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the daily life of a mother

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



As the light shines through the blind
All her daily jobs corrupt her mind
It feels like a moment ago the stars were out
Before she knew it the kids begin to shout 
She pulls herself up from her bed
Looks at her baby with her little happy head
Another day begins to take it's course
She knows in a few hours her voice will be hoarse

Breakfast is served with a smile on her face
She try's so hard to keep the pace
Washing begins it's time to clean
She can see the sun through the window with it's mighty beam
So much work for one person to get through 
The kids have a list of all the things they want to do
She's got to try and do it all
Some days she feels she's going to fall

Everyone needs to get washed and dressed 
The house soon fills with mighty stress
When all is done and we are ready to go
She takes deep breathes and tries to go with the flow

Out the door and into the car
Let's try stay local and not go to far
The kids have fun in the park today
When I say home time they all cry to stay
I've got to return dinner needs to be done 
As I get to the car the kids decide to run

Finally home and the workload returns
I can already feel my body start to burn 
Dinners over and desert is out
Baby doesn't yet know how to keep icecream in her mouth 

Back to the cleaning my duties must be done
I feel I need a breather I just want to run
Supper is ready they all come to eat 
Kids are geting sleepy I can feel the tensions heat 
Pjamas are on and the beds are laid out
My eldest wants to stay up late and sulks with a pout
Baby goes down, I sit with her untill she sleeps
Not to quickly doh from her blanket she peeps

Mommies tired but her work is not done
As she tidies some more she realises there's no sun
Another day has passed her by
The stars and the moon now fill up the sky
She's takes a  breathe and listens all around
The silence of the house is now an eery sound

She's makes herself a cup of tea
And sits for the time she likes to call Me
Her eyes are heavy she's got to go
Of up to bed as she walks real slow
She tucks herself in and falls to sleep
She is a mother and she loves real deep 


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