Wounds Heal but It Never Does

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To what extent can jealousy overpower one's mind? and what exactly is his definition of love?

Submitted: July 20, 2016

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Submitted: July 20, 2016



My heart was stammering, pools of sweat were cumulating on my shirt as I await my impending fate. My hands trembling from fear and from being tied for so long. I could feel my body slowly but surely giving up on me after months of torment. He did this to me. He, who I used to adore and smother kisses to, has changed in to a completely different person. But I forgive him for all his wrong-doings to me ; the cuts on my legs, arms and back- it was all him. But I am not forgiving him for what he has become and what he made me endure mentally. Cuts heal but memories doesn’t.

He isolated me from my family, and my friends believe I am in Croatia for a getaway. What I need is to get away from him. How did he change so drastically? and why? what drove him mad? I never did anything to him that could possibly reward me with such affliction. I lost track of time but I knew it has been months since the first day I got here. I do recognise this building. It’s his house; where our love blossomed in. More like was. I don’t think I could ever love someone who hurt me. Who woul..? Oh no, he is coming. I can hear him. Okay um, pretend to be asleep. 

I hear the door opening slowly and his heavy foot steps were getting louder, telling me he is getting closer. “Erin, my dear, wake up”, he said, “open those beautiful hazel eyes before I do it for you”. I slowly peered my eyes open as if I was sleeping only to see him looking so grimy. Wait, he’s holding a butterfly blade. I instantaneously thought of the worst already- he was going to end me with the slowest, most painful death. It is better than living miserably with him… “What’s going on in that pretty little head of yours?” I just gazed in to his eyes searching for a glimmer of goodness, only to see a stranger. What did I do wrong? “Come again?”, he said. Oh no I said that out loud. I repeated, “what did I do wrong, my love?”. He started pacing the floor, his fists clenched and he suddenly trudged towards me. “What did you do wrong? ahah! You’re… You’re too perfect,okay!” he stumbled before he relaxed a bit, “every guy with a pair of good eyes wants you and I don’t like that, if it isn’t obvious enough”.

Jealousy is felt to ones who care, but it could also be an ignition of hatred. What do I do? “what do I do, Danny? how can I fix this? how can I fix us?”, I said hesitantly. His eyes glinted with pure sinister. Oh no, what did I just started… 

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Wounds Heal but It Never Does

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