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(This is one of my favourites.) Love is an impossible force, shown throughout countless fairy tales to always be the overcoming power that whisks the girl off of her feet and into the night. But sometimes, it comes about just a little too late and you never know if it's going to go away again.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



Falling. Darkness rushed around me, the stars swirled in new patterns before my eyes. 
I stopped falling. My body slammed to the ground. I groaned in pain as I tried to move. Still winded from the fall, I lied on the ground and tried to regulate my breathing. I forced my eyes open and I saw my large black wings unfurled by my side. 
I took a deep breath and forced myself into a sitting position. I gasped with pain but I managed to do it. I tried to look behind me to see if there was any damage to my wings. I left them open to their full length as I inspected them and they didn't appear broken but they were very sore to the touch. 
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and then I looked straight forward. I gasped and jumped slightly. My gaze was met by another set of eyes. 
They were so beautiful. Shocking light blue eyes. I tore my eyes from theirs and inspected them. Their mouth was gaping open in surprise and fear. They looked like me, but different. Instead of my long, wavy blonde hair, they had short, curly brown hair. Their eyes, instead of a forest-like hazel were as bright as the day's sky. Their body was not petite or delicate but filled out and strong with wide shoulders and strong muscles. Their hands were much larger, never mind, everything about them was bigger. But the biggest difference of all between us was that when I looked behind them, they had no feathers sprouting from their back. 
I knew what it was. I'd watched them for years, but I'd never seen them close enough to see how much they really looked like me. 
"You're a human," I stated with an even coolness, containing the excitement penned up inside of me out of my voice.
With a shaky stutter but a hint of sarcasm, they said, "And I can tell you're not."
I laughed, soft giggles escaping my lips, "And what makes you say that?"
The voice muttered, "I must be dreaming. I can't be seeing an angel. You have wings! Oh god, I'm hallucinating...was I drugged? Oh my gosh, was there magic mushrooms on my pizza?!"
I laughed a full hard laugh, "You aren't drugged. You're right about what you think I am. I don't know what happened. One minute I was resting on a star, looking down on your picnic. I was watching you tell the stars about your life. You do it every night. But something went wrong, and I slipped, and I fell. All the way down to the ground. I'm forbidden to come down here, you know. I must be getting back."
"....wait. First, you're an angel?! What the- how? But I don't even believe in God."
"You don't have to believe in God for us to be real. We aren't based off of some myth. God may not be real but we are. We are what happens to souls in love separated by death."
"Okay...sure. Whatever. I still don't believe you....okay, well I did just see you fall out of the sky and you were on fire but your clothing isn't even burned....and you're fine.....and you have wings. Okay, I don't know. I must be on drugs....." They trailed off for a moment, "Wait, how the hell did you know that I do this every night?"
"I told you. I watch you do it every night. I love hearing your voice carry into the stars until it’s just a faint whisper in my ears. Such beautiful words. You speak to the night as if it is your friend. You speak of your mistakes, your past, your dreams and hopes. But mostly you speak of love. May I ask who it is that you owe these meaningful words?"
"What? Nobody, like I'm not dating anybody, I say those things because... Wait, how- what the- ughh....what...the....actual...fuck...is...going...on?"
"So you say these words out of wishes?"
'"I give up. I don’t know what's going on. So, yes, creepy angel person, I am single and I don't care. I don't want a girlfriend."
I stood from the ground and placed one milky white pale foot on the dark green grass as I took one step forward.
"What the- Hell no, get the fuck away from me. You're creepy as fuck. I don't know who you are. Stop that-" They were cut off as I continued walking towards them until I placed my palm against their heart. We both froze as memories surged through us. My hand grew burning hot but I didn't notice the pain. 
I was absorbed in the memories. There was a younger version of the boy, probably only two or three years younger than the man in front of me. He sat in a building behind a piano. His fingers danced along the keys, creating music that sounded as heavenly as the way the moon whispers goodnight to the ground every morning. A door opened and a small girl walked in. I recognized her as myself, she didn’t look younger than I did now by maybe more than a few months. She held her head down and stared at the ground as she walked in. There was a small smile in the corner of her lips as she heard the beautiful melody radiating off the piano. She chose a seat closest to the piano and watched his hands waltz. As her eyes followed the movements of his hands, it showed how she had fallen in love with the music. Her eyes, once heavy with sadness now radiated a new kind of light. The darkness wasn’t completely gone but it was fading more as they spent more time together.

Quick memories flashed by of us talking in the mornings and flashing smiles in the hallways. Late night conversations together.
More time passed. We were at a dance. She saw him in the corner of the room, making conversation but she was too shy to go over there and talk to him. They were very close at that point but she still was as shy as could be. She stayed where she was, oblivious to her friends trying to make conversation with her. Halfway through the night, she watched him go outside and she saw him through the glass. She watched a car pull up and saw him drive away. She wished that she had talked to him. But, she knew she had missed her chance. She went home much later that night. As she sat in the back of the car on her way home, she watched the moon follow her trail.

The car turned a corner and she jolted forward in her seat. Everything swirled as the motion of the car was pulled at in every which way. She was confused and scared but at the same time, she knew exactly what was going on. The car spun out of control and she was cut up. Her thoughts clouded, she only had one wish on her mind. To go back in time and talk to that boy again or for the stars to take her. Her vision went black and then she blinked and she was surrounded by the light of a thousand stars and she smiled because she knew her wish came true. But she frowned now because she had wished with all of her heart that it would be the other wish that would have come true. 
I blinked and stepped back. I cried out in pain, but not because of the pain in my hand but because of the fire coursing through the blood in my heart as I felt it shatter. I staggered backward and fell, landing on my wing, hearing it crack as I knew I broke it, but I didn't care. Tears flowed down from my eyes. 
"T-that's what happened to me? Why? No? I'm so sorry. I didn't know that it was me. I didn't know that it was me. Oh my god, I didn't mean to do that. I've watched you every night. Oh my god, I didn't know it was me that hurt you so bad. I'm so sorry. Oh my god. I'm so sorry. Th-that's why you thought you were hallucinating when you saw me? Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I look just like her. I am her. Oh my god, I'm so sorry. Why did I ever do that? No, I know why. But that was so stupid. Because angels are always those formed by lost love. I ruined it. I loved you from the earth and I left to love you from the stars. That was so stupid. I want to love you from the ground again."
I looked up to see him crying too. He knelt down on the ground and wrapped me in a hug and said "Please don't apologize. Everything is okay."
"N-no its not. You're crying."
"You're crying too."
"But I recognize that things aren't okay."
He looked at me, he shook his head and said "I know why you fell."
"Because tonight, I looked up at the stars, and I looked at the brightest one. I swear that must have been the one you were on. And I made a wish. I didn't wish for you to be happy this time like I usually do. No. I made a wish for myself tonight. I wished that we could have another chance together." And then, he leaned in, and he kissed my lips.
My feathers started slowly dropping off as I leaned into the kiss until I pulled away and looked to see us sitting in a pile of feathers without a single one attached to me. I smiled and pulled him in for another kiss.

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