On the other side

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A man who wake up from a Comma with amnesia, the only thing the act as remainder to him is a nightmare he see in every day.

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016




Chapter one: Search mission

In every night I see this dream, a dream that make me wonder. Was just a hallucination? Or it's link to my lost past?

A Full red moon and a girl with white Kimono, and a drop of blood from her mouth and she was saying (welcome with us!).

Then I look to my hands and there was a blood on it, and around me a dead body were next to me, then I look to that scary well, and the girl start throw the heads to well while she is smiling then after she is finished, she starts laugh like psycho.

This is being the nightmare of William Ashford, a man who not know about himself except a little. He was in a coma 5 years ago, and when he wakes up he found that he can't remember anything at all, except a nightmare that been hunting him every single night.

He decides in order to get rid of this nightmare, he need to find a link to his past, that is why he opens a detective office so he may find anything related to his past.

Then one day a bald man come to William's office.

The bald man: are you William Ashford?

William: that's right and you?

The bald man: my name is Louise and I am envoy from count Van, I came to give you a mission for searching a lost girl from five years ago…

William: five years?! (could it be connecting to my accident? No it's just coincident)

Louise: is something wrong?

William: no … no just continue please

Louise: she was in orphan until an incident happened 5 years ago, and now she is lost and I want you to find her.

William: ok, but do you have a picture of her. Information, anything can help to find her.

Then Louise show to William an old picture that show group of people.

Louise: this is a picture of people whose live in the orphan 7 year ago.

Then Louise put his finger to a girl in picture.

William: but this is an old picture and the girl grow up to 7 years so how can I find her? Although she maybe dead now.

Louise: some people from us say that a girl who is identical to the picture has been seen lately in the south Germany.

William: and how they know that she is her?

Louise: her hair is gray and she is got a scar on forehead.

William: but in picture here hair was a black and her face was cleaned.

Louise: this is before the incident but after she change.

William: and how you know that she is indeed the girl we looking for?

Louise: you will know after you find her.

Then Louise show to William a bank check value 2 million American dollars.

Louise: this is halving of your prize, and if you succeed I will give you the rest which means

William: 4 million dollars!!!!

Louise: yah and all of your travel cost it will be on us, however if you fail you need to return to us every single dollar, so do we have a deal?

William: this looks interesting, ok I accept this mission!  

On the next day William start a trip to South Germany to the Abandoned neighborhoods without knowing what a troubles wait for him, and after six days he reach to a small market near to the abandoned neighbors, and still continue on asking about the last girl for a whole week but no good, and in the next day…

William: it's been 13 days since I got the mission but I could not found a single info about the girl.

Then a man with one leg, holding a staff to walk appeared and it down close to William.

The man: I heard that you searching for a girl that she was living in the orphan.

William: that is right!

The man: I suggest to forget about it!

William: why?

The man: the girl name is Lora and she is the one who Couse the distraction of the orphan five years ago!

William: what?

The man: I was being working in that orphan 10 years ago, and before the incident two years a girl come to live with us, she was not a talkative type, we try to make her open to the other but we couldn't until an explosion happened because of her, that incident take the lives of orphan.

William: and what happened to the girl?

The man: she run away to the abounded neighborhood, after she heard all of other people blaming on her, and after that no one see her.

William: but there was who had seeing her there a couple of weeks ago!

The man: forget it! Anybody go there, never be back alive!

William: but finding her it will save my life.

Then after that William go to the abounded neighborhood, and mean while that man still in his place, he smiles and say

The man: I leave the rest to you Hades!

Then the body of the man turn into a dull, then fell apart and the ground swallow it.







Chapter 1 ended












Chapter 2: the abounded neighbors

William go to the abounded neighbor, the same one that been abounded by people since that incident five years ago, and when he just reaches it there…

William: was Lora the same girl that I saw in my dream? Did she have a connection to my past? I will not know until I find her!!

Then William start his search in the abounded neighbor for some time until the sunset come…

William: it's night time, it will be best to go back to the hotel right now…

Then when William turn his back to go back, he notices a shadow of someone running.

William: hay wait! Come back!

But this mysteries man ignores him and went running anyway, then William follow him until lost his trays...

William: where he goes? …. What the?

He smells of blood, then he looks to the ground to find a trays of blood that lead him to a store.

William: these trays looks like it's new, something happed nearby, and it lead to that old store.

Then William go to the store, and there he saw someone on the ground and someone else near to him.

William: excuse me, is…...

Then when William come closer, he saw a dead body was eaten by someone look as human being. William got scare by this and run away, then an alarm sound starts on, and the wall turn into a metal wall, and the place start to turn into a prison like. Then some humans start to appear but they are not an ordinary human, they are more like zombies.

William: what is going on here?!

Then he tries to hide in one of the nearest houses, and he was looking in the windows and see the zombies go around the place. Then he sits down to relax after he make sure that he is safe.

William: what kind of disaster I put myself in it, this time?! What is this place? Was it that girl behind this?

Then from the shadow an old man appears, and he was wearing a coat, a yellow hat and a big backpack.

Old man: yes, she is the reason for all of this but she is innocent too.

William: what?! How are you?!

