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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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Submitted: July 22, 2016




The next few days Chaise made sure to stay in the vicinity of a teacher or surveillance cameras. She had been on the receiving end of many evil eyes but nobody approached her, especially those boys who had held her captive. She made a point to sit on the front benches, entering the class at the last minute to avoid any confrontations alone. Also she started hanging out with people from Science Club, spending her time productively in the library and eating her lunch in the washroom when her friends from the Geek club, as it was called by the general population of the school, were absent.

Word had gotten around about her fiery nature, keeping the sniffing of curious people at bay.

She was relieved. But she was frustrated.

No one wanted to befriend her. She had been forced to become defensive and a loner. She had not been popular by any means in her previous school but she did have few close friends. But people here generally talked to her only when they needed her help or when they wanted to dig out dirt on her to spread around.

Chaise looked at her reflection in the mirror as she washed her hands, wondering about it all when three girls barged inside the washroom.

It had been two weeks since she had transferred here. She was learning the social hierarchy of this school slowly. 

Always there was a group of the cool and famous, and then there were normal people. The cool group consisted of too many people to keep track of but they definitely ruled the place. The core, as Chaise used to think, included that well dressed guy from Lit class. The same guy who did not rat on her when she was hunted that day. And he did not do it out of goodness of his heart, he really considered himself too well above her and not worth his time. Aaron Colson, typical quarterback, filthy rich. She observed the way everyone behaved around him. He was arrogant beyond belief even towards his friends. People bent backwards to serve him. Then there was Brittany Morgan. Headgirl, national level dancer, part of the cool group and envy of every girl in the school. She was cold and indifferent and one would think a bitch too.

But that was her bestfriend. A blond knockout and evil to the core, Melaine Parker.

Yeah, one of the girls who barged in.

Chaise paused for a nanosecond, before resuming her task without acknowledging her.

Melaine stood for a moment to assess her before she said conversationally to her sidekicks, "Washing dirt from dirt makes no difference, you know Alice."

Chaise snapped her eyes to them. She imagined herself breaking Melaine's 6 inches, some-very-expensive-brand heels but then ignored them. She picked up her bag and started to head out.

Melaine made another jab at her, "But I guess they don't teach that in science club. Right, geek?"

"Na. It's making guns and bombs that is taught, blondie." As Chaise hurried out, shrieks and curses erupted from inside the washroom. A water pipe had exploded behind her.


All students were gathered in the school auditorium for an announcement by the Student Council. Brittany Morgan stood at the front with Jason Spencer, headboy, looking over the crowd.

Chaise slid into one of the corner seats. She looked at the flyer that she was holding. It said that the school was hosting a carnival for local charity. This announcement must be about it.

Sure enough, Brittany began in a clipped voice, "Ledville High School is planning to hold a carnival next month. September 17th to be specific. Which gives us around 45 days to prepare."

Jason added, "All the money that is generated will be donated to charity."

"Yeah. About that. All of you are required to donate minimum amount to the charity. Natasha here will be collecting it. Everyone start brainstorming for ideas. All suggestions and ideas should be submitted to us by the end of this week. After this various events would be allotted to them."

Brittany tossed her hair as she flipped through a folder in her hand.

"The budget assigned to this carnival will be distributed after this week. It is going to be more than enough. Mrs Elizabeth Colson has kindly offered to sponsor half the carnival. And we want this carnival to be grand, memorable. It better be." She ended on a threatening note.

Jason spread his arms in a grand gesture like a showman. "This should go down in the history of Ledville school as the most successful event ever."

Brittany appeared bored. "Yeah. That's about it. Flyers are put up on bulletin boards. See them."

She droned on about some more specifics for the better part of an hour, before clapping her hands and strutting off the stage.

Chairs scrapped against the floor as everyone started to move out. Excited chatter floated everywhere. It appeared that this was the first time a carnival was hosted here.

It should be fun, Chaise mused.


