The Haunted House

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A family who lived happily but they ended dreadfully.

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



There they lived, the Jacksons. A family who lived happily but who knew that this was going to happen with them. They were rich so they lived in a bungalow. The family was Mr. Peter Jackson, Mrs. Penny Jackson his wife and their only child Nick who was just twelve. They were shifting to Canada because of Mr. Jackson’s business. They purchased a bungalow. “Wow, what a bungalow!” said Mr. Jackson. As Nick was a curious boy, he looked out the whole house, he liked it. He was very happy about the house and he thanked his dad for the house.

After one month, when Nick was watching television, he heard some steps of walking through the corridor. When he went to look, he saw nothing. He was little bit scared. His mom and dad were sleeping. When he told the whole scenario of the last night to his mom and dad, they didn’t care and told him that it must be his delusion. His mom and dad knew that once there were spirits in the house but when they came to buy the house, the landlord said that the spirits had been disappeared. This was the reason they ignored what Nick said. They didn’t want Nick to be involved in such things that scared him.

Next night, another incident happened with Nick and it was stranger than the last one. Nick was busy playing his computer games. All of a sudden, his photo frames fall down on the ground. Nick thought it must be the pressure of the air. He noticed that the wall clock’s minute and hour hand were moving continuously. He felt afraid at that moment and rushed to his mom and dad’s room. He woke them up and told the whole thing. They thought that they should leave the house next morning. They were packing things to leave. When Mr. Jackson went to the kitchen to drink water. He was drinking water and suddenly a knife came from nowhere and stabbed into his throat. He gave a long groan and fall down on the floor which was now covered with blood. When Mrs. Jackson rushed into the kitchen and saw her husband lying on the floor covered with blood. Nick was at school. Before she could call the ambulance, he was dead. She was so scared and shocked by this that she fainted. When she slowly opened her eyes by the crying of Nick seeing his father dead, she tried to calm him. The worst thing was that no relatives lived in their area. She didn’t know how to drive. She was helpless.

Days passed; there was no strange sight again. Everything was fine. One day, Nick came from school and noticed a strange thing in his house. He saw that the crockery of the kitchen is kept in Television Room and the television is kept in the kitchen. He was amazed by seeing this. He asked his mom about this but she said that no matter, television should be kept in the kitchen and the kitchen crockery in the television room. She was doing strange things. When Nick finished his lunch and noticed that there was sight of his mom in his house. He went to ask his friendly neighbor, Mrs. Norris, a widow with no child, as her mom used to go there but when he was in his way. He saw his mom doing strange things on the road. Like she was throwing the thrash out of the dustbin which was kept on the road. People passing by were staring at her in amazement. Nick rushed to her and grabbed her home by his hand.

 He asked his mom that what the hell she was doing on the road. She didn’t answer and suddenly, she shouted at me and said in a gruff voice like of a ghost in a horror movie “Why did you came in my house?! You made a big mistake by coming in my house! This is my house”. She grabbed Nick’s neck and was trying to kill him. Nick was struggling to get rid of her. She had a ghost inside her which was the spirit of the house. Once the house had been owed by her. Then she died but she was not buried by someone and her spirit was trapped in the house. When Jackson Family arrived, the spirit was released and it had killed Mr. Jackson. The ghost which was in Mrs. Jackson pulled the head of Nick wildly and killed Nick. The ghost took a knife and stabbed Mrs. Jackson and went out of her body.

This was the dreadful ending of the Jackson Family.

© Copyright 2018 Tahir Jessor. All rights reserved.

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