Mister Top Hat

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Poem I made up one night when telling my nephew a story before bed. Good one to tell your kids if you want.

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



I once knew a man,

He was called the Top Hat,

He had no defining features,

But he was the Top Cat.

He had a unique way with people,

He brought joy and laughter to any who met him,

He was the kind of guy who, if you met him once,

You would never forget him.


One thing everyone loved was his hat.

A large Top Hat.

He would dance, juggle, sing and play,

After performing he'd always say, "Top That".

One day I approached him and said "Top Hat",

He replied "That's Mister Top Hat to you".

I laughed and asked, how on earth did you come across that?

What's the story behind your famous Top Hat?


His face favoured sorrow for a while,

But then he broke into a huge smile.

He lifted the hat and I saw a chicken,

No bigger than a mouse, no smaller than a louse.

He said, "It's a magic hat" He said it lets him make people happy.

Mr Top Hat told me once upon a time,

He wasn't such a jolly chappy.


He walked the earth without a care,

And everyone would stop and stare.

Who is this depressing man?

Why does he frown? Why so down?

He then brought a top hat to wear for a wedding,

The man went out and people laughed.

"I like your hat", "What's your story?"

"You're hilarious","What's your game?"

People clamoured and crowded to see his display.


He took up some juggling balls and began to play.

An acrobatic sight, the people applauded.

This man felt great, his life was sorted.

He told me this story,

Of making people smile.


I began to leave,

But he said "Stay awhile",

The jester performed, people laughed.

But he wanted a new groove, a new direction, a new path.

"I want to be a writer and hang up my hat",

I said "You must be crazy if you think you can do that!"

So he replied "Will you wear my hat for me?"


What is more crazy? To want, or to be?

Is it really so crazy for me to be me?

Make the world better, just be yourself. Be free.

Be who you are, just like me.

And when you make people smile, just remember that,

No matter what you do, you can bring the world joy.

Just like I did,

As Mister Top Hat.

© Copyright 2018 J.J. Matthews. All rights reserved.

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