Cold Hearted Bitch

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Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



Cold Hearted Bitch.

I'm a cold hearted bitch,
A foul and putrid witch,
You've a problem I can't fix
With my black magic mix.

My heart is made of solid stone,
I care just for myself alone,
I don't recognise your throne,
Or how old that you have grown.

You've really had enough of me
Oh, that I can so plainly see,
If I'm so bad then let me be,
From insults you can set me free.

But you and I know I will stay
While you rest and while you play,
But sometime there will come a day
When I will take myself away.

Is there really some contest
Of who can make the biggest test,
Make me become what I detest
While you enjoy your little jest.

You can make it really tough,
Make me feel I've had enough,
While you fuss and while you fluff
Giving orders off the cuff.

But sometime soon, it won't be long
I'll realise I don't belong,
I'll die singing my own song
And you will know that you were wrong.


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