Weather had yet again taken an unexpected turn. It was so warm that people mostly stayed indoors in the comfort of air conditioners. However Chaise had errands to run as she drove her beat up Ford around the small town.

Her dear old car had a nonexistent AC and her sweat glands were hyperactive. She fanned herself as she looked for the convenience store whose address she had noted down. The crumbled paper did say the same street but what was this place?

At first this small town with its lush greenery and natural quiet with small drew her. She had always wanted to live amid nature and isolation. But she had never factored everyday problems like locating a decent convenience store or an ATM in the middle of nowhere.

And today being a Sunday, there were unusually less people in sight to seek help from.

She drove for about half an hour more before she spotted the store. She parked in the empty parking lot and headed inside. As she was just about to push the glass door, a shadow crossed over her head.

She looked up. Half a dozen birds were flying in the sky, all moving in tight circles as if they were zoning on their prey. Weird.

Suddenly one of them dived and headed straight for her direction. Others followed with amazing speed. Chaise could see they were falcons, birds that kill their pray by pecking them to death. And apparently they had marked her.

She gave a start and pushed the door and rushed inside. As soon as she shut it close, slew of bodies thudded against the glass and slid down. It was so impactful that even the glass cracked and blood marred the glass.

Chaise was breathing heavily, staring in horror, unable to comprehend what just happened in the last 60 seconds.

The portly man behind the counter came rushing. He stopped at the sight of dead birds right outside the door. "What is this? Oh dear lord! Are you okay, ma'am?"

She was unable to move. "I don't-they jus-falcons!"

"Are they falcons?" the old man asked. "Why, I haven't seen so many in this town ever!"

Slowly, infront of her eyes, these birds started to melt. Their bodies started to turn into a puddle, a viscous, disgusting puddle. Water crept out from the ground, dissolving it.

Chaise was certain she was dreaming. It was not until she heard a crash that her mind became active again.

The man had dialled up someone, demanding them to return and clean up the front. He was bent the opposite side, picking up the stand that had fallen. He had not seen the birds dissolve.

Chaise backed away, not removing her eyes as the last of the remains disappeared in the water. She had to get out of here. She searched frantically for a backdoor. Rows and rows of items that towered over her blocked her view. She scampered away, zig zagging her way through the shelves. There was one fire exit behind the cleaning supplies and she fled out from there.

She drove like crazy back to home.

Her dad called after her as she sprinted up the unpainted stairs. "One minute, dad!" she yelled from her room. She looked around, rummaging through the unpacked boxes lying on the floor. Books stacked neatly, papers punched together, a dozen prizes and certificates filled these boxes. But she could not find the small, worn out photo album.

She cursed before she opened the door to her room and ran down.

Her dad looked up from his work and jerked his head in question.

"Where's mom?" she asked breathlessly.

"In there, honey." he pointed inside, "What happened?"

She hurried past him to peek inside where her mom was sitting on her haunches, inspecting something. "Hey mom? Where are all the photo albums stored?"

Her mom blinked up at her, seemingly coming out of her thoughts and said, "Somewhere in the boxes in the attic. Don't go there now. I haven't sorted through anything. Why?"

Chaise bit her lip, "Umm, nothing." She trudged back, thinking about that one photo.

Her dad looked at her enquiringly when she came back. "Come on, kid. What's going on? You look scared."

She was torn up about telling him the truth. Her parents always thought she had a wild imagination and that she made up tales to make her everyday interesting when she had been a kid. After that , it stopped happening for a while.

Until now.

She swallowed. "I swear I'm not making this up, dad. And I'm not crazy too."

His dad stared at her before setting down the lacquer brush and pulling off his gloves. Then he reached for her in concern, "You are not crazy, Chaise. I know that. What is it?"

"Dad," she began with shaky breath and recounted what had happened at the store.

Her dad had a difficult time believing her, she could see that. He patted her shoulder and said that he would speak to the man at the counter who had witnessed all this too. "Meanwhile, go get some rest. You need it."

Chaise sat dejected at the couch, knowing all too well what he implied. She was hallucinating.



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