowhere she smiled, to the vampire's shock. It wasn't the fact that she smiled in the face of death that stunned her but that in that beautiful mouth lied and exact replica of her own fangs. She recoiled from the woman and tumbled backwards unto the floor. She knew at this point that she was helpless. She then heard the clicking of high heels coming towards her and soon the woman was leaning over her.
-I had already feasted earlier but I could go for a midnight snack.
She grinned with delight and bent down to Abizal's neck. Abizal cursed herself for being so starved that she couldn't even tell the difference between her own and a human. She then felt lips press against her neck. Then a tongue traced her jugular. She prepared herself for what was about to follow. She bit hard and drained what miniscule amount of blood she had. Everything became hazy and quickly darkened. In her last moments, she had wished that she had never pitied her food.

The End

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