Who is he?

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Ebony wants to know who the mysterious guy is hanging around her friend

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



Ebony is 17 and it is the first day of her senior year in high school,she wakes up at 6:30 just to make sure everything is perfect;her hair,shoes and outfit just had to look right.She puts on a little makeup and lip gloss and kisses her mother goodbye.

Once ebony got to school she looked for her best friend Brea so they could catch up and gossip about what happened during the summer.She found Brea posted up in a corner outside with a tall,brown skin guy that Ebony has never seen before,Ebony approached  Brea and the guy to introduce herself.Ebony walked over and gave brea a big hug,Brea smiled and jumped all over her.Ebony noticed  the guy give her a nasty look but didn't say anything,Brea turned to introduce ebony to him but before she could get a word out he stopped her and told her he had to go.Ebony watched him as he walked away and ask Brea who he was.She looked hesitant at first to tell ebony but that was her best friend and they didn't hold secrets from each other.Brea explained the whole story and Ebony was shocked.She only knew him for a few month,His name was Marquis and he didn’t have any family or a place to stay so Brea’s mother let him stay with them because Brea lied about his age to her mother,she told her that he was 19 when he was really 24.Ebony knew how Brea was, she liked older guy but she didn't know Brea would go this far as to letting the guy stay with her.She changed the subject and then asked about Ebony’s schedule to see if they had any classes together,they didn't and ebony was disappointed.At the end of the day Ebony was tired and couldnt wait to get home  as she walked down the school front steps she noticed Marquis sitting in a car with his friend waiting for Brea.She thought about approaching the car but changed her mind.When ebony got home she told her mother the whole story about Brea and took a short nap.

A few hours later Ebony woke up and started working on an “about me” project,she had a bunch of pictures of her and her father who passed away when she was 10,her and her mother didn’t really speak about her father death much but they both really missed him,he was killed coming home from work one afternoon.When she was finished with her project she came out of her room to get dinner, her mother was all dressed up cooking her favorite;red rice,macaroni and BBQ ribs with a cheesecake.She asked her mother who all of this is for,she smiled and said “the dinner is for you and i'm going out tonight with couple of coworkers”.Ebony thought  it was weird for her to be that dressed up to be going out with coworkers but she just nodded ok and sat at the table.After her mother left around 8 Ebony  called Brea over so they could talk a little more about everything that was going on.Marquis saw Brea on the phone starting to get dressed and asked where was she going,she explained she was going to see Ebony and she would be right back but marquis demanded that he go with her.

Once they got to ebony house Marquis noticed the house looked familiar he scanned the yard and tried his hardest to remember but it just wasn’t coming together.They knocked on the door and Ebony answered the door shocked as if she didn't want him there,they went inside and sat on the couch and Brea finally introduce marquis to Ebony.He looked at all the pictures on the wall and he spotted  a picture of this man he saw before he froze and ask Ebony who he was, she look at him with pain in her heart and told him it was her father.Marquis stomach began to tighten up and he became queasy and asked to use the bathroom,he splashed some water in his face and starred in the mirror then went to back to join Ebony and Brea on the couch.They talked for awhile and the whole time Marquis was staring at the picture of Ebony’s father on the wall it felt like the man was staring at him,he had enough and told Brea he was ready to go she looked at Marquis and back at Ebony and told Ebony she had go.On the walk back to Brea’s apartment Marquis told her that he knew Ebony’s father, Brea asked how but he refused to tell her.

The next morning Ebony woke up and went to her mother room but she still wasn’t home she was still out from the night before.Ebony went back to her room and started getting dressed for school.on the way to school Ebony saw her ex “Brian” leaning against his car at a gas station talking to his brother.Brian spotted Ebony and he insist that she come over to him,she kept walking at a fast pace she just wanted to get to school and not have to speak to him.He chased her down and asked could he speak to her for a minute, she eyed him down for second and said “Brian what do you want”?He licked his lips “i just wanna talk to you about what happened to us”.Ebony rolled her eyes “there’s nothing to talk about,YOUR A LIAR! and if you don't mind i have to get to school before i'm late ” she said in a really loud voice.Brian grabbed her arm and pulled her back he promised to give her a ride to school if she would just listen to him.Ebony stood and looked at him holding the car door opened for her,She looked around and finally gave in and got into the car.During the car ride he tried to explain he didn't cheat on her and it was just the streets ‘lying on him’ but ebony knew better,when they pulled up to the school he begged ebony for another chance she didn't give him an answer she just told him goodbye and that she will see him later.Once in the school the first person she spotted was Brea on the phone with shades on Brea saw Ebony and signaled for her to come here,Ebony already had a feeling of what was wrong with Brea but she just hoped for the best.when she got closer to Brea she saw the black eye from under the shades she asked brea what happened but all Brea could do was cry.They went into the bathroom to talk, Ebony took Brea shades off and demanded that she explain what happened,Brea told her it was Marquis and that they got into an argument because Brea wanted to know something and Marquis wouldn't tell her he got angry and started hitting her.Brea didn’t want to tell Ebony that she wanted to know how Marquis knew Ebony’s father so she just told her she had to get to class.

