Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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This article is about the wedding anniversary gifts.

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



Wedding Anniversary Gifts

As you will see from this article, gifts for wedding anniversary, will vary according to years together. Obviously, the longer the years together, the more valuable gift. There are also some years, that they dont have a specific gift.

So now lets get to the list which goes as follows :-

 1st  year :-  Cotton Wool (example a nice cushion, pillow .... )

 2nd  year :-  Paper (a picture , photo .... )

 3rd  year :-  Leather(handbag, wallet anything made of leather)

 4th  year :-  Fruit & Flowers (an nice arrangement of fruit & flowers)

 5th  year :-  Wood (anything from wood...)

 6th  year :-  Sugar (cake, chocolates .......)  

 7th  year :-  Wool (woolen top, rug, blanket ....)

 8th  year :-  Salt (make a tray with three different sized candles on a wooden plate and decorate with salt)

 9th  year :-  Brass (plate, ornament ...)

10th year :-  Iron / Tin (ornament....)

11th year :- Silk / Cotton (shirt, top, dressing gown, pygama, sheets ....)

15th year :- Crystal (frame, ornament .....)

20th year :- China (vase, plate, cup ....)

25th year :- Silver (jewelery or ornaments)

30th year :- Pearl / Ivory (jewelery or ornaments)

35th year :- Coral gemstone (dark salmon in colour)

40th year :- Ruby gemstone (deep red in colour)

50th year :- Gold

60th year :- A diamond 

65th year :-Sapphire gemstone (this stone is blue, but it also comes in a wide variety of colours such as yellow / purple / orange / green )

70th year :- Platinum

75th year :- DIAMONDS

Hope you found this list interesting .This is my first article and sure it will not be the last of articles that I would like to share with you.

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