The Friday Night Returns

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Jack is a teenager who has a passion for hunting ghosts but his experience went wrong when he discovered what was in his house.

It was a dark and stormy Friday Night. I, Jack Parker, am a teenager. I’m really rich. I achieved first position in my academics. My dad bought me a new phone. It's camera's result was marvelous. Everyone were sleeping in my house. Only I was awake. I watch a show on TV "The Ghosthunters" in which three men hunt the ghosts. I also had a passion for doing this. So I went to my study room which was a little creepy. I locked it and the lights were closed. I opened my camera and start capturing the video. While I was capturing the video, I felt goosebumps in my body. I thought I must get out of there. While I was ending the video, I saw a white shadow gliding through the ground. The moment I saw it, I rushed out of the room. It was a scary experience. Everyone were asleep in my house so I decided to tell them in the morning. I thought it must be my delusion so I saw that video once again and it was not my delusion. I decided to edit the video and slow down the speed of the video. I saw the video in slow motion and paused it where the shadow had appeared. It was a small shadow approximately two to three feet. I went to sleep.

It was morning. I was really scared because that shadow had appeared in my dream. It was haunting me. I showed my both brothers this video but they didn't believe me and said that it must be a shadow of a light or something. I went to mom and dad. Mom said that it must be a light or something but my dad said that he also felt a presence of something. My aunts Mary and Susan were also staying at home so I showed them the video too. They saw the video five times but they said that it must be a shadow of a light or something. Dad also didn't take any interest and let go of it. I was curious about it and the other night, I captured a video again but I didn't saw anything. I went again and again the other nights but there was no sight of the shadow again.

Friday Night arrived again and it was dark like the last one. I understood that the shadow comes every Friday night. I went again and saw that white shadow. This time it glided two to three times. I rushed out of the room again. I knew that no one will believe me again so I didn't tell anyone. 
On the third Friday Night, when I was shooting the video, all of a sudden the white shadow came in front of me. Chills ran down in my spine. I was white with terror. I dashed towards the door but it came in front of me again. I asked him that what did it want but it didn't speak. At that moment, I had a thought that ghosts are transparent as I saw it in TV so I rushed into it and dashed out of the room.

From that night, creepy things started to happen in our house. Everyday, something was always broken like plates, glass, etc.

Friday Night arrived and I didn't dare to go to my study room again. On this Friday Night, our new LCD TV and refrigerator were broken automatically. I decided to gather everyone and tell what happened with me last two Friday Nights. I told them and they were terrified.

We didn’t wanna take risk so we moved to another house immediately after these incidents.

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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