Hillary's Cruel Remark About Some Mentally Challenged Children

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Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



Last night I read something that really ticked me off. When Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas, Hillary Clinton referred to some mentally challenged children as f****** retards. Hillary is a cruel and disgusting woman.

She was overheard making that horrible remark when those mentally challenged kids were having an Easter egg hunt on the Governor Mansion's lawn. The children were having a hard time finding the eggs and Hillary became impatient and asked "When are they going to get those f****** retards out of here"? Mentally challenged people are human beings just like everybody else and they deserve to be treated with respect!

I've known since 1992 that Hillary is no good but I didn't know that she's that disgusting. Hillary's supporters may become angry at me because of what I've written but it's the truth and I'm telling people this to help our country. The USA deserves and needs somebody better than Hillary.

I have a message for Hillary "God may strike you with lightning so if I were you, I would watch out".

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