Worst Fears

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A short story based around the consequences of one man's actions
Any constructive criticism would be helpful please.

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Submitted: July 20, 2016






His head was pounding, he had no idea where he was. He couldn’t open his eyes no matter how much he tried. Once he finally did he wished to close them again. He remembered what had happened.

She was the first girl he had ever properly loved. He met her when she was laid in a park in the blinding sunlight, they were the only two there at the time. The sight of her had made him smile; she looked angel-like with the sunlight illuminating her pale skin. He had walked over to her and struck up a conversation, every word that came out of her mouth was music to his ears. She was so easy to talk to and he felt so comfortable around her. Her laugh was like music to his ears, he knew he would never get tired of that sound. He wanted to hear it every day.

That was when he got caught up in stuff he shouldn’t have. He’d agreed to help a friend out by doing a job for him and only after realised that what he had been asked to do was illegal. Then he found himself being blackmailed. They wanted money… They had pictures of him handing over the package; no one would ever believe that he didn’t know it was drugs. Both of his parents had been in trouble for drug related things so why would anyone believe that their son could be any different. He’d tried so hard to be un-associated with his parents and then this had happened thanks to his so called friend.

He never thought anything would happen, he’d hand over the money and that would be it. However that didn’t happen, they wanted more and more. They wanted more money than he could ever get his hands on and so he told them. They didn’t like the fact that he thought that he could control things, however the blackmailing had stopped. Throughout all of this he had been distancing himself from her, he didn’t want her to worry or know about his parents. He couldn’t stand the look of pity that would be on her face… Then she’d want to help him and end up getting caught up in it herself and he couldn’t do that to her at all. He loved this girl. He may not have admitted it to her but he did.

He couldn’t imagine himself without her, he’d known her 4 months and he couldn’t imagine his life without her. He wanted her to be his; he couldn’t stand the idea of her being with anyone else. He was going to admit it to her; he was going to tell her everything. How she made his heart skip, how her smile lit up his life. But before he could she was just gone.

She’d been gone days, nothing from her at all until that text earlier. She’d asked to meet him at the park. The simple message had made his heart leap, despite the late hour. It was finally something from her. She was ok. However there was still a feeling deep within him that something wasn’t right. What had made her disappear for so long? She usually messaged him every day. They could talk about anything. And then all of a sudden there was nothing.

There was a problem with her message though, the wording wasn’t right. It was too serious for her. She always found the lighter side of everything. No matter what was happening, she never failed to make him smile. To be honest, just seeing her made him smile, at least on the inside. She lit up his world. He had been feeling so low since she had disappeared. This message was like a light, it was his only hope of seeing her again.

He was in the park waiting for her when he heard her scream; of course he went running after the sound. He was terrified of what was causing it. He hated the idea of her being hurt, it made him sick to the bottom of his stomach. He’d hate himself if she was being hurt because of something he had done. He knew he shouldn’t have gotten mixed up in it. He had tried to get out. He thought she’d be ok. He made sure to distance himself from her while it was all going down.

What would cause her to make such as a sound? It was almost deafening to him. He couldn’t run any faster than he already was and it was killing him. The sound got louder. It was the kind of sound that cut right through you like a knife. He could remember her pleas, how scared she was. It hurt him more than anything ever had. What had happened to her? Was she ok? Then suddenly…. Darkness.

The sounds of lights buzzing to life made him open his eyes. As he adjusted to the light he could make out a body on the far side of the room. It terrified him to think of who it was. Whoever they were, they were beaten and bloody. In fact blood was all around them, small pools had formed on the floor. The more he looked the more blood appeared, it seemed to be still seeping out of the body. The pools were slowly increasing in size. The sight made him sick.

He crawled over to them slowly, not wanting his worst fears to be confirmed. The closer he got the more he learned about the person, they were obviously a girl which made his heart race. He wasn’t sure if it was just because of the beating but something about the body didn’t look right compared to what he was thinking in his mind. The skin looked deathly pale and was turning a blueish purple in colour. What if it was her? Who had done this? What if she was dead?

He turned over the body, gently sweeping away the hair from her face all the time praying it wasn’t her. Anyone but her. His heart stopped. Her face looked peaceful and innocent as she lay there unconscious. He could feel his chest become heavy. The worst thoughts going through his mind. Why was she here? What had they done to her? Who was she? He let out a sickening sigh of relief as he realised the girl in his arms wasn’t the one he was looking for. She looked similar but it wasn’t her. Then his mind began to race again… If this wasn’t her then where was she?

He looked around the room for a sign of anyone else but there was no one only a door that was slightly ajar. The girl now laying in his arms began to breath shallowly. He had no idea what to do. He began to try CPR on her but she is too far gone to be saved and she died in his arms. He still had to look for  the girl he wanted though so laid this girl down returning her to her peaceful look.

