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Submitted: July 22, 2016



Now Chaise Gilbert was no timid type girl by any chance, but being new to Ledville High School had her spirits tamed for now. She had barely made past her first week here, and she did not love it.

The school was just a typical American high school but a girl has to get her roots deep by the time she hits senior year. Develop a thick skin, have some connections in case you wanted someone beat up, get a solid reputation to reckon, you know, standard survival skills.

Chaise trudged along her advance physics class meekly, hoping to avoid notice as she thought that those were just the skills she lacked. Kids were like vultures here, picking on anyone who looked easy meat.

She cringed as she recalled last Thursday, where a couple of people had been mimicking her, pretty sure not complimenting her attire too, when she had enough of them and had fired at them heavily. She was feeling good about herself since everyone was looking shell shocked at her. Nobody was expecting a newbie to be so bold, right? But then suddenly one of the girls broke into sobs at being oh-so-humiliated and her boyfriend puffed his chest, walking towards her with all the intentions of hitting her. Thankfully a teacher had just walked in on their scene, and Chaise got off with a mere collar grab and a glare. She took off fast and hid in the washroom for most of the time when she was not in her class.

Since then she had learned to be extra cautious.

Chaise entered her class and carefully took her seat next to a dorky looking guy who gave her a nod. Patrick was his name and he always spat a little when he pronounced 'P'. She made a point not to engage in conversation with him ever if possible.

There was only one other girl in this class, Miranda who in their first conversation let her know that she would not let Chaise beat her for an A in this course.

Kids in her classes though were mostly okay, dull to be exact. Advance physics, chemistry and math classes did not leave them with much time to torture someone. They had much better things to do, she thought proudly. She had envisioned a glamorous future for herself, a nobel-prize winner, researching astrophysics at NASA or CERN, leading her dream life. And to achieve that, she had to work her ass off, outshining her classmates.

Chaise reined in her wandering thoughts when someone softly nudged against her back, and turned back to find a guy holding out a paper.

"Chaise, right?" he whispered while the teacher went about Coriolis force behind her.


The paper looked like a form for some club. She read Science Club, upside down from her angle. With it was a note with a poorly scrawled request to join this club. Wow, her first club invitation.

She took the note and wrote back her acceptance. It was best if she got involved in some projects as soon as possible.

After the class this guy accompanied her to her Literature class, telling her how they needed enough people to get on board so they could get a permission to buy this high end technology and that they had a meeting after school. Yeah, and Chaise had already forgotten his name.


After lunch was the time when Chaise felt the laziest and needed to sit. And Literature was one subject that she loved to learn but hated to be taught. She did not like teacher's interpretation to be forced on her. So she used to bunk this class the most in her previous school.

But she did not want to bunk classes here initially, at least not before she built a good reputation before the teachers. So she waited, fuming as a group of boys huddled at her table, laughing raucously over something kept on the table that she could not see. One of the guys leaned over to point to something which caused everyone to laugh even more.

Someone tapped on her shoulders. She turned arou-

"Holy shit!" she gasped as a guy stuck his face into hers, towering over her with a joker mask sneering right at her face.

In a hurry to step back, she stepped over her bag strap which had fallen and lost her balance. Down she went with a crash of chairs and table and splinters in her palm. She could feel heat creep up her neck as everyone now started laughing. No one stepped in to give her a hand while she sprawled over the floor awkwardly.

She carefully lifted herself up, brushing herself, trying to avoid looking at anybody. This was humiliating.

"Did you see her face when she went down?" "Yeah." "Fuck that was awesome!" Nobody bothered to even lower their voices as they blatantly made fun of her.

She was close to tears. This week had been extremely rough on her. She had never been this ashamed and miserable in front of so many people. Her strength was failing, cracking her tough exterior. She had made through a lot of pranks and jokes in the last week but her pride had been intact. Now this was threatening to send her over the edge. People here were being outright cruel. What had she done to them? What was the point of this?

Blinking rapidly to contain her tears, she whirled around to escape. Only to run into someone and step on their shoes.

"Hey dumbass, watch where you're going." A voice growled.

She looked up timidly to find herself looking up at an extremely pissed off face of a guy. That was the first thing she noticed. Second thing she noticed was how well dressed he was. And then she noticed his nose which was perfectly aligned on his face, complimenting his strong jaw and hazel eyes...

And then the teacher walked in and sentenced the whole bunch of kids, including her to detention.


