My Conscious goes on a journey

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Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



My Conscious Goes on a Journey


They say,'You cannot really multlitask.'

To find the truth, is not my place

but while i write, to them, i ask

Why are my thoughts running a race?


It's not unpleasant, far from it

It's comforting the way they bob in and out

Sometimes i think about what im writing and

sometimes i forget what im writing about


Alternating between Fluid water and a softish air

Like a creature of both, Smoothly, i swim and fly

without effort, through gentle surfaces unknown to me

Not at mine, But at my mind's will I glide


It's not my place to choose the journey

A wild river snakes me along

The bothersome awareness goes away

And i drift afloat for just as long


But as I'm writing and thinking, swimming and flying

My awareness peeks at me through the tress

And like a loving dog, Intrudingly, Lies with me

And gives me back all of my memory


It doesn't dissapoint me, I just wonder

If i can be aware when i drift away

It's funny no one ever realizes at the moment

Whenever they are truly distraught or truly gay

 Or just having a normal day.




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