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Chapter 4 (v.1) - How to Not Keep a Low Profile

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



There was no woman behind the counter. No greater at the door asking if they could help us find anything. The store is empty except for the rows of weapons, gear, and keys. The weapons shot this digital ammo that stuns the body part once you get shot with it. Just like real weapons you have to treat the “wound” before the player “dies”. Basically if you want to knock someone out of the game you have to aim for the kill.

 Out of the corner of my eye I spot Nathan rushing around the store grabbing stuff and shoving them into duffle bags. Natasha and her friends are frantically grabbing gun and supplies. Natasha even tried to shoot me but I guess she forgot that the weapons don’t work inside the store. The rule of the safe zone how I love you.

I guess she realized she wasn’t going to get anywhere either cause she quickly gathered what she could and ran out the back door with her friends nearly falling in her heels. I went back to packing weapons when I heard the thundering footsteps quickly approaching the store. As I looked out the front windows I could see the outline of the hoard of players sprinting to the only source of weapons and supplies in the zone.

“Shit.” I said clenching my fists, “I thought we would have more time.”

“Keep packing,” Nathan said walking towards the front holding a large gun which appeared to have been modeled after a machine gun, “I’ll keep them out.”

“Wait.” I hucked a white plastic mask at him, “Put that on and pull your hood up to hide your hair.”

I did a similar thing putting on a matching mask and pulling my own hood over my head. As I moved around to continue packing Nathan went outside and stood in front of the doors, his gun aimed at the approaching mob. He disengaged the safety on the gun causing the cartridge to light signaling to everyone the gun was loaded. The mob came to a standstill, the front runners looking for an opening to get by the man blocking their entrance, while others crashed into each other and fought to get to the front.

“Alright. Everybody listen up.” Nathan yelled deepening his voice to disguise it a bit, “No one enters the store until my partner is done. If you so much as try, you’ll be out before you even got to play.”

“You can’t hurt us here. It’s a safe zone.” Someone yelled.

“Yeah. You can’t shoot us from inside a safe zone.” Yelled another while others voiced their support.  

“Safe zone starts at the door.” Nathan said smirking at them from under his mask “I’m on the sidewalk.”

People were beginning to back away in fear when I came walking out the door, a flash bomb hidden behind my back.

“We good.” I gave him a nod in response “Then I guess it’s time we take our leave.”

 As he said that I pulled the pin and threw it half way between us and the mob of players. Screams were heard as the area was filled with a bright flash of light, practically blinding everyone. Nathan and I raised back into the store and out into the back lot. We jumped into a black Chevy Silverado HD which was loaded up with all our gear and a pair of black motorcycles in the bed of the truck.

I took the wheel as we peeled out of the lot as fast as we could. Rolling my window down and loading my handgun, I drove in front of the store, scaring the recovering players, and took one random shot out the window. I didn’t look, just kept on driving. I rolled the window up and stowed the gun away. I glanced over at Nathan to see him looking at me with a look of astonishment and a bit of fear his mask in his hand.

“What?” I asked.

“Dude, do you know what you just did?”

“I took a random shot out my window in an attempt to scare the crowd.” I answered, “Didn’t even look. Why did I hit someone?”

“You hit one of them right between the eyes. Like, I’m pretty sure if you measured it would be directly in the middle.”


“Yeah. It was, like, action hero perfect.”

“Action hero perfect?”

“Yeah, you know. Those moments in an action movie when the hero takes an impossible shot and the bullet goes all cgi and hits the target exactly the way they wanted to hit it.” He explained before rolling his eyes at me, “And when are you going to take that mask off?”

I reached up to my face in surprise, I had completely forgotten about it. As we came to a stop at a red light I took my hood off and pulled the mask from my face. I stared at it for a second. This is what the mob saw the two of us as. Two white masks wearing random clothes and colorful t-shirts, who held them at gunpoint in front of the weapons store and knocked the first person out of the game. The whole thing was starting to look bad. Here the game had just started and we already had to deviate from the plan. But the white mask I held in my hand was something that would define us because of that one moment. I attached the mask to my left arm just under my shoulder.

“I think we are going to have a lot of action hero perfect moments.” I said to Nathan.

“I guess I’m just going to have to point them all out for you.” He replied with a smile. I gave him a small smile in return just as the light turned green. As I continued to drive further away from the center of the city and towards the borders buildings gave way to trees until we were completely surrounded by woods. I veered off the main road and onto a small side one made of dirt and hidden by the woods which had overgrown its original borders. At the end of the road was an abandoned house which I had found while marking the zone lines. We unloaded some of the weapons along with our sleeping bags and some food. The plane was to make this place a type of safe house where we could store weapons that we had currently had and ones we gained in the future. It was the perfect place. It was in the middle of nowhere and so close to the border that no one would bother coming out here in fear of crossing the line.

 The house itself was filled with old moldy furniture. There were holes in the walls and floors. The second floor was inaccessible to anyone who had no upper body strength as the stairs had fallen apart and crumbled into small unfixable pieces. That was where we decided to hide our weapons and we spent the rest of the night out fitting the house with hidden traps and tricks.

As the sun rose over the horizon the sight of someone moving in the woods caught my attention from the upstairs window. I signaled Nathan to see if he saw he nodded before looking back out the window. The person seemed to have spotted the house as they started to make their way towards us. Nathan moved faster than I could grabbing his mask off the floor and putting it on while pulling his hood up, moving at top speed. I didn’t realize why until I took another look. I was looking out the back of the house. That person was from the neighboring zone.

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