Never In My Wildest Dreams

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Bette is a recently widowed single mother after losing her husband in WW2. Its nearly been a year since she's felt a man's touch. What will she do?

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016




Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Mama always said "Never end a day on a argument,you never know when you will see that person again,Bette". Like the bullheaded child I was, I always brushed those things off. As much I loathe admitting it, Mama was right again. She has always had a way with these things. Some call it a mother's intuition, I call it life. But alas, I let that exact thing happen to me, I can’t help but wonder how can one person be so foolish? The year was 1942, Gary and I couldn't have been married longer than 3 months when I found out I was pregnant. I couldn't believe it! I may have been only 17 but I felt finer than a pig in slop. There couldn't have been a girl happier than me in this side of Mississippi! I stood about 4'8, grass green eyes that everyone loved to mention to me any chance they could but I lovefmd,long wavy brown hair think of maybe a young Lillian Gish,with a very petite frame to top it off I couldn't be more than 96 lbs soaking wet, I looked pretty funny expecting but I was vain little thing. I looked good and everyone in town knew it,mama never really learned to like Gary. He was 10 years older than me which didn't sit too pretty in his favor. I'm sure mama knew who my father was he wouldn't like it awful much either. It was a short courtship before he decided we oughta walk the aisle together. His family was pretty well off, but they didn't approve of our relationship due to my age and general upbringing. So that meant that with no support, we were married by the court. I never considered my family to come from the wrong side of the tracks but Gary's parents sure did.

Things changed after I realized I was "with child". Gary almost lost all interest in me . He just wasn't ready to be a father, he said often. This broke my heart, how could he say such a thing? I couldn't possibly look after this baby by myself. The last few months were rocky, and as my belly continued to grow. Gary was deployed, leaving me on my lonesome. Mother would stop by from time to time but that could never compare to the love of your husband.

He was the father of my child, but the last time I saw him I chucked a wine glass at his head after he suggested passing our baby onto Mama. How dare he! Our first born,be raised by a 65 year old woman? I couldn't picture anything worse. He wrote me seldom, and eventually the Lord welcomed our baby into the world. A Beautiful baby girl who I named Mary Jo, she was the love of my life. Gary, to my shock, was filled with joy after I sent multiple pictures of our precious baby girl. I was thrilled he finally came to his senses, every letter after that was, of course, focused on Mary Jo.

The war ended about 3 weeks ago. Everyone was happy couples and families were reunited again. But not mine. I married the love of my life when I was 17, only to have him deployed a month later. The soldiers came to my door like they do. You know, all dressed up and official. I thought they must have my darling with them. But they didn't as soon as I heard "I'm sorry to inform you Mrs.Robinson but.." I already knew what was to come. My heart sank,my entire world stopped. I dropped to my knees,I couldn't even manage to get up to tend to my crying Mary Jo. Her fate was sealed,to grow up fatherless just like I did.

Chapter 2

For the next few weeks I rarely left the apartment,I just lacked the strength to do anything. For the most part,mama looked after the baby no questions asked durimh this time period.Our apartment flat was 6 stories and not in the best area due to the lack of support Gary's family showed us,I truly hated living here. But about 10 months after Gary's death a tall fella named James Darsey moved in two floors above me. I only noticed him after he made sure everyone in our flat knew he was headed for Hollywood,sure to be a big success. The boy was a actor sure he would knock Clark Gable off his throne!I often wondered if he was a secret homosexual. Id heard many stories of what of our rich neighbors in the west coast do. But I won't lie,the boy was damn good looking always dressed sharp head to toe. 23 years old and I won't lie, could easily pass for a slightly younger Errol Flynn. He caught my eye many times,as he did many the women of our flat even though I figured dames likely weren't his cup of tea he never showed them much interested. Tuesday through friday he attended a local theater 6 blocks down the street and would get home around 6PM. I picked up on this fairly quickly,I made sure to always have a reasonable excuse to be standing in my doorway to greet him. He'd either flash me a somewhat sly grin with a hello or tip his hat. To think,to be a 18 year old window with a child. I couldn't stand what my life had become but he somewhat brightened it up,Tuesday through friday a just a dash after six. It had nearly been a year since I felt a man's touch,I think I was truly losing it sometimes. I was boiling over with desire. I couldn't decide if my feelings were wrong but at the time I just didn't give a damn. I wanted James,and I was gonna have him. But how? How would I get such a man? I had to come up with a plan...

