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hope you like karen.
im only 11 but i tryed

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



SCREECH! The door creaked open. I lay in my bed, clutching Mr Cuddles,my teddy. I didnt dare look up, nor did Mr Cuddles. The floorboards were creaking now, the room was pitch black. The bulb had exploded. I slowly sat up- still half asleep. A doll, a doll with evil-looking eyes, stared at me. Heart racing, I stared back, not daring to move. A massive lump formed in my throat. CREAK! Something was heading toward me...

I let out a blood-curdling scream. Something,with blood around its mouth, was coming to get me. The thing- whom i hated-  was coming closer and closer. Swiftly, I kicked it in the (well you wouldnt want to know) sending it flying across my abnormally large room. It gave me the evil eye, its blood red eyes glistening in the darkness.

It lunged at me. The thing, thats hair was tangled,watched with a blank expression. Suddenly, the door,which was bright pink,slowly opened. Someone was there. Something was calling my name. What was it?

"Honey, wake up!" My eyes slowly opened. I was dumbfounded. My mother was at my bedside, shaking me awake. I suddenly realised what had happened, dream. I breathed a sigh of relief . "Its time to get up!" she shook me again. I sat up and stretched. Something caught my eye in the corner of my room. A pair of blood red eyes...


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