The Game

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - How It Started

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



Hello. If you are reading this now it can only mean one thing...The Game has begun again.

I’m sure you have no choice in the matter of joining. No one does. But if you are looking for some assistance in surviving than I hope a recount of what occurred through my experience with The Game can give you some clarity.

The years I was trapped in The Game were some of the worst and some of the best years of my life. The worst because of the fact that I was forced to participate and the best for all the friends that I made. But it doesn’t matter because I won’t remember any of them anyway.

Confused yet? Well you should be! It’s only the beginning, but in time you will see the similarities between what I describe here and what you experience.I hope you are sitting comfortably. We have a long journey ahead of us.

My name is Alexandra Smith.

I was fourteen years old. Just about to enter my first year of high school. It really wasn’t that bad, as I went to a small private school that ran from preschool all the way up to twelfth grade. Needless to say, I’d been going to that school for a long time.

Accompanied by my best friend Nathaniel Baker, my fellow ginger, though most would call me strawberry blond, I walked into the school on the first day of freshman year. As we entered the building, we stumbled upon a large yellow poster hanging directly in the entrance way. It immediately drew our attention as we moved to get a closer view. It was a simple poster, which only had writing on it, no pictures. It said, “THE GAME, big prize to the last person or team standing. Join at your closest city hall or online at Ages 14 to 18 only. Game begins June 21, 2012. Good Luck, Player.”

“What do you think this is all about?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t know and I really don’t care.” I answered him, starting to walk away “It’s not like I’m actually going to join.”

“Yeah I guess you’re right.” He said as he followed me down the hall towards the classroom wing.

We continue until we reach Nathan locker where we part ways. The school divided homeroom and locker assignments by last name so we were nowhere near each other. I sat next the teacher's desk in the back of the room when Natasha Roberts sat down next to me and began to chat about the poster by the entrance. Everyone was talking about it. I ignored Natasha, she was more Nathan’s friend than mine cause I didn’t like her, and waited for the morning announcements to start.

Talk of the poster ended after about three days and a month went by before The Game was brought back to our attentions. At the end of the day, during the closing announcements, a reminder was said:

“Remember to sign up for The Game. There is a big prize for the player or team that wins. You can sign up at city hall or online at Only people ages 14 to 18 may enter. Game begins June 21, 2012. Good Luck Player.”

After the announcement was finished our teachers handed out posters which were exact copies of the bigger one at the entrance to the school.

“They’re really plugging this game aren’t they.” I heard one person say.

“Is just a school thing? Will we get extra credit for playing?” Someone else asked.

“My friends at other schools have been talking about it too.” Another said.

Once the bell rings I immediately left the room and found Nathan in the art room with Natasha. Did I mention I hate her.

“Hey did you hear the announcement?” I ask Nathan, completely ignoring Natasha.

“Yeah. It’s crazy how much they are plugging this thing.”

“I know right. It’s like they’re forcing it on us.” Natasha says in her annoyingly, high pitched voice.

“I’m not concerned about it. They’ll give up eventually when they find out no one really wants to join.” I said but boy was I wrong.

They did not relent one bit. Everyday after school they would say that same announcement, more posters were put up around the school, and we kept getting that same hand out every other week. They even started making the announcement before school as well. There were big, yellow billboards put up every where and they all said the same thing. Join The Game. They even started making announcements before the hockey games. It was just so frustrating.

After months of their paper driven campaign to get people to join The Game, they finally took a more digital option. That’s right. They made a commercial. It wasn’t even an interesting commercial. It was just this plain white screen with a woman, or sometimes a man, who would just stream off the same information that we had been reading on the posters for the last three months. They didn’t even wear normal clothes. They wore all white. No color what so ever. And the worst part was the ending where they stuck their thumb up and said “Good Luck Player” with the world’s creepiest smile.

It was inescapable. The announcements and posters continued while the commercial was played every other time a commercial was on. On YouTube it was before just about every video, non skip-able may I add. It was just getting worse as the start date for The Game got closer. After Christmas, you would be lucky to move ten feet without seeing something about The Game. I hate to admit it but Natasha was right. They are forcing this down our throats.

It was maddening all this advertisement until suddenly it all stopped. The billboards and posters were taken down, the announcements stopped, and the commercials no longer aired. It seemed that they had finally given up on getting people to participate in The Game. That is what I thought until I got a package in the mail with a letter attached. The letter read:

“Thank you for joining The Game. Enclosed in this package is an official copy of game rules as well as maps of your area of play and a game phone. The game phone can be used to keep track of team members and allies. It is not for recreational use outside of The Game. Other equipment, such as weapons and accessories, will be sent closer the date of The Game’s start. Good Luck Player.”

I didn’t know what to do. The next day I went into school with the letter and the little rule pamphlet only to find everyone standing around with the same letter talking about it. I quickly find Nathan in the art room with Natasha.

“Have you seen this!?” I cry out as I storm into the room holding the letter up.

“You mean this stupid letter. Yeah I got the same one.” Nathan says showing me his letter. The two letters are pretty much identical, the only difference in the name at the top.

“I can’t believe they’re forcing us to participate in this stupid game.” Natasha wines holding up her letter “I’m just not going to participate.”

“I really don’t think that’s an option.” I say back looking at the rules “It is pretty clear that the only way to get out of The Game is death. So unless you’re planning to die within the next few months you’re going to have participate.”

“But it’s unfair. They can’t do this to us.” She cries.

“Actually, they can.” Nathan says hanging his head, “I talked to my parents this morning. They were the ones that signed me up and that’s probably what your parents did too.”

That startled me but it really did make sense. My parents had been nothing but supportive of The Game and didn’t seem to notice the discomfort on the subject. They really had wanted me to join on my own and I guess when I didn’t they did it for me.

“What are we going to do?” Natasha asks slightly alarmed as she knows that she can’t go against it if her parents signed her up.

“I’ll tell you what we are going to do.” I said putting the little rule pamphlet on the table “We are going to learn the rules. Study the maps. Think of strategies. Do whatever it takes to survive.”

“I can agree to that.” Nathan says giving me a smile. We would overcome this. We would do everything we can to survive and maybe even win.

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