Chapter 3

It was friday,about 4PM I knew James would be home in two hours. My plan was about to be in motion. Just the right amount of time for a girl to get properly gussied up. I put on my best most expensive negligee it was a mint sea green that complimented my eyes and had ruffles along the ends,did my makeup,curled my hair. You couldn't tell me I didn't look good,I felt like a million bucks. I could give Lana Turner a run for her money if I really wanted to,I looked somewhat indecent. But that didn't matter for this occasion I looked perfect. I was armed with a nice sharp nail,don't worry! I wasn't planning to hurt the boy,it'll all make sense very shortly. Promise? Finally,after standing in the doorway for 30 minutes I heard someone coming up the stares. I tried to pose casually but also look attractive. "Bette! Cover yourself!". Ugh,it was Mrs.Brown. My 65 year old hag of a neighbor. She looked on in somewhat disgust,so I smiled "Whats the matter,doll? Haven't seen your body since Taft was in office?" I laughed to her and put one hand on my hip. "Well I never!"She exclaimed and stormed off to her apartment. I always hated that nosey old hag. A little annoyed,I continued to wait. About 4 minutes later,I heard more footsteps. They just had to belong to my prince charming,and alas they did! I quickly jabbed the nail across my thigh forcing myself to let out a cry tossing the nail to the side before he noticed. With concern he asked "Bette,is everything alright?" With those sincere piercing blue eyes.It almost felt as though he could completely see through me,it frightened and excited me at the same time. With tearful eyes,I looked up at him "Oh,James won't you please come inside?". I gestured to my sofa. He hesitated for a moment,looking up then rubbing his chin with his thumb. Truth be told,we only exchanged hellos,I could see the confusion in his eyes. But he eventually entered,I slid the door closed as he turned around and paced my living room. "So what may I do for you? Are you alright?". I had to be on my toes,so I thought up a lie. "Oh james,its my mother. Shes so sick,I feel so alone. I have no one." He frowned. Got him! I managed to sucessfully tug at his heart strings,I had him right where I wanted him. He began to hug me,he felt so warm. He smelled lovely,I didnt want him to let go I wanted to pout when he let go. "Please,have a seat. I'll make you a cup of tea"."Oh,Bette but I can't stay very.." I cut him off with my crocodile tears. "Nevermind,forget the tea." He pat my sofa gesturing me to sit. He wiped the forced tears from my eyes "You'll never be alone dollface". I loved the feeling of his big hands touching me stroking my face as he rubbed my shoulder with his other hand. Perhaps I moved too fast but I went in for a kiss,he backed away "What do you think you're doing?". I guess he didn't like women,I started to apologize before he cut me off. "I won't have a woman take the lead,now I see what this is truly about". He stood up,in my mind ready to leave. But no,he picked me up and through me over his shoulder. Caught by surpise I screamed. "Oh shut up,which room is the bedroom?". My mind scattered,I don't think I was truly taking this in. "Put me down!" I demanded. Earning a swift slap on my bottom. "Bedroom?". "Last door on your left I cried out."

Chapter 4

As soon as he entered my bedroom he dropped me on the bed like a sack of potatoes. "I always knew you wanted me,it was that look in your eyes." He whispered to me then kissing my neck. "So,you do like women?" I don't know why I blurted that out. Stupid,stupid,stupid. Before I could blink my face was stinging,I was on my back. The bastard slapped me! "I'll show you how much I like women!". I saw him remove his belt before I could try to he ripped my poor negligee away. Leaving only my panties and bra I tried to crawl away face still burning. "No,no,no little one. Those have to go as well." He pulled me back like I was nothing ripping away my panties,now aiming for my bra. "Why are you doing this!" I screamed out. He looked at me as if I told the funniest joke he ever heard. "Are you serious,woman? You invite me in,dress like a french whore and try to kiss me? I KNOW you want this. Now take it!". He was right. None of this would be happening if I didn't set my plan into motion,I wanted him. I finally had him,but is this how I wanted him? Now completely nude before him. He flipped me over,using his belt to tie my hands. "You've been a very bad girl,Bette. I believe I best teach you a lesson." He said calmly before striking my ass. I let out a yelp,oh god he was gonna spank me like a child. He striked my ass again,I felt a tingling between my legs. A familiar tingling,that special wetness building up. After a few more swats,he slipped his hand between my thighs. Stroking my sex with his index fingering covering it in my juices. He brought his finger to my face,forcing it in my mouth before I could even react. He grabbed me by my hips and rubbed his cock against my slit. Oh,how I was ready for his. I was immobilized but so turned on,he continued to tease me with his cock slapping it against my pussy for a bit. Before finally forcing himself in me in one swift motion,I let a out loud scream. It had been so long since I was penetrated and he was surely bigger than any man I ever felt. He didn't move for a few seconds,letting me adjust to him and his size. He started off with nice slow strokes,rocking the bed. It began to creak and bump into the wall. I moaned as I gripped him,his balls slapping my ass as he began to speed up. Oh god,I couldn't take it. He grabbed a chunk full of hair,got down close to me and whispered "I own you now,bitch". Pounding me harder,he took one hand and pinched my nipple. The mixture of pleasure and pain was truly driving me over the damn edge. At this point the bed was slamming into the wall. He fucked me without mercy. Suddenly,I heard a baby crying. Wait a second. Mary Jo is with mama for the weekend? The crying grew louder,becoming harder to ignore.

Chapter 5

I opened my eyes,it was a dream. All a dream! I never slept with James,he never secretly desired me. It was 3AM and my child was screaming. I was barefoot,alone and sex deprived. I don't know why,but I went to open my door allowing the crying to enter the hallway. I saw James and a young man walking down together,a handsome guy he was. "I had a lovely time with you,James" He said before continuing on alone. James spotted me and looked a bit surprised. "Oh,ugh Hi Bette. Baby got you up again?". He said laughing. "She sure does..she does" I mumbled. Pussy still wet from my fantastic dream. Guess I better tend to Mary Jo and try to sleep..

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