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A 16 year old who finds love .

This story is not true, I just started writing and came up with this . Let me know what you think . Thanks

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016




I'm 16 years old , I'm lesbian . 
I found the love of my life 2 weeks ago . She was perfect , she had long curly brown hair .. And hazel green eyes .. When I first looked into her eyes , I knew she was the one .. 
I wanted to make her mine , I fell hard for her .. But she had a boyfriend who she won't stop talking about .. 
I figured "take a chance , why not ?"  One night , I decided to go for it , I kissed her .. And got rejected .. She said she can't see me anymore , and left .. I cried for days , I lost my best friend , cause I had to kiss her ...
2 weeks later , she came to my house crying , saying her boyfriend hit her again and she didn't know what to do .. She said she wants to be with me , but she's scared .. She's scared of her boyfriend , scared of what her parents will say , scared of not being normal .. I took her hand , and told her that we'll figure it out .. Together . She kissed me , and we went up to my room .. Everything was perfect , her body was perfect , her hair smelled so good , I can't believe she was mine .. We fell asleep next to each other . 
But just as things were going good , I forgot my mom was coming back from her trip today .. My mom came into my room to check on me ... 
And saw us just laying there , naked next to each other . She grabbed me by the hair , and kicked me out . I begged for her to let me in , but she never did .. 
Sarah and I started looking for jobs , we stayed at her friends house in the mean time , and by the end of summer , we had enough to get our own place . And got a car too .. 
I never thought love could feel so real . Till I met the love of my life .. 
When I turned 20 , we decided to adopt a kid and start a family together . They said it would be harder for us to adopt , since of our age .. They wanted someone a little bit older , and more capable of raising a child .. But there was another solution we could do , she said one of us could get a sperm donor .. At first , I didn't like the idea .. But then again , if it was a better chance for us to have a kid , I figured .. Why not ? So Sarah was the one who got the donor .. And in a few days , she got pregnant .. I didn't know it was that easy .. We was really gonna start a family , I was excited .. 
7 months later , Sarah and I have been talking about getting married before the baby comes .. We didn't want to know the gender , we wanted it to be a surprise .. So anyways , she asked me to marry her , and without hesitation.. I said yes . 
But when it was only 2 weeks from the wedding , I couldn't do it .. I couldn't get married without my family .. 
I decided to go to my parents house , I asked them for their forgiveness , I told them about the baby , about the wedding , everything .. My mom came around , she said her and my siblings would be coming ... My dad , I honestly didn't know if he'd show up .. 
So , it's the wedding day .. 
My family's here , everyone except my dad .. But I didn't care , nothing could ruin how happy I felt right now , I loved Sarah and I wanna be with her for a lifetime .. But , everyone was worried cause Sarah was no where to be seen .. Everyone tried calling her , but she wasn't picking up .. Could she be standing me up ? I was so scared , humiliated and confused , like this was her idea , and she just stood me up ... After a few hours of waiting for her to arrive , everyone just left .. But when I got home , there was 2 cops waiting at my door , I thought Sarah got in trouble , but what they told me .. I couldn't believe it .. She got in a car accident , and is in critical condition .. They don't know if she'll make it , I rushed down to the hospital .. When I got there , they said the baby was fine .. For now .. But if Sarah dies , the baby will die too .. They said , they could deliver her early , by a c section.. But there was only a 50% chance the baby would survive .. I decided to take the chance , I couldn't lose them both .. I might be one of that 50% .. 
So as they prepared to do a c section , I waited and waited for hours .. Till finally someone came and told me what happened .. 
Sarah didn't make it , I was hurt . The love of my life was gone .. Then they said , my daughter was alive .. I was so happy to hear I have a daughter .. But my daughter , would never be able to walk normal they said .. She has function in her legs , but her legs wouldn't work like all the other kids .. I was devastated to hear the news .. I couldn't care for her like she needs . I had no choice , I gave her up to a wonderful family , who would give her the care and love she needs . 
I didn't want to , but I had to . I love my daughter too much , to not provide her with every opportunity that she deserves .. I regret it every night since then , the people who adopted her ,  named her Sarah .. After they heard what happened .. I was relieved to hear her name again . It's been 8 months since the accident , and the adoption , I still see my daughter , the family are nice . I think I made the right decision . I moved back in with my family , and they been so supportive of me . I thank god everyday that I'm still alive . 

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