Unbroken Valor

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I was inspired to write this poem after the fateful shootings of five police officers in Dallas as they were guarding a peaceful protest on July 7th, 2016. Even though it is in the view point the the officers who were killed, I dedicate this poem to all of the police officers who are willing to risk their lives each day to protect our communities.

Submitted: July 21, 2016

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Submitted: July 21, 2016



They stand there in an unbroken line.

Protecting those who protest one’s brutality.

Peacefully calling for a change of a mindset.

The men in blue hold the line for love of their city,

of their country.


The men stand to protect their own.

Not even a sniper’s bullet can tarnish their love.

Five of them fall; not deserving of a gunman’s hate.

They were husbands, fathers, friends.


Nothing could destroy the duty they held to their





Nothing could wipe away the sacrifice they gave each day as they walked that thin blue line.


Now blame is heaved like stones.

The officer’s lives are remembered with a protest.

While radicals condone violence while accepting it.

As they take the lives of their fellow countrymen in the name of justice.

Wishing to end the killings of unarmed citizens by slaughtering those protecting unarmed citizens.

They want their voices to be heard.

The officers tread the thin blue line day in and day out.

They are called to do their duty.

We ask so much of them.

To protect us against hate.

As they answer with unbroken valor.

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