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Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



I was sitting on a bench in front of a local supermarket. Usually people sitting there just to wait for their friends or family to come by and pick them up. Not sure if there's other people maybe like me who was just sitting there and starring at the cars passed by the main road. Just to kill the time since I was just at the edge of time to turned 18. Wondering what life would turn to be in the next year. Maybe something great would happening? Who knows.

I appreciate the beauty of this world and how happy I am to be in this small time and I Am thankfull to the Lord for giving me this opportunity to see the world. And not forget to mention the high school that I attended is the best in the world I guess. I had such a great time studying there and had met lots of awesome friends. I wish if I could turn back time, I would like to be a student back and just going to school everyday without even missed one school days. Time changes! And so do I, I need to change too.

There is a quote saying that 'we need to move on without certain people in our life. If they are meant to be in our life, they will catch up'. Actuallly that was taken from Mandy Hale, an author. I think she was right. Way back then when I was in the high school, to lose someone in your life was the most thing that I Am afraid of. I'm scared to lose my family, my friends and anyone who I found to be precious in my life.

As I grew up, I understand that we might lose someone as the time goes by. That is life. We can't change that. No matter how hope you are putting in and no matter how many prayers that you are doing, you just cannot stop from losing someone out of your life. We didn't choose that, but people are deciding to move on and forgetting about you, for a reason. But for me, to forget someone is not an excuse, but it is a hard decision to make.

So, I swallowed all these bad thoughts deeply and everyday when I wake up I tried not to care about people who left my life. I'm just wishing them the best in their life. Because I realized that I just need to do the best in my life just as what I Am wishing for them. And I know that better they'll be gone in my eyes, but not in my heart. When I will become a grand father someday, I will tell the whole story of my life to my grand children. Period.

And when the Lord is calling I cannot wait but I have to join along the bandwagon. It's not like I Am dead now! I mean that when he comes to show you the way, you need to trust yourself and go for it without doubt. I spend my time searching for the truth and searching for the meaning of life. I think until now, just like what the U2 band are singing 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for', yes it is quite sort of like that. I think U2 meant that song for me. Actually, it is better for us not to get what we ever wanted so we will keep on searching. So we will not quit from moving forward in life.

I'm almost getting the answer. I think that the meaning of life is to do the best in your life with someone that we love, building a family and helping one another and doing our part in the community. We need someone. We need someone to depend on. To people out there who might just getting out of relationship, I know how you feel because I went there too. It's hard. And it sucks. So, don't worry someone is out there that is reserved just for you and me too. All we have to do is just keep on looking. Trust the inner heart of you. Your instinct will tell if that person is the one. When it comes in search of your soul mate, don't stop. Believe me.

Well, I just can't sit here all day long and thinking about who Am I going to be. I must act now. It's time now to be an adult, to be a man to face the world. I will not cry and I will never feel sorry to myself. Ever. Nothing can stop me unless it is me myself. Thanks to the bench, you help me to think straight.

Now I have to move forward.




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