To My Dearest Gone

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Submitted: July 22, 2016

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Submitted: July 22, 2016



To My dearest Gone,

It’s been too long

And I know I haven’t spoken thus,

But for far too long I’ve been aching over us.

I write this for one reason though,

Because you see I couldn’t just let you go.

I’ve had too many bad dreams, too many tears

To stay silent over the course of these past years.


I’ll never stop missing you, I think,

And I want you to know that I almost came to the brink.

You know the one, the same you said you stood at then

When I thought your soul I could mend.

But I’m here, And I’m saying out loud that I’m okay,

Even if that’s a half-truth at the end of the day.


I’m writing just because…I wanted to say goodbye.

I realize I never did, and it took me awhile to get here, or at least nigh.

So maybe I’m still getting there

But if I’m to move on then damn it don’t I have to dare

to try?

So yes, I guess I’m just writing to say goodbye.


I will to some degree love you always, old flame.

But we played and we lost that game.

I forgive you, foolishly, and so will Time.

So I’ll just wait now for you – to fade from my mind.


For now I just wanted to say goodbye

To you, my sweetest lie.

If it means anything to you, if it ever did, I do wish our ways hadn’t had to part.


This Forgotten Bleeding Heart

© Copyright 2018 Farren N. Keys. All rights reserved.

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