Emily's Gift

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Emily and Roger are best friends, Roger has a secret and Emily has what can save him in the end.

Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



"The stars are beautiful tonight don't you think?" Emily said to me as we sat on the hood of her car. I sighed "I guess."  She knows I just want to be left alone. But yet my best friend makes me come out to star gaze at things that are probably already dead. I hate being this depressing, I really do, but with a literally broken heart it's kinda hard not to be. "Roger stop sighing!" Emily said as she nudged my arm. "It's a beautiful night and you're out with a beautiful girl so be happy!" She smiled. She really was beautiful but she was out of my league, but sometimes I think she's flirting with me. Emily was a cheerleader and super popular and I am,  well I was, a great football player starting running back would have had a full ride to ole miss after this school year ended.  One day I got hit from the side during practice and had chest pains, the trainer thought I had a broken rib so she sent me to the ER. Turns out I have a hole in my heart, my family are the only people who know of my condition. Everyone was shocked when I quit football last week and they haven't talked to me since then, well except for Emily. I sighed " I miss football." Emily looked up at the sky and asked " then why did you quit Roger?" I looked down and began to mess with my thumbs " Roger?" I looked at her " Emily, I have a hole in my heart and it's a miracle I haven't died yet. That's what the doctor told me and my mom.  Emily just looked puzzled, " I'm on a waiting list for a heart transplant, they say I'm a good candidate because of how healthy and fit I am." I continued. "Roger it's about to be our senior year, our whole life is ahead of us and you're telling me that you might not make it?" Emily asked. I just nodded "the doctor said I'll have a year tops if I don't get a transplant. It's a long wait though." 

Emily and I are heading back to to her house and she's crying while driving. I couldn't say anything to stop her from being sad. The weather seemed to weep with her and it began to rain. Harder and harder it poured and Emily seemed to go faster and faster. I could barely see five feet infront of me let alone the road. Emily rounded the corner to fast and we began to hydroplane. I'm screaming, Emily's crying and I knew this was the end. We hit something and everything went black. 

I saw light that blinded me and I felt a numbing pain in my chest. My eyes adjust to the fluorescent lights and I realized I was in a hospital. My mother and Emily's mother were both crying and holding one another. I said " Mrs. Greene? What's going on? Where's Emily?" She didn't answer me but my mother did. "Roger, you both were in a bad accident last night, Emily passed away but she gave you something to remember her." I looked down and saw the stitches in my chest and I began to cry. Emily always wanted to be an organ donor but I didn't think she was going to be my savior. 

I was looking up at the beautiful blue sky and I was thinking about the smell of the freshly cut green grass, the feel of the lights through your face mask. That feeling before you step onto that battle ground. The moment of silence before each play and the way that Emily would cheer or booing after each one. This is highschool football and I miss my cheerleader more each day but she's apart of me now. I felt the bump bump bump of her heart in my chest and to me it said good luck Roger. I love you. And I ran out to the field and yelled for Emily! 

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