Chapter 1: 1

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Twilight Zone

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She was lying on the ground staring at the roof, she was thinking about her problems when her friend's voice disturbed her from thinking.

Violet: Tiffany!

Tiffany: Hmm?

Violet: What are you doing?

Tiffany: Thinking about shits.

Violet: Come on! Look at your face! Do you want to go to school like this?

She pointed to her body with her eyes.

Tiffany raised her head from the ground and looked at her cloths.

She was wearing a Loose and long white T-shirt without any pants, her long light brown hair was frizzy and scattered on the ground.

Violet took her hand and pushed her to the bathroom

Violet: Take a shower and wear your uniform!

She wore her uniform … looked at the mirror and smiled for herself, (you look good in these clothes) Tiffany said to herself in the mirror, opened the door and went out of the room.

Tiffany didn’t expect any shocked face from Violet because she had adapted with Tiffany's style.

Violet: A super white face without any make up … freckles , and a black winter hat that makes you like a pear and sneakers…Are you sure that you're a girl?

Tiffany: I think we had argued enough about this topic, don't start again please!

Violet was sad about her friend, Tiffany, Violet and Steven, were childhood friends.

They went out of the house Steve was waiting for them out, leaning on his new silver Phantom.

Tiffany: Oh Hello BF! You seem more handsome than the last time.

Steve: Hey! And you seem uglier than before …your BF? It's embarrassing, and then everyone would say that I'm Gay.

They laughed out loud.

Steve: Long time no see Tiffy, Violet wanted to kill you because she thought that you had forgotten us.

Tiffany: How can I forget you guys? You are my only friends.

They got on the Steve's car. Violet was sitting on the front seat and Tiffany on the back seat

Steve: Violet you seem beautiful today, as the days pass, you become pretty and prettier, what's your strategy? Say it to Tiffany she really needs it.

And he laughed again.

Tiffany punched his arm and said: Steve! Don’t make me show you the advantages of being boy and beat you like a gentleman.

Steve:  Smartass as always.

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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