The Game

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - And the Whistle Blows

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



I could hear the cheers from where we were and we were a good five miles away from where the opening ceremonies were happening. As I had thought, we were the only ones here waiting for the store to open.

“They all seem to be excited.” Nathan said looking in the direction of the ceremony.

“Well I heard there are no rules.” Natasha said, “You know it doesn’t matter how old you are, you can drink, smoke, do whatever you want to.”

“And that’s a good thing?” I asked.

“Yeah. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s our last night of freedom.”

“If anything our freedoms increase when The Game starts.” Nathan stated turning to face Natasha.

“He’s right.” I continued, “Our parents won’t be around to tell us what to do. We have to get our own food. Find our own shelter. If that isn’t enough freedom then you should join another team.”

“Whatever.” She says rolling her eyes and leaning against the wall.

“By the are we going to start this?” Nathan asks.

“I was thinking we start by heading to the border. I came across an abandoned shack way out in the woods. There is somewhat of a trail but it was overgrown. The truck will be able to make it down first and the cars can drive in the wake.” I said looking at my game phone, “I sent the directions to both of your game phones in case we get split up.”

Nathan nodded then turned his gaze toward the ground in deep thought. I looked at my watch. Thirty minutes left till start. Sigh. I slid to the ground, my head resting on the wall behind me. I can't believe there is still thirty minutes left. It seems like we have been waiting for The Game to start forever. For the last six months I have done nothing but plan for and think about The Game. I have been faking confidence in my own plans. I don’t know if any of this is going to work all I can do is hope.

 I was so absorbed in my own mind that I didn’t hear the people approaching until Natasha loudly greeted them. These people were clearly her friends based on the fact that she immediately ran up to hug them hello. Nathan and I shared a look that said that neither of us knew anything about this. I stood up and approached the newcomers.

“What’s going on here?” I ask, looking between Natasha and her friends.

“Oh. These are my friends Michelle, Aaron, Liz, and, my boyfriend, Wade.” Natasha says with a smile, pointing out each individual person.

Michelle is exactly like Natasha with a round face and brown eyes. She has blond hair, which is clearly dyed, and is dressed almost exactly like Natasha. Her arms around the boy introduced as Aaron. Aaron is tanned with angular face, green eyes, and short brown hair. He’s just wearing normal street clothes like he would wear to school. Liz is more like me somewhat round face, hazel eyes, and curly dirty blond hair. She doesn’t have glasses but she seems to have put some thought into what she would wear having a raincoat, t-shirt, jeans, and boots on.

Finally, Wade, who Natasha introduced as her boyfriend, looks so much like Nathan it is scary. There are differences. His hair is short and spiky as opposed to Nathan’s hair which is flat with long bangs. Both have red hair, blue eyes with a round face decorated in freckles. He’s even dressed like Nathan would dress on a normal day. Brown cargo shorts, a black hooded pullover sweatshirt with a grey skull on the front, the signs of a red t-shirt underneath, and red and black converse to finish the outfit. Nathan and I shared a look at this. It was clear what message Natasha was trying to send.

“But what are they doing here?” I asked giving Natasha a look.

“I invited them.” Natasha answered matter of factly.

“You invited them?”

“Yeah. Of course.”

“Natasha, we told you not to tell anyone.” Nathan says with a look that says I can’t believe you did this.

“What’s the big deal. They’re my friends and I wanted to help them. We already have a plan we just have to add in four more people.” She said as if it’s the easiest thing in the world.

“But Natasha we planned everything for three people. We don’t have time to fix calculations that took months to come up with in the first place.” Nathan said, “And how do we know they haven’t told anyone else.”

“They haven’t. I swore them to secrecy.”

“Just like you were.” I said my voice calm when I am anything but.

“Well that’s not the--”

“Not the same?” I askws angry now, “Natasha it is exactly the same. We trusted you to keep all of our plans a secret from everybody. Then you tell someone and you expect them to keep it a secret when you obviously couldn’t.”

“Like I said they’re my friends. I trust them.” Natasha replied.

“We thought you were our friend.” Nathan yelled, “We thought we could trust you.”

“I am your friend Nathan.” She said putting her hand on Nathan’s arm giving him a sympathetic look.

“Obviously you’re not.” Nathan said shrugging her hand off.

“Look our plans can’t be altered to fit four more in…” I started before looking at Nathan. Our eyes meet and Nathan nodded his head agreeing to my new course of planning. “But it can be brought down to fit two.”

“You can’t do that!” She yelled with a look of shock on her face, “Nathan tell her she can’t kick me from the team.”

“I agree with her.” Nathan said, “If we can’t trust you then there is no reason for you to be on our team.”

“Choose Natasha.” I said moving back to stand next to Nathan, “You either stay with them or come with us.”

“I can’t choose that!” She screamed at me.

“Fine then I’ll choose for you.”

 I pull out my game phone and locate the team file. I scroll down until I find the kick member button. I click Natasha’s name and then yes to confirm that I really wanted to kick her from the team. I then looked up to watch the look of horror go over Natasha’s face when she realizes that everything pertaining to the team is deleted from her phone. All the maps, plans, rules, everything gone. She starts to move towards me clearly about to yell or hit me or something of that nature but is quickly silenced by the loud sound of a bell. The starting bell. I don’t even look over at Nathan knowing he is already in motion towards the newly lit building we had been standing in front of for the past hour. Nothing matters anymore. Not Natasha. Not the hundreds of people running in mad dash to get here. The only thing that matters is that The Game has begun.

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