Idiot's Flower

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Short story of an idiot who wasn't thinking straight.

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Submitted: July 20, 2016



Sun goes down, sun comes up. ''Tic toc, tic toc'' He's the tough knight against darkness, Defender of erroneous perceptions and judgments, coward who’s afraid to admit the fact of being doomed. Frightened by inescapable outcome, ill fated? Has the potential to do certain things. Probable to commit a mistake, stupid mouth, naive, loser!

The life of an idiot, living in the land of Wretched City. Where there are so many sacrifices to deal with, fortress, a nightmare, Inferno land that no one else could stay. Stay? Yes, that's probably the word that you want to hear to someone, short but means a lot. Hence, being positive is his thing, he is always on the right side, always giving a hand to someone without hesitating, even his time, wealth and words, words that can be awful, agreeable, or sometimes insane and unimaginable. .

Living with his mindset that he held for a long time. He fought a lot of wars in life, in a matter of life and death. Been slaved once, fooled, Ditched! But, Cheers! There is so much more reason to be alive, He has the ability to adapt, carrying a bunch of unfair realities in life, like he would still walk for you even though there is a gap in the path, seems so fine and jolly, but so cold and desolated inside.

Until the day comes along, after a long time, he saw a beautiful flower, brighter than ever, so lovely and magical, divine. Spark! He was stunned, ''I have never felt like this before'' idiot said, there was a strange, weird and mysterious phenomenon happened on that moon, like there is a sorcery or witchcraft behind it. ''I love my mother since the first time I opened my eyes'' he said. For him, the only reason to believe that there is such a thing called ''Love at first sight.'' He thinks, think and think. .

He's still wondering, ''what is this!?'' He keeps on asking himself, He wasn't just sick, but much worse, the idiot fell in love again. Tricked? Drunk? Or fooled again, I don't know, ask the idiot. And under the dark skies surrounded by a hundred exploding suns, within that night, he sort of ate the forbidden fruit and abandoned his mission, like he is ready to give in again. Okay let's have a good laugh at him!

After the seven full moons, savage storms, heartbreaks and five celebrations of the horde, the idiot is still acting and thinking paranoid, a fool, he is still in love with that lovely flower, even though he doesn't have any idea who and what is that thing, ''I have to do something'' he said. And as a narrator of this story, I seriously want to punch the shit out of this idiot so he can be saved from death. But maybe there are some things that people just can't let go easily. .

One day, a special day. Finally! He has the courage, the guts to approach to that lovely flower, probably one of the best days of his life when that lovely flower approached to him back, until they talk for long hours, laugh at stupid things, sharing stories, poking with each other, going in his places, a safe haven, and most of all, even that flower sounds like a crying walrus, or much like a starving stomach that could possibly shatter a glass, they still sing together, a story teller and a good listener. Though maybe they're so far away from each other, the idiot always wanted to be in touch.

Our friend Mr. Idiot once sent to war for a purpose, a battle for cost, suffered, ashes to ashes, dust to dust, so desperate to earn something, forced to stand stiff and put serious things in the right spot, he did meet a lot of girls, but, there's something deep odd in his heart, ''screw them!'' he said, because that time, the more girls he met, the more he realizes how much he loves that lovely flower. He's hypocrite right? But guess what, he won in that war, he did kill it like nothing, learned a lot of things, a glorious one. Carry on!

This idiot is an extrovert, straightforward, he always speaks out what he wants to say, expressive? Too much idiot, too much. Supposed that being expressive is a good thing, but being like that could be a weakness as well. One thing that I can't understand about him, and forever I never will is he changed into someone which was definitely not him, a negative one, so paranoid. And I know, that thing will disturb and upset him forever. .

He did sacrifice his own will to one of his sib, but never returned good to him. Gave a huge amount of respect to his drunkard father, been underestimated. Gave clarity and wisdom to someone, but, he's been denied and forgotten. Trust and called someone as friend, betrayed. Invest a lot of care, affection and love to his one and only, been rejected. Sacrifice, the most dumbiest and foolish thing you'll ever do in your life, letting yourself to be sad and howl, state that you don't deserve. But don't worry, there's a great consequence ahead for that. .

Self-pity. He suddenly ran away as fast as he could, as far as possible to anyone, even to his one and only lovely flower that gave him hope and to feel happy again. The poor lone ranger passed into the woods of confusions where there are so many shadows, forged souls and hopeless thoughts along with his forsaken dreams and buried past. ''What am I doing!?'' he asked himself again. ''This is wrong! So wrong!'' he whispered. Okay! Let's have a good laugh at him again.

High Five! He came back, but it's not there anymore, the idiot was told by flower, ''No, that's fine'' and smiled. He can't imagine the calmness of the flower after all. He knew where he should stand now. Makes him think, he's the coyote, and the flower is the roadrunner, he can never ever catch it, it could take a lifetime. Like, he's a Kryptonian and the flower is the Kryptonite, they can never ever be together, it's impossible. Like, they can't merge their desires in their lives, inconceivably as oil and water, tragic.

Naive? Shrugged! Still waiting, hanging, he's like a fresh, raw, painful pieces of meat that butcher's did, being chopped and slaughtered like nothing, bludgeoned to pain, waiting for flames that could finish him and make him pleasant for others. ''I should've died a long time ago!'' he said. Damn regret! Yeah. Exactly! Making time counts, he listens to his songs that ain't supposed to make him feel alone, worship his Lord, feeding his dragons, treasuring every little thing, loving his Mother, waiting. Yes, the idiot is stil waiting.

Ill fated? Spark! Divine! The spark that still alive in his heart, still running through his veins, that lovely flower of him. Reminiscing those little talks and the fine stare of the flower, treasuring those moments back when they're still together. Blaming himself, ''I am so sorry for letting you down.'' he cries. The spark that he can never ever forget, a special one. The spark that will always haunt him till the rest of his life, doomed!

Cheers! Because again, there are still so much more to be alive, more reasons, new upcoming stories, or maybe just another flower that could paint another sky for him. Something will come, but sooner or later will leave again, it's a matter of choice, have to deal with the lost. The only thing that keeps him being happy and at peace is the belief that he's alone, and there is nothing he can do about it.

This is just a start! Goodbye doesn't mean forever.

Life is a game we play, Let it rain, give in!

Does it hurt you? You deserved it! ''High Five! ''

Does it happen all at once? Coincidence. I guess. ''High Five!''

Does it make you uncomfortable? Give chances. ''High Five!''

Does it make you happy? Then don't surrender! ''High Five!''

To find each other, to feel and understand each other, that's the real purpose of life.

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