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Chapter 5 (v.1) - A New Friend In War

Submitted: July 19, 2016

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Submitted: July 19, 2016



I don’t think I have ever seen Nathan move as fast as he did to get out into the back yard. Not missing a step he dropped down to the bottom of the missing steps, stumbling as his feet hit the ground. He swung himself around the banister and ran through the desolated kitchen, grabbing his hand gun off the counter. He lept out the back door doing his very own action hero move.

“Hey!” He yelled, “Don’t move another step.”

 The player, which we could now see was a girl, pointed her own weapon, one modeled after an AK-47, back at Nathan. I was standing in the doorway, my mask and hood on. From there I recognized that the player standing across from us, at the end of her own zone, was Anne Valluy. Not only did she attend school with the both of us but she was also in our class. I had to stop her before she crossed over the line.

“Both of you, lower your weapons.” I said, raising my voice so it would reach Anne.

“So you can shoot me? I don’t think so.” She said tightening her grip on her gun.

“No one will get shot.” I said rolling my eyes and striding forward until I was at the border between zones. “Trying to shot either of us will just waste your weapon charge.”

Of course she didn’t listen, firing directly at me but not hitting me at all. She looked down at her gun and back at me before firing another volley. Again, I didn’t flinch as I waited for her to empty her whole charge. When she had emptied that gun she took out her handgun and fired that as well. Once both weapons were emptied she threw them to the ground with a cry.

“Are you done?” I asked her. She gave a small nod in response. “Do you know what stands between the two of us?” She shook her head no. “Between us are the zone borders.”

“Zone borders?” She asked.

“The zone borders are the imaginary lines that outline each zone. Players are not allowed to cross these borders. If you do you are out of the game.”

“But that doesn’t explain why my gun didn’t work.” She said. “And how am I supposed to know where the borders are?”

“You can’t exchange fire across zone borders. Come on did you even read the rules?” Anne looked down with a sheepish smile, rubbing the back of her neck. “And to find your zone borders all you have to do is use the map app on your game phone.”

“Really?” She asked taking out the phone.

“Yeah. You can see the borders, safe zones, weapon stores, track your own location, and set alerts to tell you when you are approaching a border.” I explained.

“You can also mark favorite locations and hide outs you set up.” Nathan added, coming to stand just behind my right shoulder.

“They also included maps in the packets they gave us when we received our letters. I myself came out and marked the border in areas that the phone doesn’t work well.” I continued. “Didn’t you prepare for this at all?”

“Well I did. I learned how to shot and drive along with other things.” She answered. “But I was supposed to meet up with people from my school and we were all going to work together to win. They had all the information and only certain people were asked to read the rules. We were going to meet on the fields at the school.”

“My guess is you don’t go to school in your zone.” Nathan stated, already knowing the answer.

“No I don’t. I go to St. Dominic Academy.” Anne answered.

“And your plan was for everyone to meet at the school which is in this zone?” I asked. She nodded in response.

 This isn’t good. I thought to myself. Though most people live within the zone that go to St. Doms there are still a lot of people who are going to try to cross the borders without knowing, especially if they are like Anne and didn’t read the rules. I don’t want leave them to be knocked out because of some stupid plan where no one read the rules.

“Were you able to join the St. Dom’s team?” I asked her.

“ it never showed up as an option.” Anne responded giving me a curious look. “Why?”

I looked through the team register on my phone. I found the team listed with the founder being Brett Hammons. Brett lived in our zone as did the people that made up the team register.

“It all makes sense now.” I said outloud looking up from my phone with wide eyes.

“What makes sense?” Nathan asked taking my phone from my hand.

“The teams are zone specific. You can only join a team founded in your zone.” I answer.

“So what does that mean for me?” Anne asks.

“It means that you can’t join the St. Dom’s team because it was founded in our zone.” I answer rolling my eyes, I thought it was obvious.

“So what am I supposed to do?” She asked as her shoulders slumped and her eyes became downcast.

“First off, read the rules. Learn how to play and survive.” I answered looking her straight in the eye even if she couldn’t see my eyes. “Also, make your own team St. Dom’s in your own zone. I am sure there are other people in your zone that had the same idea as you and if you can stop them before they cross the border you can prevent them from being out.”

“Once you create your team have everyone meet you in a safe zone.” Nathan added. “There you can come up with a new plan without the fear of someone sneaking up on you.”

“I would also start heading back to the game store.” I continued looking at her back pack. “With the provisions and weapons you have now you won’t make it very far.”

“, thank you for” She said extending her hand.

“We can’t really shake hands without crossing the line.” I said.

“” She lowered her hand quickly. “Thank you, again.” We raced back into the house. This whole thing had put us way behind schedule and we needed to get back on track. I heard her yell for our names not to long after we had entered the house. I snuck a glance out the back to see that Anne had left the area. With a sigh I removed my mask and hood, running my hand through my hair. I slowly lowered myself to the floor the mask still in my hands. I noticed Nathan sitting down beside me.

“Alex, what are we going to do?” He asked me while looking at the mask I held.

“I think we are just going to have to go with it.” I answered.

“So are we going to become some masked vigilantes?” He asked with a smile.

“Slow down there Robin.” I said with a small laugh. “We don’t want any big spotlights in the sky. Below the radar remember.”

“No offense but I think below the radar went out the door when you expertly shot that kid in the head without even looking.” He explained. “Not to mention that whole conversation we just had with Anne. And it has only been about, what, eight hours?”

“Yeah. I guess you’re right.” I said looking down at my mask again.

“By the way I’m definitely Spiderman.” He said with a smile. “Not Robin.”

“Okay sure. Go double check everything while I pack the gear, Spiderman.”

“Sure thing, Batman.”

“I can already hear the Marvel and DC fandoms screaming in protest at this team up.” I said with a laugh standing up.

I started to pick up the scattered gear thinking about the future. It was true. Even though the game had only started last night we had already started to make a name for ourselves. The only problem was we didn’t even know what the names were. The second we put on those masks we weren’t Alex and Nathan, we were two completely new people. I don’t know who these two people were but I was fairly certain we would find out rather quickly.

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