Love: Precious Jewel

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The perfect jewel; so precious all craved for it. She saw them as nothing more as insignificant specs that would never amass to the jewel that she was. But on spec was different, he stayed with the jewel and did what he could for her. She soon came to see what the spec was, how different he was, and soon he filled in the chips in the "perfect" precious jewel.

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Submitted: July 20, 2016



They were from very different origins. He grew up on the beach, with just enough to get by, living in a small hut with his father. She grew up with riches, all the money she needed and wall the goods she wanted. She was a polished gem and he was just a small spec. She had plenty of admirers before he appeared, though she never thought anything of them. She took advantage of them, using them as tools to aid her in her everyday life. When he first saw her, he saw the beauty of the gem. He was in love with it at first sight, and soon joined the flock of other admirers. But he was more persistent than the others, he followed her more, offered to help with more. He did what he could to get in her good favor, more than any other boy had before. She was a Goddess to a simple beggar wanting her blessing. She was interested in him, thought his actions were odd. She liked odd, her was something different. She soon shoed the others away, wanting him to be the only one she had around. They soon became friends, his love for her grew more and more, while she soon had feelings for him too. He learned more of the precious jewel than any other had before her. He also learned of the things others never could see; the chips and imperfections of the gem. He learned of her dark past, a past that left her hurt, chipped. The precious jewel was not as perfect as he thought, and she despised it. She though he would leave the jewel now that he saw she was not perfect. She had large chips that all had overlooked. He did not care, he saw these chips, and embraced them. He cared little how many chips the jewel had, he wanted her all to himself, no matter what. This was the breaking point for her; she broke down and finally could embrace her true feelings for him. He filled in the chips with what she had needed, what she had missed, what she had lost. Soon, they grew older, inseparable, always together, always enjoying the others company. They soon had a child as well, their love forming into the most precious jewel they had ever seen, and they loved it with all their hearts. The little spec she was once saw as insignificant became the most important person in her life, giving her the happiness she wanted, and the loved she always craved.



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