Fruity Jackson

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Its Not Over

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



As Jon and Shawn were repairing they relationship, meanwhile at Vinnys house 2 of the goons that shot up the club manages to report back to Vinny. TURNS OUT VINNY PUT OUT A HIT ON FRUITY AS REVENGE! The news were reporting this story non stop, and even fruity gettin arrested! This put Vinny in a good mood!

"Boss we almost had that fag but his security got us!"

"It's alright, he with the cops now, and once they lock him up for the shit he did to my son, he'll be out the way and I can rid the city of his faggotry and nastiness,"

Then a man called Vinny, it was an executive from the Rock Hard Casino, who wanted to build a parking garage on a plot of land reserved for a church! And even tho the casino has no right to build there, Vinny sneaky ass asked for $700,000 bribe and he'll permit them to build. Being its on his district it'll only make it easier for Vinny to have his way.

"Man this easy money so addicting, and the best part about it is they can't shake down a councilman, ha ha, and nobody gonna stand in my way not even Fruity and the fags in this city!" Said Vinny

Meanwhile at the Las Vegas PD, seargent Lou and and lieutenant Shelly sat Fruity down in the interview room and questioned him, ABOUT EVERYTHING!

"So what y'all want with Fruity baby,"

"That's Ms. Shelly to you,"

"Well you ain't gotta be so stuck up,"

"We just have some questions for you fruity," said Lou

"Go ahead,"

"What the deal between you and councilman Vinny?" Asked Shelly

"Vinny don't like me you see, he homophobe an shit, and his derogatory remarks upsets fruity!"

"Did you have any idea why you're club was ambushed last night?" Asked Shelly

"Well you know a special person like me always has somebody tryna get me, but last night was wild!"

"Ok do you know this man?"

"Yeah that my Honey Bun, he my best beefcake, but he took the bullet for fruity, God bless that nigga,"

"Well the reason we bringin this up is because "Honey Bun" was the last person with Vinnys son basketball star Deven Nixon before he killed himself," said Shelly

"Now we also have a sextape of Deven and Honey Bun it's all over the Internet, which raises the million dollar question.....was this tape deliberate?" Asked Lou

"And don't bother lying we have everything you say on tape...

"What a minute, hold up, what you got me on tape?"

"Well two of our investigators spied on you and and recorded every word you said, we just wanted to hear your side of the story," said lieutenant Shelly

"Aight fine you caught me, yeah I may have leaked the sextape but we didn't force nothin now, i just wanted to get back at Vinny for the many times he keeps Comin for me, now the boy arranged it, consented and paid for it, I just took advantage now did Fruity know homeboy was gonna go SPLAT hell to the nah, but I'm just sayin it ain't all on me.....Deven was the one with the secrets!"

"Alright Mr. Jackson then guess will give this case over to the grand jury, but you are still a key figure in the case so in the mean time you are on probation, any violation of this will result in jail time is that understood," said Shelly

"Yes ma'am," said fruity as he rolled his eyes

"Get him out my station," said Shelly as she walked away

After being interrogated Fruity went to the hospital to check on Honey Bun, who was thankfully only shot in the thigh. Because Honey Bun was thick his phat ass took the pain and he needed very lil recovery. Fruity and Honey Bun have always been close ever since Fruity saw Honey twerkin at the park 7 years ago and doin better than his girlfreinds, he knew that plush ass had potential! And Honey Bun was like a son to fruity, so fruity cared about him and thanked him for saving his life!

"I just wanna thank you Honey Bun, you my favorite beefcake, you really care about fruity!"

"Yeah boss I mean you were always there for me, you told me years ago that God gave you that fat ass for a good reason,"

"That was the day I hired yo sexy ass, I remember it well, that ass brings in more money than the main house, cuz you the real entertainment, you got the golden booty that turns on Fruity!"

"Well the doctor says I got one more day, then I can comeback and werk that ass for the pride party!"

"Oooh Yesss that'll be the party of the century ha ha, every gay nigga gon be up in there....if I make it there,"

"What you mean boss?"

"5-0, they on my ass now and I gotta go to trial two days before the parade, man fuck this!"

"It'll be alright boss, I mean if lil Vinny wasn't so homophobe there wouldn't be no feud between y'all,"

"Ok fine so we may have went a lil too far so what, if Vinny left me alone I wouldn't have to hit back at him, but he keeps fuckin with me so now he gon learn!" 

