Rampancy Is Freedom

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We all have our own personal journeys to make.

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



I like to walk.

On and on for what may seem like forever.

I don't really know what to do with myself on these walks,

Sometimes I’ll narrate myself as I’m walking.

I’ll describe every rock, every tree,

Every sound and every footstep.

I’ll go on forever about the cracks in the floor,

Sometimes I’ll write a novel about the sea.

But for today, I’ll be making a point.


Whenever I go for a walk, It’s not for leisure,

Not for pleasure.

It’s not for the exercise, or for a destination.

I’m looking for something.



I look forward to the day when I will find and keep stability.

Balance, equilibrium, enlightenment, Nirvana, heaven.

It all means peace.

And that’s the problem with finding true peace.

Sometimes it can happen instantly when you are young,

But rarely.

Most people these days only find it when they are dead.

And even then, they don’t get to feel it for themselves because they do not know.


So what fills the gap in the absence of peace?

The opposite.


The black to its white,

The evil to its good,

The yang to its yin,

The rampancy to its freedom.


Where a human does not have stability they will be clouded,

Blinded by disorder, chaos, rage, rampancy, mayhem, havoc and madness.

Among other things.

As I’m walking alongside the sea I can see all the disorder around me.

The closer the sea comes to the shore, the more raging and dangerous it becomes.

The ground I walk upon is not smooth but cracked and ragged.

To my left is the town, and all I can hear is screaming and sirens.

Not uncommon on a Saturday night.

So amidst all the madness and mayhem, how do we become free?

We don’t.

If life has taught me anything, it’s that we cannot find true peace ourselves,

And if we can, the feeling is not lasting.

I won’t lie, I do believe I have felt it,

Even if for just a moment.

The feeling you get when you wake up feeling happy,

Even though you have very little or nothing to be pleased about.


When you take a walk and feel as if you have nothing at all to worry about.


When your problems are solved and you feel a small window of warmth in your mind and soul.

True peace.


These are all fleeting.

Real tranquility comes from the external.

It can be in the form of a place.

Your dream summer home in Florida,

That small, cozy flat near the sea,

The isolated cabin out in the fields.


Or it can be in the form of an animal.

A dog,

A cat,

A snake,

A hamster,

A rabbit.

It’s funny how animals can make you feel so many different ways.

Happiness, joy, warmth, peace,

Anger, sorrow, hatred, turmoil.


But most of all, it can be in the form of a person.

Some find it with their family,

Father, mother, sister, brother.

Some find peace with that one best friend,

The one that bullies you but loves being around you,

The one that gets on your nerves but would never let you down,

The one that will laugh when you fall down but helps you up eventually.

And most find it with the one who steals their heart.

The one that seems perfect in every way.

When you’re with them you have nothing to fear and no reason to worry.

When they smile you smile out of habit without even noticing.

The warmth they give you could warm the entire world.


So I don’t know why I keep walking to find my own peace.

I could walk until my feet bleed, but all I need to do,

Is stop.

© Copyright 2018 J.J. Matthews. All rights reserved.

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