Fading Memories

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Greetings. Thank God. I almost run out of time with my pending articles in the office. Anyway, this is all about the entry 'LOVERBLOOMSCONTEST' under the scars category. This is absolutely about free writing and fun. Hopefully, you will like it.

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



Regine is going impatient. She has been pushing the doorbell for forever. Her best friend Al is late. She is right in front of her house for thirty minutes. That girl did not even bother to open up the door for her. She knew Al was not sleeping. She might love to sleep but she wakes up early in the morning. 

"That girl." She course. It is not like she will feel lonely if Al won't walk with her today. It just that......

"You are noisy. Can you stop clicking the bell? You are disturbing the neighbor." And there he came. Regine ultimate crush. Crescent Red. He was up again on his balcony for his morning stretching. He looks awesome being so tall and handsome. Since he is on the second floor, Regine can really see his overall body. He is as cool as ever. 

This guy is the main reason why she keeps on pretending to walk with Al. Luckily, her best friend just one meter away from his house. 
Darn..It such a lucky thing to be on just a door away from your love. And I want to see him on his jogging suits.

"G- good morning, Crescent." Regine's voice was shaking. She was never this obvious before. Her heart was trembling. Many people said that she is pretty. She got this brown curly hair that makes her look like a doll. She got this smile that envy by all boys. She is talented. She is smart. She is pretty confident. That is why it hurts to think why Crescent had not returned her confession yet.

It was two years ago. At the back of the campus. They were alone. It takes too much courage to say those words. However, Crescent never replied. He gave her a cold stare instead and left without saying a word.
After that, their friendship became cold. He refused to walk with them or eat hanged out like they usually do.


"Do you want to walk with us? You know.. Just like before."

There was silence.

 Regine tried to be strong. 

It was truly embarrassing.

She was never been this crazy for a guy. She had many suitors before. She knew how it feels to date the most popular guy in school. That is why she will never give up. 

" Let's go, Regine." Suddenly Al opened the gate.  

Finally, she's done changing. It relieved her a little. Knowing the awkwardness started to rough on her heart.

" Yup. Let's go." Regine faked a smile. She looks sad and disappointed. She wonders if Crescent can really love her. 

She tried to peek at the balcony. Crescent was already on his way inside. Again, he left her without any word. It is kind of frustrating and sad.

" You know what, you do not need to visit every day on my house just to see that jerk. You are more than that, you know." Al sighed. She hates seeing her friend suffer. Especially to someone who never cares.

Regine tried to laugh hard. Al loves to criticize her about love when in fact she never had one.

" That is amazing coming from someone who does not have any boyfriend since birth. Are you a love doctor?" She joke. Silently, how she wish that everything is just a joke.

"Huh? Are we back on that topic?" Al yawned. She has a lot to worry about the world. Her grades, her work, and her club. Unfortunately, boys are not one of it.

However, Regine greatly thinks that is not the only reason. It is quite funny but Al and her is way too different. Al does not love to impress people through looks. After all, she hates makeup. She is those typical people who believe that what's on the inside counts. Well, most of the time, she just does things she likes.

" Of course, we are in our senior year. You need to find a guy who will take you to the prom. I did tell you, right? We are coming. Me and Crescent, you and your boyfriend. You promised before." Regine teased. The truth is she wants to cry. Every time she cracks a joke, the words will just hurt her back.

" I remember that well when you blackmail me. When I talk to some guy, we will just end up punching each other."

Regine laugh. As expected from Al. Not only that she cannot get any decent talk with boys but she ends up fighting them instead.

" Guys now these days are very barbarian. They love to hurt women. They are pissed when being corrected. They tell lies. I hate them." Al continued. Regine understands it. Al suffered terribly when her parents divorce five years ago. Since then, she changes a lot. Or to put it simply, she grows worst. Especially the relationship she had with boys.

" W..Well, I think that only happens to you."

Regine sighed.

Silently, her heart feels warm. The good thing being with Al is that you can feel her warmness. All of her are true and real. It reminds her to be just she is.

The school is just fifteen minutes walk. Now that they are alone, she wanted to feel the moment. The joy being with her only alliance.

"Not all boys are the same. See? its been a long time since you were long punched from the face?" Regine and Al have been best friends for a very long time. Al's life is like an open book to her. It just so sad that this year, they were put into different classes. 

"Nya. I think I'm about to punch someone. He is so annoying. He keeps on jumping my way and messes me during my free hours. He is a picture of a guy with so much time on his hand. I am starting to get piss."