Friday June 17th, 2010

Jon was on his way to work, minding his own business, when suddenly he passed by a reserved lot that had a bulldozer coming on to it. Thinkin it's trespassing Jon pulled over and talked to the guy askin what he was doin, turns out they DID get permission to build on the private lot, which was in councilman Vinnys district. Raising eyebrows Jon went on his computer in his office and did some digging, turns out that a lot of the new buildings in Vinnys district were all built illegally! And thinkin Vinny was no better than fruity, Jon gathered this information and put it on a file,

"What you downloading," asked Brandon

"Just some important info, did you know that all these new buildings been poppin up in the area off the strip all bypassed crucial zoning laws,"

"Damn really,"

"Yeah and they all in the same district, which just so happens to be ran under Mr Homophobe himself!"

"You mean Vinny, oh shit we gotta tell this to the chief!,"

While Jon was putting mind blowing data on his disc, Meanwhile in the courtroom, fruity was on trial for having a part in the death of Deven Nixon! And Vinny and his wife was right there in audience hoping for fruity to go to prison. The case was allover the news and everybody was tuned in to see Fruity's fate!

"Please all rise for the honorable Judge Kimberly

"Thank you all may be seated," said the judge

"Bailiff whats the case,"

"The case is a Fruity Jackson against the Nixon family your honor, mr Jackson or by his real name Alphonzo Wendell Williams, is accused of foul play against Deven Nixon who committed suicide last week as a result of a sex tape supposedly planed and leaked my Williams," said the bailiff

"Interesting, what does jury say?"

"We the grand jury of Las Vegas Nevada have mr. Williams charged with foul play and a wrongful death, and we the jury have gathered all the evidence and made our decision......Mr. Alphonzo Wendell Williams IS NOT GULITY!"

"WHAT!!!" Shouted Vinny in anger

And then the courtroom erupted in outcry as fruity was cleared! Everybody all over the city watched as the gay pimp walks away Scott free! The gay community rejoiced and so did the beefcakes workin for Fruity, but as fruity was walkin out the courtroom Vinny and his wife sat in utter disbelief, watchin fruity dance is way out the courtroom!

"Don't worry baby we will get our justice!" Said Victoria

"Oh baby it ain't over, it ain't over by a fuckin long shot!"

"What are you gonna do now?"

"You'll see," said Vinny with mean look on his face planning his revenge....again!

Saturday June 18th, 2010

Las Vegas was littt! Cuz it was gay pride, one of Fruity's most important and favorite days because his beefcakes really do a lot of entertaining, with Kit Kat being the main attraction showin off that dick! The rainbow lounge was also opening back up again after the damage was done, just in time for abundance of gay business! Jon and Shawn decided to go and have some fun, when they ran into Brandon in the crowd.

"Hey baby this my parter Brandon, he's gay too!" Said Jon

"Hey nice to meet you," said Shawn with a smile

"Wow you guys are really cute together," said Brandon

"Thanks, it was love at first sight," said Jon as he kissed Shawn

"Seeing y'all reminds of how it was with my boyfriend," said Brandon

"Oh you had somebody, what happened to him?"

"He died 2 years ago, by a drunk driver, but I don't wanna get into it," said Brandon

"Oh I'm so sorry," said Shawn

"I'm getting better, but Jon did Lou tell you we on patrol today,"


"He said just look out for anything suspicious but hey imma catch up wth you later i gotta get back to my girlfreinds," said Brandon

"Alright," said Jon

Meanwhile down the block fruity and his driver was about join the parade in his rainbow car, and fruity would stand out of the sunroof and wave to everybody! His driver Tootsie Roll who was darkskin with dreads and thick coco lumps, was about to start the car

"You ready Tootsie Roll,"

"Yeah boss!"

"Yasssss this a celebration, this lil trial gave fruity more publicity,"

But then as Tootsie Roll started the car, out of nowhere 3 men in black had guns drawn and forced Tootsie out the car! Then one of men unmarked himself, IT WAS VINNY!





THEN THE GOON PUT THE CAR IN GEAR AND DROVE OFF WEAVING THRU THE CROWDED STREETS! Jon and Shawn was enjoying the parade when suddenly, they say fruitys car speeding away!



"Omg please baby be safe!" Said Shawn

"ILL BE FINE, CMON BRANDON LETS GO!" Shouted Jon as he took one of the taxi cabs sitting around and followed after Vinny! Little did Jon know he was in for a surprise!!!


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