PAIN in my words

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Pain doent stop us for doing things you just have to sink it in.
Easy said then done

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



When ever the wind blows, I feel like its blowing over my wounds. The world outside the window seems so quite. A quitness describing everything. This silence of world hide's a lot of pain. the cry of mother and her child. The undescribed fenches with devine. Adventure is out there is what they say. But whose gonna talk about the cost we have to pay. I morn over my pain, they on theirs. This white sky seems so near its makes us all hopfull, but deep down in heart lay the truth "you can never get clear white sky over your heard, it dont stays forever"

I an hurt i admit, it hurts like hell sometimes. ????everytime. The one with brightest smile pasted on their face are the people with most of the pain. Even that smile couse pain. Believe me i know. They cry alone hidden form everyone. No one gets to know ever. Once you start living with pain, you get use to it and if someday suddenly pain forgets its way it feels empty and you go in search for it.

Love doent hurt but what comes next, does. We, the pain lover doent like falling in love couse it starts to make you so confertable that you start forgeting bout pain. It starts subsiding. And then comes a phage you completely forget what was life with pain. Then How can you stop the changing direction of wind. So in end it becomes unbareable A total shit. It feels like somebody slicing your body while you are consious but cant move like in dream but hurt is real. There no way out.

Pain doent sink slow like love does. It comes form all direction blowing your world, crushing you in pieces and then leaving you all alone, left in blood to chock, cry, bleed . Collect those pieces to live another strom.


PS:- life for me is to learn pain and when you master it, time to die.

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PAIN in my words

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