" Ha-ha-ha. Don't you think, he likes you? "

Regine laugh. She never heard this story before. She is quite interested.

" I don't really think so. I think his type is someone like you.  After all, his stubbornness and idiocracy are same as your level."

" Eh? W- What do you mean by that?"

" She's pretty, don't you think?" Nick was leaning down on his window. His brother Crescent just tear apart the heart of a seventeen-year-old pretty girl. Quite a gentleman. It's quite amazing how looks can pile up overconfidence.

Crescent threw him a dirty a dirty look. Sometimes, he really wishes his brother will just move from here to the guests room. His voice is so irritating as if he knew what was happening.

"What's wrong on walking holding hands with your best friend? You should confess to her already. You really like her, don't you? Stop playing games. You are just hurting her."

"Do not worry. It is  not your problem."
" I know. That is why I am concern. You are not the only guy in the world. Someone can snatch her away from you anytime. Are you prepare?"

Silence filled the air.

Slowly, Crescent smiled. 

" No, she won't."
" Overconfidence." Nico fixed his gazed on the wall. His eyes are empty. He cannot fathom how stupid his brother is.



Regine is vigilant. It's already lunch break. A few minutes from now, Crescent will take his lunch in the cafeteria. She thinks this can be her only chance of the day to talk with him. As for decoy, she thinks she will be needing the help of her best friend.

Regine walks faster. Al's room is on the third floor. She must not waste time. With the time running continuously like a heartbeat, she sprints.

Finally, she is here in front of their room. She quickly opens the door to begin her dramatic entry.

"Hi, Al? Are you hungry? Why don't you go with me? I'll take you for lunch."

Suddenly, she was astonished. Al was struggling against some tall guy. He was pinning him down while holding a brush.
" Can you stop that? I hate makeup."
Al was shouting. Luckily no other people is around. 

" What do you mean by that? I bring this stuff from home just for you. You should at least show gratitude for me."
" If you want it that bad, why don't you put it on your face?" 
Regine doesn't have any idea what was going on. But surely, Al's face is burning. Flaming with anger.

" E-Excuse me.."

" Ha-Ha- Ha. You are a funny person. I think I would try it too. How about putting you some hair braid? I think that suits you best."

The guy laugh. He looks masculine and handsome however she quite confuse if he is a gay or not. Either way, she needs to stop them. Her effort will surely be wasted if they would not stop.

"Excuse me." Regine makes her voice louder. She is desperate.
" Al and I need to go to the cafeteria. Will you stop pinning her down!"

Finally, they noticed her. Silently, Al got a feeling about the visit but she is quite thankful that Regine is here.

" Ah, your Regine right? The popular girl from section A?"

The guy stand.  He slowly walks in front of her. He is smiling. 
Regine suddenly blush. Now that they are face to face, she can feel his charismatic appeal. He was way shorter than Crescent yet 
she can tell that something is amazing with him. 

" Yup. You look pretty." 

Regine froze. How can this guy talk like this? 
" Ouch." Suddenly, a pencil case lands on the guy's head.

" Stop fooling around my best friend or I kill you, Klent."

Thankfully. Al is really a life saver. If she never breaks the ice, she will surely melt.

" Don't be so mean, Al. I know you are just jealous. If you act like that, everyone will think that you are a tomboy."

" No. I'm not. I hate boys. Let's go to the cafeteria, Regine."


" That was really nerve breaking. That is the first time, I heard you shout. What his deal? He acts very gaily and another moment, he turns into this ultimate playboy type." Regine can't help but  complain. She cannot wait and to break the subject until they find a seat. They are now about to enter the cafeteria.

" Do not pay any attention. He is just like that to every girl he met. Even the class goes crazy with him. See what he did to my hair?"
" Yeah, he really put you into quite a transformation."

"His parents are working as a makeup artist. That explains why his really good at this stuff. Anyway, since you are used to being hit own, I think you are fine if his there."
Al is as emotionless as ever. She usually talks rationally. That why at times like this-

" No, I think I fall for him. He got a cute smile and blue eyes. I think are height difference is not that big-ouch! Hey, can you look where you are goi..ing?"

Regine's voice grows cold. No, she's melting. Crescent is in front of her. Worst of all, he was covered with juice. It seems like Regine had banged his food tray causing the juice to spill on his school blazer.

" Sorry, I was not looking. That is why I spilled your juice." 

