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I was just thinking about how women are underestimated and how wrong this world is. I am not trying to start a riot, just letting things flow out of my mind. Hope you enjoy c:

Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



Over 67,345 females and only 12,200 males  were sex offense victims in America, the year of 2012. I know male figures are just as important as females ones but let us focus on females for the sake of this writing. For many centuries women have been looked upon as housewives, who were not allowed to have any rights or education. I am not a feminist myself, but the fact that in America alone over 60,000 females were victims of sexual offense is a scary fact alone. How many were there worldwide? Too many to count.

I am writing out this “essay” for me to let out my emotions and my thoughts. I will not change much in this world by typing out what I know is wrong, but maybe I will make a small difference. I hope you enjoy my writing on this topic and it will leave you with things to think about.

From a young age, we are being taught that abusive relationships are okay. How you may ask? Well, I am sure a lot of mothers have told their daughters that if the guy hurts you in any way, he likes you. Is it true? I do not believe so. If a guy hits the girl, that is domestic violence or abuse itself. Since the young age, we were taught that if the guy treats us like garbage that means we mean a lot to him. Don’t you think this is wrong? Don’t you think we have to do something about it? “Oh, we already have”, you may say. But let us talk a closer look.

As teenagers, we are taught that wearing shorts are wrong, wearing tank tops is wrong because it distracts guys. Even if it is about 100F (38C) outside, we are not supposed to “expose our bodies” and hide ourselves under layers of clothes so we do not distract men. We are supposed to stay quiet and not speak up, because the moment we stand up for ourselves we get detention. The moment we say “we deserve respect”, we are looked down at. The moment we decide to fight back, we are getting hit.

Now you may not know this, but it does not matter what girls are wearing. From my own experience, I am getting catcalled by men even when I am wearing jeans and a hoodie. Even when you can only see my face and my hands, I am viewed as exposed woman. We can never know what will happen next when we go outside anymore. We do not know what the guy will do when we are walking alone from our friend’s house because we are not able to get a ride back home. We never know when a man decides to take us some place private so they can disrespect us.

You may say I am over exaggerating but look at statistics. Look at how many women got missing. We do not even know how many women are being sold to slavery every single day, while police cannot do anything because there is no “case, even when the guy did unforgiving things and ruining that girl’s live”. You have no idea what a teenage girl or a grown woman is going through when “no” is not enough. Why is “no” not enough? Why do we have to lie to ourselves, saying we are in a relationship or we are lesbian for a guy to leave us alone? Why is it we have to be taught to cover our bodies when we are sweating our guts out and men still harass us? Why can’t parents teach their boys it is not okay to press someone into something they do not want to do. Why is it I have to be afraid of going outside every time because I know I am a target?

There is only answer people give us. “Because you are a woman”, they say. Just because we have different body parts. Just because we are not “strong”. Just because we were “born” to be housewives. Just because we are not as great as men might put themselves as.

Well you know what? We are women, who deserve to be treated like we worth something because we are human. We can be just as independant as men. We can be just as strong as men, if not stronger. We have same rights. So why are we treated like garbage and looked down at? Why can’t our mothers ask for help when they are getting abused by their husbands? Why is respect towards the guy is more valued than a respect towards a girl? Why can’t we teach our daughters to stand up for ourselves and teach our sons to understand that “no” means no? Why should a teenage girl suffer while going home and wiping their tears because a man did what he wanted to do, while the girl begged him to stop? Why should she hide that pain away for years and feel like nothing when the man is getting away from things he did? Why can’t this world be a better place?

Because it is not profitable for the government, that is why.  

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