I hate this

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Submitted: July 23, 2016

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Submitted: July 23, 2016



Her life was perfect. She was a bright bubbly young girl who had a loving family, many friends, and a lot of potential. She would often be told by her parents that once she would become of age she was going to do great things. Nyx wanted to do great things and thats exactly what she planned to do.

Nyx was one of the unfortunate ones who would be born in the small crime ridden villages. Since their monarch was so focused on the bigger more advanced villages when problems happened in the others they would be lucky if she even sent one guard there.

She was new though, and quite young. A monarch at only 15 Earth years. They had hoped she would become more responsible as the years went by. She was busy with the recent problems. They all stayed patient with her.

When Nyx had turned 6 years old, her village was attacked and she went missing. It was like she vanished into thin air. 

She had been kidnapped by an on duty guard and sent to a building in the main capital. She didn't know why she was there. Several other young children and teens where brought there with her.
She did not cooperate with anything they said. She cried loudly and demanded to know where her parents were.
The guards had calmed her down, they told her that if she did what ever they said she would return to her family unhurt. That was 9 years ago.
Those 9 years she worked for some guards at the same building.

 Apparently attacking villages and kidnapping the children to use them as personal servants for the guards or use them for some "Experiments" she heard about was a common thing. She didn't know if this was done with the monarchs knowledge or not. How would she have known? No one pays attention to places that aren't the capitals! It was so easy for even high class guards to do things like this.
What could she have done? She couldn't go to a guard about it, her captor /was/ a guard. She couldn't leave the house. The only time she was allowed to leave her room was when she was called to do services. 

It was her sixteenth birthday. She was outside for the first time in years. She was running as fast as she could as she was chased by her captors. She was tired, dehydrated, and terrified. Their house had been on the side of a small mountain right above a small town. She slid and tripped down the mountain and soon came to a sudden stop when she was met with a ledge that dropped down to nothing but cold icy waters below.

She stopped, heavily gasping for breath. She looked back to see that the chase had not yet been given up. Her options were to either leap into the lake and hope she could swim to the town and get help, or stay trapped for the rest of her life.

She leapt into the water and landed with a loud splash. She got to the surface and swam towards the land as fast as she could. She was freezing, and hadn't slept in 18 hours as she was

spending all that time trying to escape.  She got to a shallow part of the water before she passed out.

When she woke up she was so happy to see that she was in a room different from the one she spent 10 years in. She was in a small bed in what looked like a medical room.
She sat up and tugged the blankets closer to her, and she cried. She held onto the bedding and weeped until someone entered the room.

They wheeled her into another room where she was told she was tired and needed to stay here. She asked to go home but they only ignored her.

She stayed there for a week. No matter how many times she asked where her family was or asked to go home they would never answer her. Only tell her that "It's safer if you stay put"
They did something to her, she couldn't remember what. After it happened she couldn't remember anything.


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