Learning to be Grey

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Written a while ago. About how being with friends (and those who are a little bit more) can make coping with difficult things a lot easier.

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



A daring twinkle in your eye
A smile dances across your lips
Words ready to roll of your tongue
but never spoken
But I see it all  in your smile
And I feel it in your lips 
pressed tightly against mine
Usually slow and gentle
Full of passion and love
I looked into your eyes once more
And saw that they weren't the same as they were before
A little misty
A little tired
Not quite broken
Not quite whole
Somewhere back in the process
of learning 
the world isn't completely full of evil
nor good
and that the world isn't black nor white
and that you can be gray too
But I knew
With your hand interlaced with my fingers
Your heartbeat synced to mine
Your body next to mine
That the world isn't quite so bad
I'm not quite so bad either
And everything seems a little better
A little brighter
With you by my side
Nothing can tear me down

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