Old man: don't worry I am not your enemy; I am like a detective like you.

William: so you can explain to me of what is going on here? And how she is innocent if she is the reason of behind everything?

Old man: why not asking her by yourself?

William: you know how can I find her?

Old man: are you not a deductive? You should know how to find her! Later.

Then he turns back and start to leave the place.

William: hay wait up!

Then the old man vanishes from this place.

William: he's gone!

Then some of the zombie meet at the same place then some of them say "anybody fine him? And someone replay "no we lost him"

Then spuriously a man with look of butcher with bloody iron helmet, and a holding to a huge big sword! Then he cut one of the zombie and to start to shout "bring me the intruder otherwise, all of you will be dead meat!

After that meanwhile outside the abandons neighbor the Oldman appear again, then a voice of girl appears inside of his backpack …

Girl: are you sure of leaving that man alone?

Oldman: don't worry, he will be fine!

Meanwhile William still thinking about what the Oldman say to him a moment ago…

William: a girl Couse a problem but she still incents, she lived in the orphanage 2 years then an incident happened, and the girl still lost for 5 years, hmmm and this place condition and that eaten corpse…

 Then William smile, then he leaves his hide and go to the orphanage while avoiding the zombies, then when he reaches the place he searches for a burning area and it was a store outside the main building of the orphanage, then when he got there, he found the door was locked.

William: damn! The door was locked.

Then William notice that someone is nearby so he hides himself in the trees, then some zombies and the butcher guy with them, after that a zombie open the door then the butcher guy enter alone….

Then a voice of scream of girl was heard, then the butcher guy was come out from the store and he was bloody, after that the butcher guy and the rest of the zombie leave the place.

William: that was a girl scream right now?! Could be...? no, that is impossible!

Then he goes the store, and find there was a fresh corpse but it was that girl Lora, William fall on his beneath felt so much sadness…

William: oh no! I was too late!

And start to shed a tears then… he starts to remember something not a please to him, like an old memory that he wants to forget it forever! It was a conversation to someone he knows in long time ago it was a girl that he meets her a long time ago.

William: I have failed again! I can't save anyone at all!

The girl: no matter how a failure you are! I always be on your side I will….

While William was distracted, suddenly he hears a week voice of girl and it was Lora herself.

Lora don't worry, I am not dead and I can't be dead in this world!

William: impossible! That can't be happened!

Then the corpse of the girl returns normal but still shackles.

  William: what are you?!

Lora: don't worry I am not one of them, but I can't die in this world! But you are not like me if you died here your soul will be sealed in this world forever! So you need to run away!

Then William got wonder then start to laugh then he say

I know it! Now I understand!

 Lora: what?

William: seven years ago you came to this orphanage to live here, but you were refuges so you maybe a shy to talk to the others, and that is why they think a bit weird. However, after 2 years you did something by mistake and unleashed a curse on the orphanage which lead it to the distraction.

Then Lora get smile and start to laugh.

Lora: hahahaha! You were funny are you a detective or something?

William: hay! I am a real detective!

Lora: the truth is 7 years ago I was send to the orphanage as temporary place to live since my parents are absent for a job. It's not that I am shy or something but I don't like to be with others, then one I go to the store to clean it then I found a strange looking box and I was wonder what is inside of it but once I open it a dark matter appear and take a form of a shadow man with read eyes then he says (finally! I am free again!) but when he tries to leave the store something that hold him then he says (curse on that man if he doesn't use that damn spell the Soul of solitude, I will not be this powerless!) then he looks to me and says (you will be a fine vessel for the time being) then I lost my consciousness, then when I wake up I found myself here in the store.

William: but you say you can't die here in this world?

Lora: because no matter how many time I been killed here it's only a matter of time before I revive again like before.

Then Lora notice something and start to shout

Lora: look out! Behind you!

Then William look behind him, and found the butcher guy was about to attack him.

Lora: run for your life!

William: no, you will go out with me!

Lora: IF you die, your soul will be sealed forever here!

William: I have a plan!

Then William dodge his attack and lure him to attack the chain that hold Lora, then William catch her hand to the exists from this place, but all the roads were a dead-end.

William: damn it! All the roads are closed!

Lora: leave now Mr. detective! Otherwise you die and be sealed forever.

William: no! you will come with me!

Then the butcher guy come and surrender them.

Hades: my name is Hades master of hell, and both of you will not survive here!

Then Lora give a look to William and say…

Lora: Why?

William: huh?

Lora: why you want to save me that badly? You don't know me and I don't know you, so then why?

William: I will give you a 3 reasons why I want to save you. First: I was order to that for 4 million dollars, second: I don't like to leave a girl like you in place like this and finally…

Then he smiles a little…

 William: … finally you remind me of a girl I know her long time ago.

Then Lora face got red…

Lora: what are you saying?! After what you say …. Hades!!! I had enough from this place! And it's time to leave it forever!

Then some kind of power came from Lora hand, then a black sword appeared, after that Lora go to hades and she attack him with all of her might until hades fall down.

After that all of neighbors return to normal status, and the hair color of Lora turn from Gray to black, then she lost consciousness and fall on the ground.

Then William come and carry her to the next hotel.




Chapter 2 ended

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