Lake Abyss

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"I have always feared large bodies of water... You never know what's watching you from beneath."

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



"I have always feared large bodies of water... You never know what's watching you from beneath," Sarah said. 

"Well, we're just going to paddle a bit on the lake. Nothing outrageous," Julia replied.

Sarah sighed while nodding. She has been dreading this day for a week now. The previous week, the two friends had spent their day according to how Sarah wanted it to go. And now it was Julia's turn to schedule their activities. 

"You know, I'd much rather we skip to the last thing on your schedule," Sarah commented. Julia chuckled and glanced at Sarah as they walked towards the shore of the lake.

"What? You mean the night club? It doesn't even open until late. We have plenty of time before that to have lots of fun!"

"Paddling on a murky, gross, desolate lake is fun to you?" Sarah snorted. Julia shook her head while maintaining her smile. 

"You need to have a balance, Sarah," Julia retorted. 


"Yeah. You have to do a bit of the frisky stuff and a bit of the calm stuff to balance out. You know, it's like... yin and yang. You can't just be a party whore all the time." 

"What are you even talking about?" Sarah sighed. 

"Whatever. I don't know. I just want to spend some time in nature once in a while is all." 

"Do you have to bring me with you?" 

"Not necessarily. But I wanted to experience this lake with a friend this time. It's beautiful," Julia stated. Sarah raised her eyebrows dubiously and looked over the expanse of the dull, grey water. 

"Hop in," Julia said with a smile. 

Sarah groaned before stepping into the boat. It was small and wet inside. The previous paddlers must have caught some big catch. 

"A paddle for you, my queen," Julia said as she handed an oar to Sarah. Sarah grabbed it reluctantly. 

"Ew, there's mud on the handle. What the actual heck," Sarah whined. 

"Oh, hush up you."

"So are we going all the way to the end of the lake and back or what?" 

"We follow the flow of the river. Once we get into my favorite area, we'll stop there and just... y'know, experience nature." 

"Nature isn't an experience." 

"It's better than LSD, Sarah." Julia's legs wobbled momentarily. "Oh wow. I think I really need to pee."

"We JUST got over that hill and now you need to pee? The bathroom's all the way over that and then some," Sarah groaned. 

"Won't be longer than fifteen minutes!" Julia promised as she clasped her hands together. 

Sarah watched as her friend got out of the boat and hurriedly ran up the hill. Once she was out of sight, Sarah looked back to the lake. For the next few minutes, Sarah just continued to watch the stagnant waters. She could see bugs skipping on the surface. But as far as she knew, nothing else lived inside of the lake. It was too infested with trash and other miscellaneous junk. 

Then Sarah noticed something strange. She saw something pop out of the water quickly before receding back inside. She concentrated on the waters but didn't see anything else happen. An undercurrent? Sarah thought. 

A few minutes later, Sarah saw it again. This time it popped up three times. Each time, Sarah could not identify what it was since it kept falling back into the water. Is something drowning? Maybe it fell from the woods, Sarah thought as she glanced at the tall dark trees surrounding the lakeshore. It could be a squirrel. Or... no. Way too small for that splash. What is it? Looks like the size of a small dog. But why would there be a dog in the woods?

"Hey!" Julia whispered into Sarah's ear. Instinctively, Sarah fell forward before turning around angrily. 

"Ok, can you not? You scared the shit out of me," she snapped.

"Sorry," Julia said as she stepped back into the boat. 

Sarah winced as Julia pushed the boat away from the lakeshore.

We're in for a whole lot of nothing, she thought. 

After a few minutes of silence Julia asked,

"So why are you afraid of water?" 

Sarah shrugged.

"I don't know. Like I said before, you never know what's lurking inside. It's a mystery." 

"And drowning," Julia added. 

"Yeah, there's that and drowning." 

"Well, I don't want to freak you out but..." Julia paused ominously and looked to see if Sarah was listening. She had her eyebrow raised. 


"This lake is haunted." 

"Haunted?" Sarah scoffed. "I definitely see it. It's disgusting. I feel like just touching this water can give me cancer."

"I'm serious. You have never heard of the rumors?" 

"Oh please." 

"Yeah. This lake is the final resting place for a whole schoolbus of children. This happened back in 87'."

"Seriously?" Sarah asked, faking her intrigue. 

"Yes. You know the crazy road?" Julia asked. Sarah nodded. 

"Well, crazy road used to not have a rail guard. Apparently, the driver of the bus was distracted by something and the entire bus went right over the edge. After that incident, the city added rail guards all around the roads connecting to the lakeshore." 

"Well, that's good," Sarah replied. "I mean, it's not good that they died. But the rail guard I mean."

"But all those lives that had to be sacrificed beforehand..." Julia shook her head. "Not worth it." 

"Yeah, it's a bit sad," Sarah replied. She looked around the perimeter of the lake. "So where did the accident happen?" 

"Right over there," Julia said, pointing at a cliff coming from a sharp road turn. "That rail guard has possibly prevented many other tragedies from happening."

"God bless that rail guard," Sarah replied. 

"Yes. God bless."

Julia coughed. 

"So more about this lake," Sarah began. "Any legitimate eyewitness reports on any hauntings?" 

"Yes, so much. People have said that they always hear voices coming from within the lake." 

"Like, ghost children?" 

"Yeah, something like that." 

"Anything else?"

"They also see people walking on top of the waters." 

"Like Jesus?" 

"Yeah, but ghost-like. Floating, rather than walking." 

"Well, that's cool. You think we'll get to see any of that?" Sarah asked. 