"I'm sorry, mom-" Chaise sucked in her breath as her mother from the other side of the phone started lecturing about standing up and holding against people, how she let other people trample all over her and stuff.

If she only knew, Chaise sighed. She had called up her mother to tell her she would be late. And by mistake let it slip that she had detention too.

Granted Chaise had been raised to give as good as she got, but a little sympathy at times would never hurt. In the eyes of her mother, she was close to being a wimp just because she never retaliated against her, instead choosing to be silent. For the rare times that she had fought back against her mom, it had been hell in the house for over a week. Her mom was hot blooded and crazy. And Chaise preferred to be a wimp than suffer her wraith.

But it was her mom after all. Her protective instincts always kicked in, late but there nonetheless.

"Are you okay, just tell me this? Are kids there really giving you a hard time?" she finally asked worriedly, "Do you want your dad to talk to your principal? Who is this guy who trash talked you? Give me his number."

Chaise rolled her eyes in exasperation. It was always such an extreme with her parents. "No, mom. It's's okay. I can handle this. Just wanted to let you know, I might come home around 7. Okay? Bye now. I've reached the class. Talk to you later. Love you."

She slipped her phone in her pocket, nodding politely towards the teacher as she took her place at the front. She took out her homework and decided to finish it, as she might not get time to complete it at home. They had a lot of unpacking to do.

People started streaming in after a few minutes and went straight towards the back benches.

By the time detention was almost over, Chaise had finished all her pending work, made a list of books she had to read and had decided which color should her bedroom walls be painted. She was now playing with her cell phone, studiously ignoring the people at the back. Once or twice, she was sure, she heard her name being mentioned.

The teacher excused herself to receive a call and left the room in a hurry.

Alarm bells started ringing inside Chaise's head. People had started to pack up and move around. In fact they were closing in on her. From the corner of her eyes she saw a girl in cheerleading uniform position her cell. From the other side a couple of guys advanced towards her with a definite smirk pasted on their shitty faces.

It was as if even the nature had turned sinister outside. Wind had suddenly picked up, howling creepily and shards of twigs and leaves flew inside the classroom. Electricity dimmed for a second before flaring out too brightly and then completely went out.

That stopped these people in their tracks for a moment before they attacked her.

One guy clasped her hands behind her back, holding her in place, while another sneered at her, "Well, aren't you feisty? Let's teach you how it works here, bitch."

Chaise struggled desperately. She knew was done for if she did not escape. There was no hope of fighting back; they were just too many.

"What do you want?" she cried out, "What have I done to you?"

Lightning struck outside, making everyone jump.

She saw the opportunity. Slipping out of the guy's clutches and she grabbed her bag and made a run for the door. As expected the corridor was empty with no sign of the teacher anywhere. It was dark here. At any other time, she might have been spooked but right now it served as a nice cover for her. She kept close to the walls to merge her silhouette with the shadows.

People had come pouring out of the class; some searching for her, some simply looking to get out of there before the weather worsened.

Chaise could not find anywhere safe to hide. She ducked behind the lockers and hoped no one came this way. With her heart beating to burst out of her chest, she slid down on the floor folding her legs out of anyone's sight. She dared not use her cell phone; its screen light might give her away.

It sounded as if it was a full raged thunderstorm outside. It was unbelievable how quickly the sunny weather just an hour ago could turn into this. Chaise was used to unpredictable weather back at Sanderson. But it was supposed to be always hot and sunny here.

This was not supposed to happen, she thought miserably. Everyone was targeting her as if they had never gotten a detention and what she did was a crime. What the hell did she even do? Talk back? Act smart? Did not bow to Their Highnesses? Lick the ground they walked on?

Assholes everyone.

Light footsteps headed where she was hiding. She held her breath praying for even more darkness. It was late evening and the light outside faded fast as if just answering her prayers.

Then a figure appeared, walking leisurely. He almost passed her. Almost.

And the unfortunate happened. It thundered outside and lit up the entire corridor. Chaise sat there with a stupid expression as the guy turned around to look at her. She couldn't see who it was but whoever it was, curse him, murmured, "Well well, what to do with you?"

Chaise recognised that voice. It was that boy on whose foot she had stepped on today. She refused to beg him for help, staring at him mutinously.

"Don't play martyr." He snapped in a low voice.

"I'm going to kill you if you lay one hand on me." She gritted, preparing to fight.

He sighed and ran his hand through his hair. "I don't have that much time to waste on you. Already made me miss my soccer practice." Then he turned around and disappeared into darkness.

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