He slowly stood up unable to take his eyes off of this innocent girl who had got caught up in all of this. He hated to turn his back on her but he needed to leave. There was someone else suffering due to the stupid things he had done. He can’t fix it with this girl, whoever she was, but he could still save the other.  

He travelled through numerous corridors all seemingly leading him in circles. All he could find were labs and empty rooms, not a single person or a way out. He began to become frustrated. All he wanted to do was save her but nothing was helping. No signs, no windows. Nothing to guide him. Finally he found a door which lead to daylight. He found himself on a rooftop in the middle of what seemed to be London. He looked around finding a figure stood in front of him with five men stood behind him. He couldn’t work out anything to do with them due to the sun being behind them. As if they had planned for this exact moment.

“How are you?” The figure asked.

“What do you want? Where is she?” He screamed back not wanting to conduct small talk. His emotions were beginning to get the better of him but he couldn’t hold it in anymore. One girl dead and another missing, this was all too much.

“You mean this girl.” He replied and with a nod of his head two of his men went off and returned which a girl hanging in between them. Her feet weren’t even touching the floor.

He ran over to her desperate to see her face, he had already been tricked once he didn’t want it to happen again. However this time something was different. The shape of her body was so familiar to him, he’d memorised those curves. He stopped dead when he saw her hair matted with blood. His heart stopped beating when he looked closely at her, the way she drooped, the way she was covered in blood, the way she didn’t look up once or even react. He slowly walked towards her, taking her from the men’s arms before retreating slightly and dropping to the floor.

She had yet to respond at all, she just lay in his arms with her blue eyes closed. She was so limp and lifeless. She almost felt cold to him despite the brilliant sunlight streaming down onto her. He looked up and all six men were gone, not a trace they were ever stood there. Maybe his mind had made it up. Maybe this was all a dream. But that didn’t explain how they got here.

The feeling of her laying in his arms made it real though. He looked down at her and finally noticed the rise and fall of her chest. She was breathing even if she was covered in blood. The idea made him feel sick, how close to death is she? Is it even her blood? What’s happened to her? Who did this?  If any of this had happened because of him, he’d want to die. The thought of his actions hurting her made his heart drop to the pit of his stomach.

He didn’t have a single answer but it didn’t matter she was alive and breathing even if she was out cold. All he wanted to see was those blue eyes, the fear he would never see them again creeped in. He slowly drunk in her appearance, he’d missed her so much. He loved waking up to her smiling face, being able to run his hand up her side feeling all of her curves. He’d missed those Sunday mornings with her where she would lay there smiling and laughing with him, not a care in the world. He was completely mesmerised by her.

Suddenly she was ripped from his arms, he looked up rapidly to find the man from before standing over him, holding her by the neck. He wanted to reach up and grab her but he was scared of injuring her more than she already was.

“She’s not needed anymore, she’s nothing more than a waste of space. A tart really, but she was a great scream. She made it so fun with the constant begging and crying” She was thrown towards the edge of the building and hit the short wall surrounding it. He was so thankful she didn’t go over. He knew she was safe for the moment while he dealt with this man.  

“It was you I wanted all along. She was just a pawn, a useful and very pretty one but disposable. It’s a shame really. She was so loyal, I’d have happily have taken her on board if it weren’t for you” One of the henchmen appeared out of nowhere and began walking towards her as she slowly began to come to. His eyes became focused on the man, he couldn’t tear his eyes away as she started to scream. The sound ripped through him again until he couldn’t stand it and he turned to look at her. The sight was heart stopping.

The henchman held her forearms as she dangled over the edge of the building, he began to run towards her hoping to stop her from falling but he just let go. She disappeared from sight before a thud announced her landing. His heart shattered and the pain became unbearable. He could feel himself crumbling from the inside, his mind was racing. He didn’t know what to do, nothing seemed to matter anymore.

He turned to look at the man the henchman coming up behind him. He no longer cared why should he? She was dead. His only light was gone.

He looked at the edge of the building and began running. He didn’t slow down as he approached the edge but instead gained speed. He could hear feet behind him, trying to catch him but they failed. Soon he was falling too. Falling towards her, he began to remember everything. The day he met her, her smile, the day he asked her out, the feel of her skin against mine. He loved everything about her, she was his world, his everything.

As he looked down he could see her laying there in a pool of her own blood, her eyes wide and mouth open staring up at him. The sight crushed his soul. He closed his eyes and waited for impact.

His head was pounding, he had no idea where he was. He couldn’t open his eyes no matter how much he tried. Once he finally did he wished to close them again. He remembered what had happened. 



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