Sarcastic. He is always sarcastic. Regine was shaking in fear. She doesn't know what to do. 
She just embarrassed herself. Worst of all, she was wondering if Crescent heard her jokes.

" I think, you need to hand him a tissue or handkerchief, he is soaked." Al pointed out. Regine was troubled. She searched everywhere but it seems like she forgot her hanky. 

" Here, have mine." Al gives his hankie to Regine. Regine is very grateful. She motioned to help crescent wipe his uniform but he took the hanky instead from her hand.

" We should find a seat.  We are blocking the other customer." Al suggested. Hopefully, this can serve as Regine's lesson. She should stop chasing people and let them chased on her instead. 

It seems like everyone agreed. Crescent look for the nearest vacant seat. His plate is pretty mess up. His spaghetti was also spilled with juice.

" Do not worry, I'll order for you. I really feel responsible for this. Al, can you stay here on the table? I am so sorry Crescent."

Regine run quickly towards the food station. Luckily, it was far from their chair. She does not want to be seen with an indescribable face.

Regine looks like crying. She surely did not expect this type of meetings. It breaks her heart. She has no courage left to face him. She looks very pathetic. She cannot even get a tissue for him. All she did is rely on Al.

Suddenly.. she felt warm tears from her cheek. She hates crying. Unfortunately, she can't stop but wept. 

" You are too pretty to cry."

She saw a familiar stranger giving her hanky.

" Klent? Ah, I am not crying. A bug just caught my eye. " Regine lied. She never knew about this stranger in front of her. That is why she cannot trust him.

" I wish I am a bug. I want people to cry for me too." Klent smiled again. Geez... Regine wonders. Where does this guy got the courage to tell cheesy lines?

" You are buying foods, right? Let me help you."


The jerk deserves it.
Those are the words running through Al's mind. 
She doesn't have any reason to feel obliged. Hopefully, the two of them can learn their lesson.

Sharp gazes.
Al kinda feels she is being stabbed in front.

" So, I think the monkey already knows how to fix herself?" Finally,  Cresent spoke. He was pointing to Al's hair.

" I'll take that as a compliment." Al tried to feel the strand of her hair. 

" Someone do it for me."
"Interesting. You got no friends than Regine. Who did it for yo-"

" Can you stop throwing those words as if she means nothing? It irritates me." 
Al burst out. She looks very serious. That only denotes how mad she is. Even though how many times she tells herself to stay away from their problem, she cannot help but tell explained what she feels. Regine is, after all, a very dear friend of her.

" I may not know anything about adolescence and stuff but one thing for sure, you are hurting her. Why don't you tell her exactly what you feel? Do you like her or not?"

Al sighed. She knew she said more than enough. 

" I prefer not to run away."

" Well, forget it. I am so sorry, I overstep my bound. I am not like Ms. and Mr. Popular like the two of you." Al watched through the window pain. The sky is about to burst.

" Yeah. You are not. That is why you would never understand." 

Those words are sad. They three of them has been together for so long that Al forgot the same tone before. As she turns her head back, she found Crescent smiling. A very sad smile.

" W- Why are you making that face?"

"No. Nothing," Crescent smiled more. The guy who only makes trash talk and sarcasm is smiling. Surely, even Al knew something is up.

" Tell me, what good qualities did Regine have seen at me?"
" Huh? Why are you asking me about that?"

Crescent did not reply. He just keep his head down. That is the very first time she saw him humbled himself. She is not quite certain to reply or not.

" I- I really don't know. All that Regine talk about is how caring you are. She was thankful to pass grade eight because of your tutorial. A- And I guess, she said you are very cool." 

" Don't you think that is true?"

" Well, I kind of disagree at first. I think you are just a cocky smart student that cares about aptitude but looking back, I guess we had a lot of fun during childhood. You always spend your lunch with us. I still remember how you throw my notes on your balcony since our answers are all wrong."

Al wants, to be honest. She hates him. She hates how he was able to leave their friendship without saying anything. The feeling of losing something important is like learning that your parents will be divorcing.

" Yeah. I greatly remember those good times."

Crescent whispered. Even if he eat enough meals, he finds himself being weak. He feels extremely sad and hopeless. Memories from childhood flashbacks before his eyes.

Regine, Al and him. They had been a close friend. 

Crescent had been discharged from the hospital. His parents decided to transfer to the countryside to improve his health.
He was very sick. Thin and always alone.
The first time he transfers at the house, he thought that he will never get any friend.

One time. A young lady opened the door of her room. She was smiling. She was making a paper plane. After she folded the last wing, she blew it up and sent it flying on his balcony. 

