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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Chapter 3

Submitted: July 28, 2016

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Submitted: July 28, 2016



Chaise was staring intently at the flight simulation running on the computer screen when Ven knocked on the cabin door. He walked inside and handed her a sheet of paper.

“What is it now?” she muttered at another circular from the student council. But her irritation increased rapidly as she scanned the content. “What the hell?”

Ven said nonchalantly, “I’ve got the costume ready, if you’d like to see...?”

Chaise glared at him, not caring much for his amusement. This was outrageous. She had been assigned to be the school mascot. In a freaking turtle costume. “How the hell will I fly the drones if I’m busy dancing in that piece of crap?” she groaned.

“Maybe you could let us-?”

“No way. “, she interrupted Ven before he could even suggest laying hands on her project.

He put his hands up in surrender as he backed out of the cabin, leaving her to fume. Around her in the 4x4 cabin of the physics lab lay an assortment of mess; wires, chips, electronics, papers with seemingly incomprehensible equations that only few could decipher.

She was building an army drones for the carnival, some for surveillance and security, some for filming events and some for plain attraction. She had devoted hours after school in the last two weeks, pinching out money from her pocket and working with other departments to convince them to make use of her drones. And she was not the most popular person around so it took considerable talking from her side to get them to shut up and listen to her. This was supposed to be her big project, something to show for in her skill set.

And then the student council went ahead and screwed it.

She looked at down at her watch and saw that it was already past her time to stay back in school. Picking her bag despondently, she began sweeping the workplace and stuffed them in it. The plastic door of her cabin creaked when she opened and stepped outside. She dug up the keys, casting a glance around the lab which was deserted.

Everyone had already left. There was a note for her sticking to the wall form Liam asking her to keep the keys with herself. “Don’t want you to wander alone in the hallways. ;)”

She grinned. Such a gentleman.

She switched off the lights and locked up the lab. Then she began walking towards the parking lot, her footsteps echoing loudly.

Echoing loudly enough to almost drown a faint scream she heard. She halted, moving her head in the direction of the sound. There was an eerie silence which was starting to get to her. Even the sounds of insects, cars, everything was muted. She decided against investigating it for she was not stupid to go probing alone. She would tell the guards.

She started running. There was another scream, this time nearer to her. Scrambling back, she stopped. It was not a normal scream. It was too shrill to be human.

Oh god. Why me?

Lights began flickering. A weird smell permeated the hallway. Chaise sniffed. Rather absence of smell.

There was something around the corner ahead.

Chaise tried the handles of the nearest classrooms but they were all locked. Anxiously keeping an eye on the corner, she racked up her genius brain to think of somewhere to hide. It was for sure that she did not want to face whatever was coming her way. She began running in another direction, hoping to find someone or someplace where she could hide.

There was another earsplitting scream, much, much closer to her.

Chaise gulped and turned her head around slowly.

She was floating an inch or so above the ground, her blue hair swirling around her blue face which beheld the fieriest blue eyes Chaise had ever seen. They sparkled like twin sapphire stones. Her gown flapped about her blue body as she glided towards her.

The hair at her nape stood up as Chaise retreated. The light above her stopped flickering and glowed bright. Her hands started to burn.

That blue freak again screeched, forcing Chaise to cover her ears in pain. She reached her arm out to Chaise as if to gouge her skin out of her bones, still screaming like a banshee.

“No!” Chaise cried.

Somewhere beneath them the ground rumbled. Everything crashed around them at once; glass from the windows and doors, the trophy shelf behind her. Sparks flew from overhead electrical wiring. The overwhelming chaos and noise even took the blue banshee by surprise. She growled her voice still unnaturally high and her head jerked side to side.

Chaise scrambled back in fear, trying to get away from the shower of sparks that fell on her and stung her skin. However she tripped on the shards of glass and fell on her back. Pain shot up her entire body making her cry out. Lights swam infront of her eyes for a moment.

Blinking rapidly, she cleared her vision.

Just over her, the face of the blue freak came into her view. She opened her mouth and Chaise could see nothing inside but pitch blackness. The screech that she let out deafened Chaise, splitting her head inside out. Her palms were now burning intensely. Chaise threw her arms protectively infront of her.

