Patrick Poison- The Story of Me

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This is not my own writing, nor is this an attempt at plagiarism, but it is a true story in autobiographical format written by my dear friend, Patrick Kingston. I am sharing this in hopes that Ellen DeGeneres or other kind people will be able to help him get the medical equipment and/or treatment he needs in the form of fundraising or possibly if there are clinical trials out there for making advancements in curing paralysis. His story just needs to be seen by the right people. We are roughly $3,000 short of his goal.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



", I'm gonna share a summarized version of my life story. Caution its still a pretty long read! :

At 26 years of age, I never thought I would be where I am at this moment in time. However, before I talk about the present, I would like to take all of you back to a younger age-- an age where time was only a number and curfew was when the street lights came on. Nowadays, the average of children with divorced parents is around 50%, and the reason I’m telling you this is because I am one of them. I am one of four children in my family with all of us being around two and a half, to three years apart from each other. Being that we are all close in age, we always played together and tended to have similar friends.

Although I am close with each of my siblings, I have to be honest to say that I’ve always taken a keen liking to my younger brother. We were always close and did many things together being that our parents were divorced. Though I wasn’t always around, for he lived with my mother and I lived with my father for quite some time, our time together always felt like it was cut short or never felt long enough. As I stated about us being close, we shared many hobbies together. We also normally shared the same room, had a similar taste in music, both played the guitar and bass, but all that aside, we were big into watching wrestling on TV. Him and I were both always into the tag team division for obvious reasons and always took an interest into the Hardy Boyz.

I can assure you that anyone with a sibling has been yelled at by their mom not to wrestle in the house! Well! I can assure you that when she was working, anything was fair game. Whether it was mattresses or couches, to even just the plain carpet with a blanket over it so we didn’t get rug burn, we were hooked. We would always reenact matches as the Hardy Boyz and had an amazing imagination. Fighting imaginary people was hopeless so it was power bombs and suplexes to giant pillows or stuffed animals. When I reached the age of 13 or 14, I finally moved in with my mother for good. As you could only imagine, I was in all of my glory for I was living with basically my best friend. Together we had saved up some money and asked our mother to help us buy a trampoline. Fortunately, my mother approved because it meant one less broken couch. We would spend hour after hour on the trampoline, whether it was sunny or raining. We taught ourselves how to do flips that way we could be just like the pros. So there it was, basically our very first wrestling ring and let me tell you it felt like Christmas morning. We decided that not only would we wrestle imaginary people, pillows and stuffed animals, but also each other.

About a year later, we decided to move back to our home town, which meant new schools and new friends. I was going into my second year of high school, whereas my brother was in his first year of middle school. Each of us had made some friends at school and I had also reconnected with some old friends. It was almost like fate when I met what soon would become one of my closest friends in high school. We didn’t have many classes together, but we shared the same friend group. It was the summer after sophomore year when I found out this new acquaintance knew a kid that I used to hang out with when I lived with my father. If you haven’t guessed yet, we all shared one very similar hobby and that was wrestling. It turned out that they always got together and wrestled on a trampoline in the backyard as well. That whole summer before junior year was spent going over each others' houses and either messing around on the trampoline, watching wrestling, or beating the hell out of each other on the trampoline. We spent countless hours watching wrestling on TV, discovering new wrestlers online, and of course taking parts of their move sets to create our own.

At first, it was very basic gimmicks for there were only a handful of us. My brother and I mainly played the role of being the high flyers and risk taking dare devils with a few others that we convinced from school. Others took on the role of being the heavy weight types being they were stronger. Even though there were technically two styles of wrestling, we still all wrestled together. As we progressed to get a larger crowd of friends together each weekend, we got more elaborate by creating entrances and having different theme songs. We started buying championship belts and creating a fight card. We also decided to start filming ourselves and putting our videos up on YouTube. It started to feel so real and actually got followers online to take notice. We started feeling like superstars of the internet. We started getting offers to go to different parts of the state to wrestle other backyard feds. We even went out of state a couple times. I had so much passion for the sport, my junior year I decided to be on my high school's wrestling team. Although I liked it a lot, it wasn’t the same. It was a lot of hard training and trying to make weight. The moves you see on TV weren’t the same type of moves you could use in school. I often got penalized for locking my wrists around opponents. Anyway, when I wasn’t wrestling for school, I was still wrestling with my friends. There was no stopping this feeling that I got when I was tying up with someone or going for a pin fall. Needless to say this sport turned from a passion to a dream and I just couldn’t get enough.

