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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Chapter 5

Submitted: December 22, 2017

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Submitted: December 22, 2017



The upcoming month had the school in roars as every senior and their allotted juniors raced to finish preparations for the carnival.  The soccer field had been covered entirely with tents and carpets and balloons. The weather seemed just as willing to cooperate with sunny mornings and windy afternoons making working outdoors very pleasant. Soccer practices had been cancelled a week before the carnival. Classes got cancelled and the ones that weren't saw attendance drop to less than half. Everyone was working around the clock and the whole school hummed with excited anticipation.

Chaise was faring better than ever and the contagious mood of the school had rubbed on her too. Her injuries had healed with no visible scars and she was too distracted to dwell upon that disturbing evening or any incidents before that. The school had refurbished the damaged part of the second floor and with it died the interest of the school in the incident when the physical reminder disappeared. People mostly ignored her and left her in peace. Apart from the minor incident where the mascot was accidentally was on fire (Chaise had no idea how but she was not complaining) one fine Thursday morning, the carnival was coming to fruition without a hitch.

She however was having recurring nightmares of the blue fiery woman. In her dream she had gotten hold of Chaise and that was when she woke up everytime with a tingling sensation in her hands. She had mentioned about the blue woman very casually to her friend from Sanderson when she had called her up. "Sounds like a banshee, you know from Warcraft?" he had said, his gamer wiki mind instantly finding the similarity. She laughed at his suggestion.

Meanwhile at school, she and Liam and sometimes other science club people stayed back after school hours to test the drones that she had made. She was developing friendship with them that she was happy for and maybe something more for Liam. He was such a nice company. 

As for the rest of the school, the topic of Chaise Gilbert had become too banal, leaving her in peace to trudge her way through days. Worst that she got were snide remarks.  

On the day of carnival, every senior was called to report to school at the uncharacteristic hour of 6 in the morning. Everyone was half asleep on their feet as the principle droned on about code of conduct and efficiency and the usual lecture for everyone to behave themselves and make the school proud. However at the end of his speech, he did an odd fist pump and a "Hell yeah!" that got everyone wide awake and gaping.


"Whoa!" "So cool!" "Wicked!"

Chaise manned one of her drones later in the evening when the carnival was in full swing, as kids surrounded her to watch it sink down to the ground, perform a roll and soar high. They ooh'd and aah'd when she made the drone perform a particularly spectacular stunt. 

Deciding to take a break and grab something to eat, she handed over her controls to Liam and walked off towards one of the stalls selling burgers.

She looked about her, observing the impressive turnover of people who had shown up. Events like these were rare and a big deal in this small town and everyone it seemed had come to witness it.

As she was walking past the kissing booth (yes, even here), a voice called after, "Care to kiss, Gilbert?"

She turned to find Melaine sneering at her from behind the counter. She was clad in red clingy dress with two small feathered wings on her back.

Was she trying to be a cupid? 

It looked like she was a cheap lap dancer decked in glittery jewels and red lipstick coating her plump lips, inviting customers.

Chaise glared at the flock of her bimbos that were snickering at her. "No thanks. I don't swing that way."

Melaine scoffed, "Not me, idiot. I wouldn't do it even if I was offered a million dollars. But I'm sure you'd want to grab this opportunity by both hands. They don't often come your way, do they? Even if you offer million dollars for it."

Their comments were so repeated and unoriginal that Chaise rolled her eyes before strutting towards them with a casual glance at the booth. Unsurprisingly, horny teenagers crowded here, all eyeing Melaine and her entourage with lascivious interest.

"I'm sure you are grabbing opportunities right and left. You better grab these too before they grab your-oops you." Chaise meant to sweep past them when she collided into someone. 

Smirking, Alex peered down at her. "Well well if it isn't the starched Gilbert waiting to be kissed. I'll be glad to volunteer."  He was towering over her. His friends smirked from behind his shoulders. Judging by their lopsided grins, they were having fun of totally different kind.

She was torn between shooting a smug look at Melaine and feeling alarmed. "Uh no, I'm not-"

Alex moved to grab her waist but her reflexes were pretty fast. She swatted his hands away and stepped back. But her foot steeped on the shiny cloth that draped the booth. One of the flimsy rods got unhinged and the booth started crumbling down.

Melaine and the other girls shrieked as they scampered out but one of the girls foot got stuck in a hole and she fell down, taking down some people around her.

A rumbling sound erupted beneath their legs.

"Earthqauke!" Somebody shouted as panic erupted everywhere; people calling out for each other, as everyone started pushing past each other and running towards various exits. 

Chaise began looking for her mom and dad desperately, shovelling the opposite flow of crowd. She had no time to think how the shaking of ground had increased so much that her balance was failing. 

And then it started raining. Correction, pouring.

God must laughing his head off right now.

The hysterical mob hid the oncoming figures cloaked in black from her sight, until she collided with them. 

Fear seeped into her veins as she glanced around her. She was surrounded by 7 people, their faces partly hidden in the shadows of their hood, dressed identically. They did not look like they were in a hurry to run as everyone. Instead all of them were facing her as if...

She tried to push past them before they could make a move, but one of them grabbed her arms, another slipped his fingers over her nape and the next thing she knew was blackness.


Aaron was nuzzling his date's neck when he heard shrieks. Macy, a college student who had been dating him since last Thursday, jumped in his arms in surprise. Adjusting their clothes, they stepped out of the sports gear cabin and came to a halt as number of things hit them at once.

The entire carnival had erupted into chaos as the ground beneath them started shaking. Temporary structures that had been erected had come falling down. Lamps had fallen to the ground, fire starting to snake through the lines. Wires falling on people, entangling them as they desperately fought to get away.

Macy clawed her nails into his biceps. Horrified, Aaron started to back away.

"Shit!" he caught her hands, "Move! We gotta run!"

He ran towards the wire net that separated the field from the parking lot. 

Macy was slowing him down in her killer heels. "Goddamn, woman! Run faster!" he yelled.

She staggered and tripped in panic. 

People shoved against him and they got carried away with the flow. In order to not get crushed under the weight of the people pouring out, he let himself be shoved into a relatively uncrowded place where he called 911.

With a frightening rumble, the earth below them started cracking into splits. Macy broke into hysterical sobs as he dragged her towards his car. Twice he lost his balance and tripped but the throng of panicked people kept him upright. It was becoming a frightening trampede as people clambered over each other to spill out of the school grounds. Some were falling down into the crevices, caught in widening gaps of the ground. 

With the cries and screams of desperation on his heels he jumped into his shiny Bently, leaving Macy to find her own way towards the passenger side. People crushed against his window as he gunned his car to escape. Not caring who he hit, he futilely tried to speed out of the parking through the crowd.

Just as he exited onto the main road, in his rearview mirror he saw the ground behind him completely collapse.

Aaron had no idea where he was racing towards. All his efforts were going into keeping his rising hysteria in check so that he could focus on keeping the wheels straight. He was about to shit his pants. The earth beneath him was still trembling and Aaron pressed the accelerator even harder, afraid that the splitting ground would follow him.

Beside him, Macy's shrieks had constantly grown in magnitude. "Shut the fuck up!", he roared.

Her sobs quitened down enough for him to think. 

What do I do?! 

He tried to think beyond the continous chant of  helplessness in his head. Best to get the shit out of  this town, he decided as he severed to right.

Just as he took the turn, he saw oncoming headlights approaching at an alarming speed. He applied the brake, his wheels screeching as his car skidded. But the glaring headlights collided with his car sideways. Airbags erupted but they did little to ease the impact. Aaron felt a blunt hit to his head and he faded out to the screams of Macy.


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