Crescent was reluctant at first. He does not want to trust any stranger but looking at the girl, he thinks he is not harmless. After all, he wants to have fun. 

"Happy birthday!" the girl shouted at him.
"Huh, it is not my birthday." The young crescent replied.
" It is. Time to be reborn." 

Crescent did not really understand what it means. However, as days passed, he noticed that the girl keeps on waving her hands before and after she leaves for school. Crescent cannot really exhaust himself. He just watches him on his window. 

Finally, he cannot take it anymore. He took the courage to tell him what it means.

" Hey, you ugly. Are you making fun of me? Are you saying you are better and stronger than me since I am sick and immovable? Even how many times you insult me, I am way smarter than you." The young crescent burst in anger. Having no friends and being crippled with unexplained sickness really bothers him. He was really depressed that all he can do is read books and bottled up his feelings and envy.

" Then that's great. Can you teach me math? I hate arithmetic." 

Crescent was confused about what he heard. He seems did not get a decent reply.

" What do you mean by that? Did I tell you right? I am very weak?"

" No your not. No one who knows well about math is weak."

That word struck him. It makes him realized something. An important thing that he forgot before. He has some place to live. He needs to be reborn.

He studied harder. Makes every effort to enhanced his stamina. He walked day by day at least thirty steps. He was really exhausted but he enjoys it. Finally, he feels like living. Thanks to the person who make him realized it.

When the doctor informed them about the therapy, crescent will be needing to go in the one of the known medical facility in New York, he agreed. He was hopeful. He swore after the medication, he will play with her. She is dumb when it comes to arithmetic but he will be patient to teach her that. 

The medication is tough. He needs to endure the pain. However, he never gives up.  After six moths, he was finally walking and moving like the ordinary children of his age does. During that time, he was very excited. He can now go to school and study with the first friend he knew.

It was a good news actually. Not until he returns. He thought that the silence of the place is just the result of nostalgic. However, he had never seen the girl again. Precisely, she never sees her smiled like before. She grew quiet. She studies arithmetic on their garden. A completely different person from back them.

During those six months that he was gone, a lot of things happen.

Her parents died. She was left with his five brothers and now needs to work and study hard despite her young age. 

She did not even notice his arrival.

It makes him angry. He made a paper plane and throw it to on her.

It landed perfectly beside her. She turned around. But it seems like she did not notice where it came. 

The rain started to pour. She carried her notes and hurry inside.

Silently, tears fell from Crescent face. He never expected this to happen. He was really looking forward to this day that he  will return. However, he was left unnoticed again.


" Yeah. I greatly remember those good times. I wish to go back to that days."

Al was confused, She doesn't get what he meant.

" The good all days that you noticed my existence more." Crescent closed his eyes and make a bitter smile. Regine is the only person in which gives a little faint of beauty on Al's life. He cannot take it by destroying their friendship. He hoped he was enough. Sadly, though, that is not how the stories always go.

" Crescent, what do you mean by t-that?"
"It means nothing." Suddenly, Klent appeared cheerfully behind Al.  He wraps her with his arms. 

" C- Can you give off from me Klent? You are heavy. Can't you see where are talking?"

Klent holds her left hand and pointed it to the door. " Your best friend just ran away."

Al watched the exit door of the cafeteria. Regine has just made it out.

"R- Regine" Al quickly stood and chased her. Leaving the two boys behind.

Crescent stood. Lunch break will soon be over. Luckily, the cafeteria is getting quieter. There are only a few students who saw what happened. Either they make a fuss or not, he does not care. 

The pain that keeps bottling inside him every day is what he fears to experience.

" So, Mr. Tall and the handsome guy wants to exit from the trouble?" Klent laugh. " I never heard such dumb confession."

Now that he remembers, he has some score to settle.

" Why you are sticking your tongue in the wrong place?" Crescent voice is stern. Just by looking, he hates this guy.

" Nah, I am not sticking my tongue. I just hate it when people invade my garden."

Crescent feels like he had gulped a very large stone. He cannot breathe into an extent that he was angry. Instinct tells him so.

" Anyway, it does not really matter. Surely, you are no longer a threat. After all, you just allow Al to lost her very best friend."

Darkness. That is the color depicts before crescent's eyes. The terrible memory he got from the hospital and the day he had returned home. He doesn't know where to blow off all the steam of sadness and pain.
The next thing he remembered is that he swung his arm to the very person in front of him.




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