It was November of 2008, I had just graduated from school in June. Over the summer, while doing our normal routine of wrestling with each other, my friends and I started receiving messages from a backyard fed in New York. The messages were basically open invitations to come wrestle with these guys from New York and have what we were calling a supershow. Now what caught all of our attentions was the fact that these guys had a real boxing ring. Instantly, we were hooked and started planning how to get there, how much money to bring and off we went with our “wrestling gear” packed. This 9 hour trip was nothing to us because we were all overly hyped that we would be wrestling in a real ring. It was a two day event where each of us had one main match that was previously hyped up to our YouTube audiences. I can still remember to this day that as soon as we found the right house (obvious by the ring in the yard), we all jumped out of the car in an instant and ran to go beat these guys up. We quickly made our greetings and we went straight to learning how to use the ring. Countless hours went by as we ran the ropes and took slams on the mat to see how much it really hurt. Needless to say, it was definitely no trampoline. We went on with those two days doing our matches and having a good time with these new friends of ours.

When it came to my match, I tried to keep my cool because it was the first time in front of people I wasn’t familiar with. They even had a few friends that came to watch as well that we had no clue who they were. Just like wrestling on TV though, they cheered for us and clapped when something caught their eye. Being that there was snow I was really hesitant on trying anything risky. I was thinking to keep it basic instead of trying all my fancy moves even though I know those were the moves that would get the biggest reaction. As I came out from behind the feds makeshift entrance curtain, my music is playing and the crowd had already started applauding me. Here it is, my first run at doing what I loved for real. I went on with my match being pretty basic and throwing a few signature moves. Then what felt like forever being in the ring, the ending was near. Do I just stick with my easy finishing move and go for the pin or do I try to blow everyone's mind. I decide to hit my first finishing move which was applauded and thats when I decided that I was comfortable to attempt the one move that I’ve made my favorite ending. My opponent is set up perfectly near the corner of the ring, so I spring up to my feet and head over to the turnbuckle. I look out at the crowd and see them looking back at me. As I start to make my climb to the top rope, those in the crowd who were wrestlers knew what was coming next. As I perch on the top rope, my nerves are all tingling to the point of being numb. I don’t know if it was adrenaline or the cold Buffalo weather. Maybe it was both. I stand up and without hesitation I take my leap into the air to achieve a double front flip down onto my opponent. I just remember spinning so fast that the ground was a blur to me. Amazingly enough, it was perfectly executed as I crawl back for the pin. The crowd screamed in amazement as they heard the thud of my body connecting with the mat and my opponent's body. Most of them even jumped out of their seats in such shock. 1....2....3! The pin was counted as my friends came to hug me and praise me on this accomplishment.

The weekend was over and we all said our goodbyes, but not before I had told them I was planning on coming back soon. Sure enough a few days after Christmas, I took my Christmas money and booked my ticket to come back within about a week. It was December 28 and I made plans to stay with my previous opponent and his family for a week. I spent each day with these guys and either wrestled or went to local areas to get the feel of the land. I guess that was all it took and I didn’t wanna come back home. What was my opponent became one of my first best friends and he told me that if I decided to stay I could live with him. Therefore once I heard that, I was set and there was no turning back. Within a little bit of time of being there this group and I went to a local wrestling show. I had been so pumped up about wrestling with them that I was wondering what it would take to wrestle with this independent professional wrestling group. After the show, my friends and I walked up to a few of the wrestlers and spoke to them about trying to get in with them. Much to our dismay, we were all told the same thing by numerous of the wrestlers. We needed to go through training and pay our dues. However, these wrestlers were shocked when we had told them that we were used to wrestling in a live ring. So over the next few months, we decided to go to training. We were practically naturals for we had been used to getting slammed in a ring and running the ropes. Paying dues were simple too. Go to the local matches to help set up the ring as well as take it down and also run security detail so no one in the crowd was hurt. In what seemed like a short period of time, I was told that my first match was coming up. I was jumping out of my skin that's how excited I was. I had a huge support group from my friends and I had also told my friends back home. I was pretty much questioning if this was reality or not. Before my match, I went to training one more time and that was where I was told to play towards a gimmick. Being that I already had the name Patrick Poison, I decided to have a creepy demeanor about myself and my in ring psychology to the crowd. I made sure to get a full set of gear ready to play up to this gimmick which included a gas mask and biohazard logo’d kickpads. My dream was in full swing and I had felt like it would be no time till I would reach full stardom.