"Doubt it. Most of the eyewitness reports come from kids. The least trustworthy source for information."

"So you don't believe the lake is haunted?"

"Of course, Sarah. I was just kidding. Just trying to make some conversation." 

"Well, that was a waste of my time if you were just pulling my tail the entire story," Sarah replied. 

"Well, I'm sorry for trying to keep you entertained," Julia snorted. Julia looked ahead as they entered an enclosure.

"Woah," Sarah said as the boat entered the larger body of the lake. 

"I knew it would take your breath away," Julia said with a smile. "It's beautiful here isn't it?" Sarah nodded in agreement. The spot was beautiful. The right breeze, the silence, the stillness of everything- it was incredible. Nature surrounded the two from all sides and overhead. Sarah rested her back and closed her eyes.


In that moment, she felt at peace with the world. 

"Yin and yang," Sarah said. "Is what you said, right? I understand you now. This is really, really nice. I almost don't want to leave this place." 

"Yeah. It's nice here." 

As Sarah began to drift off, she peered at the far end of the lake. She saw something small rise out of the water momentarily before it dipped back inside. It was the same thing she had witnessed before. Sarah opened her eyes wider and waited to see it reappear but nothing happened. She was about to ask Julia if anything lived in the water but Julia seemed like she was already in a good place so Sarah remained silent. 

And not soon after, Sarah felt her mind slowly slip into dreamland. 


Sarah awoke again to the sound of splashing. She glanced at Julia who was still asleep. As she looked to the direction of the splashing, she noticed that it was a lot more frantic and violent now. Sarah grabbed two oars and tried her best to paddle the boat closer to the splashing. Sarah's eyes widened as an arm popped out of the water. 

Someone was drowning. 

"Hold on!" she shouted. She grabbed a spare oar and held it out to the hand. "Grab it!" she screamed. 

The hand reached out and grabbed the paddle. A face slowly began to emerge.

It was a child.

Just as Sarah thought she got him, the boy sunk back into the water. Sarah threw the oar to the side and quickly stuck her arm in the water. She frantically waved her arm around to find the boy's hand but she felt nothing. 

Sarah stood up and panicked. She scanned the surface to find the boy but she couldn't see anything in the murky waters. 

"Holy shit," she repeated to herself as she splashed her arm around inside the lake, trying to make contact.

Eventually, her arm tired out and she realized it was too late. The boy had drowned.

Sarah held back a tear as she realized that she had just let a child die. As she began to pull her arm from the water, she saw another splash further away from her. As she squinted her eyes to look into the distance, she saw that there were around a dozen arms splashing around in the waters, all in a cluster location.

She grabbed the oars but realized that she would not make it in time. They were too far. 

She watched helplessly as the splashing died down and the outstretched arms sunk deep down into the abyss. As tears streamed down Sarah's face, she noticed several silhouettes in the distance. Not in the lake but at the far end of the lakeshore. It took her eyes some time to adjust to the distance. But when it did, she wished it hadn't. 

A group of a dozen or so kids were standing at the end. But they weren't normal. Their skin was white and their eyes were dark and sunken. Undoubtedly, Sarah knew they were dead. 

She remained in silence as they stood still watching her. She didn't take her eyes off them. And they didn't take their eyes off of her. Suddenly, she noticed that her reflection in the lake had become distorted. As she glanced quickly down at her reflection, she saw her face disperse as a hand popped out of the water to grab her. 

With a loud scream, she fell backwards off the boat and into the water. As soon as she grabbed on to the side of the boat she shouted,

"Julia! Help me!" 

But to her surprise, someone else was sitting where Julia was supposed to be. Sarah watched motionlessly as the figure stood up and glared down at her.

It was the most horrifying thing she had ever seen.

Sarah felt hands all over her body before something pulled her hair back and into the water.

Screams in the abyss.


"Sarah? Sarah!" Julia shouted. 

Sarah woke up to see her worried best friend gripping her shoulders. 

"W-what?" Sarah spat out, still terrified.

"Relax," Julia said while calming her. "You were having a nightmare." 

"A nightmare?"

"Yeah. A pretty bad one. You woke me up when you screamed out my name. But I couldn't wake you up for like, five minutes." 

"Wow," Sarah said to herself. She shook her head. "And I thought I loved this place now. Guess I'm still terrified of it." 

"Look, I'm sorry I brought you here. I should have known you wouldn't have liked it," Julia apologized. 

"Thank god though," Sarah began. "I thought that was the end of me." 

"End of you? Care to elaborate?" Julia asked. 

"You want to hear my dream?" 

"Yeah, sure!" 

Sarah hesitated. She wasn't sure she wanted to recount what happened in her dream. It was fake but at the same time, it seemed all so real.

Who was that monster in the boat?

Sarah shook her head and sighed.

"Well, okay. So after you told me that story about the schoolbus children I guess I-" Sarah paused as she felt her phone vibrating. She pulled it out and noticed she had 10 missed calls and hundreds of texts.

"Why did you send me so many texts?" Sarah asked Julia with a chuckle. 

Actually, I got a lot of texts from Mom, Dad, Johnny, and my other friends too. Why am I so popular all of a sudden?

As she began to read the texts, her heart dropped.

Sarah! I'm done peeing. Where you at.

Sarah? Where the hell are you? And where's the boat?

Sarah, please reply to me...


Sarah, please reply to me! Everyone's flipping out! Where the fuck are you? 

The last message was sent five minutes ago. 

"C'mon, Sarah. Tell me about your dream," Julia replied with a wide smile. "I want to hear all about it." 

The End

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