A whoosh of energy went through her body, leaving the tingling sensation, and seemingly out of her hands a ball of white, hot fire shot through the creature hovering over her, halting the screaming abruptly.

Chaise instantly felt herself slipping into darkness, her body suddenly drained of all the energy.


Aaron Colson heaved a sigh of frustration. Tonight had been a bad night.

He tossed the keys to his car on the wooden bowl that contained a combination of more keys and little stuff, and headed towards his room. It was 2 am in the night and there was absolute silence. On the way he turned up the stereo system which began playing soothing melodies, not caring who he would wake up. Mom was staying at one of her influential friends and dad was no doubt on another work related trip. So basically nobody was home to care enough about the music.

He took off his shirt, flinging it at the nearest couch and stretched, rolling his shoulders and kneading his muscles. Chilled beer cans were stored in the small refrigerator, along with some food and couple of more drinks, and he made himself grab one.

He strolled leisurely through the room towards the big screen that covered one entire wall and pushed the button on a remote to switch it on. A recorded football game projected on the screen and he watched it for a few minutes before turning it off.

He was just not into anything right now. He could not explain what was wrong but he was too distracted and restless. Even in the party that he had just come from, his disposition was dismal and dark. All the cheers and fun and girls could not pull him out of this annoying mood. And anyway, it was all ruined when some stupid assholes decided to rip each others’ guts out. Drunk and high, it soon turned into a brawl, complete with irritating screams and curses.

Well, freaking pansies, he thought darkly.

He took a swig of the beer from his can, before sauntering towards the sliding glass doors. He stepped out on the balcony and looked at the night sky. It was so uncannily still.

It was actually a little strange how the weather had been lately. Usually it was cool and windy at night whereas the day used to vary from humid to pleasant. Nowadays, it could turn crazy at the drop of a hat. It was another reason that pissed him off. Often this meant that his soccer practices got cancelled. And he needed them to vent out his physical frustrations.

He raked his hair with his fingers, took out his cell phone and opened his inbox. There were more than a dozen messages from his friends and more so from girls that he knew and not. He made to reply to some of them but then stopped himself. Something had caught his eye.

He looked in the direction of the woods that was beyond the land of his house. Something had been glowing there just a moment before. Or had it? He narrowed his eyes, scanning the area. Gradually he noticed that there was a bird, looked like a crow but bigger in size, perched on the railings at the other end of the balcony. Its beady eyes shone as it stared directly at him.

Aaron motioned it to go away, acted like he was throwing something at it. But it did not move, not even a tic. He hurled the empty beer can at it. It hit the bird spot on causing it to take off.

“What the hell?” Aaron murmured to himself, amazed at the nerve of the stupid bird, as he walked back inside his room.


There was too much noise. It was like everyone was talking at once, undecipherable but urgent. The more Chaise tried to focus, the more chaotic it became inside her head. A steadily rising beep began to sound in her ears. She could not open her eyes against the bright beam of light shining at her. The beam moved rapidly over her face.

She groaned, trying to swat away the light and cover her ears. But she could hardly move her limbs without pain shooting through every nerve in her body.

“Ma’am? Ma’am! Can you hear me?” Somebody prodded her in the ribs. More shadows fell over her. Somebody put something on her face which she tried to resist but they forcefully put it on her anyway. Nobody tried to shut up.

“I need you to open your eyes, ma’am. Open your eyes.”

Chaise whimpered, “Hurt. Ears... Make it stop. Hurts...”

She heard some words from the exchange going around her. “...injured...eardrum...trauma...slipping away...load...”

Someone grabbed her hand. “Stay with us, Chaise. We are going to take you to the hospital.”

Hospital. Was it that bad? And what was she going to say anyway, she thought grimly. Nobody was going to believe her, not even her parents.  She had realised that when they had started treating her differently, the day when she had blurted out that incident to her dad. They thought she was going crazy.

She was not crazy. Nor was she stupid. She realised that something was wrong, immensely wrong. And disheartening as it was, she was completely on her own.


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