After my first match, it felt like they just kept coming and coming. I was booked month after month and sometimes more then once. I had no cares in the world because I felt like I finally made it. I had a good job, I was with a girl who I felt completely in love with, I had a huge support group from my friends and even fans. I felt like I was on top of the world and it would only be soon enough until I got offered a job with the WWE or TNA. On April 15, 2011, a little more than 2 months after my 21st birthday, I was scheduled for a charity event match on this date. I was working prior to the match so I wasn’t there for ring set up or practice. I was actually running a little bit late. I get to the venue just on time however and I'm getting myself into my gear.

My biggest excitement was I was on the same match card as a previous WWE superstar, Nunzio. Here it was, I would go out to do my match and after the event was complete, I would try to talk to him about how to get in to the WWE, even if it was to get my butt kicked. However, a series of good events sometimes can come crashing to a halt. Unfortunately, on this day's match, I go and make my entrance. I slide into the ring and like a live wire, perform a bunch of really quick moves. A few arm drags which were followed by a hip toss and ending in a body slam. I make my way over to the turnbuckle and immediately I climb it. Without any thought into it, I go for my finishing double front flip move. This move I’ve done a million times and off of a few different platforms. I spin through the air and as I’m going into the second rotation, I hit the mat. Immediately, I knew something was wrong but wasn’t sure what. I could barely feel my legs and I have this severe pain in my back. So I crawl to the edge of the ring using what little leg use I had and practically rolling to the ropes. I signal to the referee that I need medical help. I wasn’t sure if he knew I was hurt or if I was asking for medical help. Unfortunately, I was in a battle royal so other opponents are coming out every few seconds. Not knowing how serious my condition is, I'm just laying at the edge of the ring holding the bottom rope for dear life when one of the newer opponents from the back comes in the ring. I try to signal to him that something's wrong but he doesn’t understand and uses his foot to push me out of the ring. Unfortunately, he succeeded and I fell about 3 or 4 feet to hardwood gymnasium flooring.

Finally, after the match ends, I get transported to the local hospital where I go into immediate emergency surgery to repair my back. I was told that I had a burst fracture to my spine which messed with my spinal cord due to bone fragment. It was then that I was told that I had been paralyzed. I go into surgery and by the time I'm back with it, I see my mother and sister in my room. I’m retold about my injury and what went on and that's when we had to plan my care. My mom is on the phone trying to situate insurance, where to go for rehab and how to get there. After about a month of being in the hospital and $5,000 later, I’m flown by plane back to New Jersey and go to inpatient therapy at Kessler Rehabilitation.

While being there I learned how to do things independently in a wheelchair. I went through a vigorous exercise routine that included stretching, being put in a standing frame to get my body in an upright position to relieve pressure off my butt and hips and even put in braces to try walking again. I was in rehab for close to 2 full months, but unfortunately insurance only pays for so much. At the 2 month mark, my family and I make plans to move back to my mom's house and she was there to help me. As many of you can also guess, I was reunited with my younger brother and we were living together again. So now at the age of 26, my mother, brother and I have relocated to Florida due to quite a bit of dismay. I was having trouble getting help with rehabilitation, I wasn’t able to connect with the right doctors or I was too far from the doctors that I did need. We lost our house that we owned due to taxes that we didn’t even get enough notice for, so we weren’t able to pay. We were literally given a date to be out by and that's it. My mother's business wasn’t doing well and neither was her health. My health wasn’t doing all that well either.

From the lack of rehabilitation and nursing care, I started getting pressure sores. It started off as one and quickly became three due to incompetent nurses. I now sit here day in and day out trying to get better care with each passing day. I have nurses coming in and out every other day. I go to different doctors every week to every other week. I'm still working on rehabilitation and a means of transportation to get there. So I try to stretch out myself and try to go on adventures to keep myself from just laying around everyday. I'm really trying to get a standing frame so I can stand in an upright position just like at Kessler Rehabilitation Center. Maybe one day with some luck and technology, I will get to walk again."

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