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based on a true story...
i cant keep it in much longer its too much but i cant grass and i cant let them win

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



"Mama i need to tell you something."

It was the most simple sentance but it had taken months to escape my lips. It was late October when they turned on me, all because i had changed. I hung around more with my closer friends and had grown out of my shyness. So many people have changed during their secondary school life and have become so happy, why wasn't mine the same?

They hated me. It started off with little things like pulling faces, that soon changed though. They then started to blank me and act as if i was invisable. Then it turned into something so horribe even the devil himself would dispise it.  They told lies about me to others and talked about me behind my back. I was able to cope though as i had my best friend. But soon it became too much.

 They made some of my closest, my dearest friends hate me. They fed them with lies and made them see me as a beast, a creature that no one should care for, or about. I hated only myself for it. I hated changing, i hated the way i looked, but that led to hating my life.

I wanted to move school and start a new life, but one of my good friends told me that it would only let them win. It would make them feel victorious and think of me weak. But i am not the weak girl that they once pushed around, i am the the strong girl. The girl who stayed strong for months now dealing with their horribleness, the girl who isn't afraid. The girl who changed.

I am strong enough to tell. Brave enough to tell because i know that locking up your feelings wont work, but telling someone will. I dont care if they'll call me a snitch or a grass because they're only lying to themselves. I am brave.

I knock on the door of my mothers room and then open the it at her reply. I stare her in the eye for moment before taking a deep breath.

"Mama I need to tell you something."

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