The day looked like it was never going to end for Brea all day she had stares from people wonder why she had a black eye ,she was embarrassed to tell anyone other than Ebony what happened.In fourth period Brea was called to the front office to recieve a phone call,when she got there it was Marquis and he told her he was going to pick her up from school early and that they had to talk about something.When Marquis arrived he was with his besfriend keith they drove back to brea’s appartment.Marquis called brea to the room and apologize about hitting her and told her he had something else to tell her.


Marquis:do you remember when i told you i knew ebony’s father?



Brea:what? tell me!

Marquis:if i tell you,you can't tell anybody

Brea:ok,just tell me!

Marquis:I kil-



Brea turned to the door and tried to run but Keith grabbed her and threw her on the couch Marquis grabbed the tape and tapped her hands,feet and mouth.They told her they would be back for her in a few hours and left Brea struggling to free herself.

After school Ebony looked around the hallway for Brea to check on her.She asked around and found out that Brea went home early so she called brea cell phone and no answer,starting to get worried she headed for Brea apartment.She knocked on the door and heard someone inside struggling she then tried to turn the knob but it was locked,she went to the window to see if she could see anything and she did she saw Brea tied up.She broke the window and crawled in and took the tape off of Bria mouth and ask her what’s going on.”He did it”,Brea said in a breath catching voice.”He did what”? Ebony asked.”He killed your father”Brea finally said gazing into Ebony’s eyes.Ebony dropped and began to weep,she finished taking the tape off of Brea  and the two left before Marquis and Keith returned.They went to Ebony’s house and her mother was home but ebony didn’t want to tell her mother what Brea told her she didn’t want to see her mother in pain,she wanted to take matter into her own hands.She went to her room and asked Brea what should she do and how did she know it was true.”I need a plan,do you know where they went Brea”?”No they just told me they would be back for me later” Brea explained.Ebony thought of something she called Brian and told him to meet her at a close by pizza place.

once there the three sat to the table and made a plan but it involved  someone dying so they decided they needed guns.Brea’s ex boyfriend was into all sorts of illegal stuff so they went to him,His name was ricky and he was always in trouble so when he gave them the guns, he told them if they got caught they didn’t get it from him.They went back to Brea’s apartment around 5pm and turned off all the lights and hid in the back room and waited for Marquis and Keith.Around 7:45pm they heard the keys and the knob turn they started to move from the back room but heard Brea’s mother call her name “Brea,Brea!what the hell happened to my window?”..”Mom i don’t have time to explain you have to leave and got to Ebony’s house to be safe”.Her mother didn’t question her she just left.They went back to the room and waited some more,Finally around 8:30pm they heard Marquis voice he entered the living room and looked for Brea and knew she was gone.Once again Ebony,Brea and Brian moved from the back room.”You killed my father”! “Did I”? marquis  replied.He stared the three of them down and turned to the door.”if you take another step i will kill you” Ebony told him.He turned back to face them and Keith pulled out his gun,now everyone standing with guns pointing at eachother.”WHY, JUST TELL ME WHY YOU HAD TO KILLED MY FATHER”? “It's not like i wanted to ,bosses order  it was either me or him and it wasn't going to be me”.Ebony looking confused “what do you mean ‘bosses order’, my father was an construction worker”. “So you think,he was a construction worker slash drug dealer” Marquis said with an evil smile. “The boss found out he was stealing so he sent me to take him out”.Ebony tried to shoot him but missed then everyone started firing,Ebony dropped to the floor trying to make it to the door without getting shot.After all the firing stopped everyone ran out of bullets keith  got shot in his chest he rolled on the floor in pain.Brea inched to the kitchen and grabbed a knife she charged towards Marquis but he grabbed her hand slapped her and threw her into the door.Brian buff and heavy set stepped in to take on Marquis who was nothing but skin and bones.Brian was throwing heavy punches left to right then left again,most of them hitting Marquis but he managed to dodge some of them.

Ebony on the floor helping Brea up,Keith bleeding to death and an ultimate struggle between Marquis and Brian they all stop when they heard the police sirens from a distance.Marquis tried to help Keith up but he was to heavy and blood was everywhere.Brea,Ebony and Brian were already at the door trying to make it out but the first thing they saw was a cop car so they tried to look for another way out,they decided to go through Brea mother window and jump from the side of the building.They ran until they couldn't hear the sirens anymore,they all still had their gun and needed someplace to put them so they decided to bury it in Ebony’s backyard.They all went inside the house and Brea and Ebony mother wanted to know what was going on so they told them the whole story and Ebony mother couldn't stop crying she was so hurt and destroyed.A few hours later the police were at Ebony door asking for Ebony,Brea and Brian but they were already gone,they were at Brian’s cousin house looking on the news to see what was going on,come to find out Keith died right there in Brea’s apartment and Marquis tried to run but they caught him.He told police everybody's name in the apartment at the time and said it was Ebony who killed Keith and Brea who tried to stab him and Brian who assaulted him.After hearing the news they decided to go to the police station and tell the truth about everything.Marquis went to jail, Brea and her mother bought a new house close to Ebony and her mother and the three didn't get charged with murder they called it self defense.


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