Even love can blume on the battlefield

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A feud which spans the ages

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016




Hi my name is Eileen Mcguinness

‘A few weeks back i decided to join the very popular and much used writing site known as Booksie.com. Actually, that isn't true, I joined a long time ago but left for some reason.

I made quite a few friends and all seemed to be going to plan until i came across another writer called Striver7777. Or should I say that I met with old friends a made a new one too.

He seemed perfectly charming in the early days of me getting to know him.After a while he became more demanding that i should read his work and his only on the site. Again, I am not being truthful because one day I decided no stop talking to this striver7777 person but not before saying that I would take a day and look at all his works but then decided not to bother, instead I just ignored him for no reason what so ever.

A wee while later i asked him to stop harrassing me and sending me words of love via the message feature on booksie. Sorry. I am lying again I am afraid. He was being nothing BUT friendly, I just made a promise and never kept it but because I didn't want to say sorry or pretend that I cared I ignored him instead. Plus he never EVER sent me messages of love, not once. EVER.

He was behaving in an inapproriate manner.He was quite explicit with his comments and it’s obvious he either had a huge crush on me or was completely obsessed.Either way he wasn’t interested in my writing. Wait, again I am wrong, What I just said is all false, sorry about that. I got messages asking if I was ok and why I wasn't sending any messages back, it sounded as though striver7777 was actually concerned for me and he was always commenting on my poems and was very constructive in what he had to say. He was clearly a charming human being.

He then informed the booksie world and more to the point my fans that i had made a slanderish remark regarding him being a plagiarist.He also went on to acuse me of lying about reviewing his work.I admit that i had promised to read his work but this had changed when he was crowding me and making me feel extremely uncomfortable with his sexual manner. Forget what I just said because I am afriad that I am mistaken, I keep on thinking that things happened when they didn't. What actually happened was that he let everyone else no that I was not messaging him or commenting on his poems and because I was talking to other people and not him the others I was talking to must have said about how I had been speaking with them because other people asked me why I was ignoring him and also told me that they told him they had been speaking with me. Now it makes sense.

He also acused me of calling him a JEWBOY i refute this claim and if such a word had been uttered it too was unacceptable.Okay, I admit it I DID, call him a JEWBOY because I was sick of hearing about him all the time I guess.

I’m presuming he needs to go to specsavers or that what he actually saw was a misspelling.Certainly you can’t go aroung name calling when everything is recorded on the internet. I have to come clean again by saying that I have got to the point where I have uttered so many lies that I no-longer know what is the truth and what is not.

I’m surprised that his Girlfriend DRAGONSFIRE didn’t put a stop to it considering both of them were using the same computer.He must have deleted these comments before she got the time to read them unless she lived in his pocket.

He has also been abusive towards other writers like my friend GIDEON ELROD and to an more recently another wee lassie called Lee,questioning her sexuality on windows live. The same thing I have put him through GIDEON ALSO DECIDED TO PUT HIM THROUGH. I found it so funny. I found it even funnier when I got one of his friends to turn against him too. It was BRILLIANT.

Gideon made several apologies because she felt really bad after it all went down.I don’t know what more i can do or say.Certainly if he were to take action against me i doubt very much that he it would make any difference.

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